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How Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Brain? | What The FAQs | NowThis


(notification beeping) (clicking) I've asked myself this question lately, as I constantly check how to spell words, Google historical events, and even look up simple directions – [Electronic Voice] Turn left

– I even use Facebook to remember my parents' birthday And apparently I'm not alone Studies show that using technology is affecting our ability to remember things Instead of our brains storing information, frequent use of search engines like Google teach our brain to remember where we got the info from, leading to more web searches in the long run Today, we'll explore how the abundance of tech is affecting our brain, and what it could mean for the future of society

(futuristic chime) (intense clicking chime) (air whooshing) – The problem with talking about "Is our Smartphone making us dumb," is it's really difficult to test, and it really boils it down as if there's like a binary With respect to the kinds of intelligence that we might agree matter Do we have common sense? How do we relate to others? How do we socialize? (upbeat music) (air whooshing) – [Andrew] Since the beginning of time, humans have always been innovators Fire, the wheel, the Internet When we have a problem, we create new tools to solve it, making life way easier

(static) – Now that I've gotten on the Internet, I'd rather be on my computer than doing just about anything ♪ Take a spin now you're in with the techno set ♪ ♪ You're goin' surfin' on the Internet ♪ (static) – [Andrew] With the advert of the Internet, Want to find the closest liquor store? Easy Want to build a homemade rocket engine? Well, that might not be easy But you get it The information is out there

But there's a downside to this innovation Researchers have discovered that (soothing music) – [Brett] You might think, like the GPS makes me smarter, right? I can now find my way all over the place And in some sense, that's true But again, Who's engaged in route planning? Certainly Google in ways are gaining some intelligence, right? They know more about you, about where you are, about where you go, maybe of who you relate to The question's are you in fact smarter because you can use this device, or when you outsource navigation and when you outsource your situational awareness of like, your geography in the place you're in, Your own development? Your own development of skills? – A four year study by researchers of the University College London showed that when cab drivers memorizing network of twenty-five thousand streets in London, they actually tended to grow more brain matter in the hippocampus

That's if the brain is taught to be the center for long-term memory in the autonomic nervous system But when those cab drivers retired or replaced their own navigational skills with a GPS, data showed that the hippocampus actually started to shrink back to its regular size Other research shows that During a study with sixth graders, UCLA researchers correlated more screen time with less face-to-face interaction In the long run, the lack of human connection led to decreased sensitivity to emotional cues and the inability to understand the emotions of other people (clicking) (upbeat music) Here's a not-so-fun fact

A study from the University of Stavanger showed that students that read physical text, like from a book, scored significantly higher in reading comprehension than those who read the same thing from a screen, like an iPad or a laptop (drum tapping) Another aspect of technology is it's constantly collecting huge amounts of our data Every time you browse the Web or open your favorite app, your data is collected and stored Companies then use that data to help improve their customer service, execute more effective marketing campaigns, and even sell it to third parties In Frischmann's book "Re-Engineering Humanity," he warns of a future society where The more data collected, the more sophisticated the devices will become

This he says could cause humans to use their brains less, making them more susceptible of being manipulated when prompted by certain stimuli – The envisioned future of the Internet of things where our homes are smart, our hospitals are smart, our streets are smart That's a world that's We wanna think about how it affects us as human beings when we're in those environments What room does that leave for you to think and decide to yourself? – So does technology make us dumb? I guess that depends on what your definition of dumb is We remember less, comprehend less, and are exposed to more stresses that change the way we socialize

Some experts advise we lower the time we spend looking at screens, as it can reduce many of these adverse effects But as technology is integrated in almost every aspect of life,

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