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    How Anyone With a Smartphone Can Learn to Trade Like a Multi-Millionaire


    – So right here, I am working from bed on my smartphone I'm gonna tell you how I travel the world, work from bed, work from smartphones, work from laptops, and still make a lotta money

    It's possible, you just need guidance (energetic music) What's up? Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor and trader here working on my phone, from bed today Usually I gotta laptop, you guys have seen with a laptop lifestyle but you don't always need a laptop There's not that many plays right now Lemme ask you a question

    Do you prefer working on a laptop or smartphone? Type in "lt" or "sp" We're gonna make it simpler for you "sp" or "lt," you choose, or maybe both, or maybe neither I don't know Just leave comments below, let me know what you think I'm using the new Stocks to Trade app on my phone

    It's actually pretty amazing I been beta testing it Click the link just below this video to get on Stocks to Trade This is the platform of the future And you don't, frankly, need a laptop all the time

    Technology is improving This iPhone, I think I have an iPhone 6 or something I'm so far behind The technology behind laptops and smartphones and whatever other computer technology is gonna come out in the next years, it's always getting better So it's important that you start getting used to this for your work environment

    A lot of people are like, "Oh Tim, I want to be a millionaire who just travels the world It seems so easy" It might seem so easy, it's not This is why I have so many video lessons This is why I have so many DVDs and webinars

    And, frankly, most people are not willing to put in the time I'll put this down for a sec Most people don't want to study the past, okay Everybody wants to be a millionaire who travels the world I'm, frankly, very grateful that I get to live my dreams

    And I live pretty much everybody's dreams But I put in the time studying first You don't see that I've been training now for 20 years I've been teaching for 10 plus years

    You didn't see me in the beginning when I knew nothing When I had no teacher Now I try to be the teacher to you that I never had By showing you past charts, showing you all my trades, good and bad And now my top students, like Tim Grittani, Mark Croock, Michael Goode, there giving webinars to my Trading Challenge students

    Click the link just below this, we're gonna include a link from my Trading Challenge You have to apply We don't just let anybody into our little tight-knit community because, frankly, you need to have the right attitude Everybody just wants hot stock picks They don't want to put in the time, the don't want to put in the work

    They just wanna fast-forward Like, I just wanna be a millionaire who travels Let me just do that Well, you have to earn it, okay It's not handed to you

    It wasn't handed to me Nothing in this life that's worth having is just gonna be given to you You have to earn it, you have to take it, and you have to grind Sometimes I lose Sometimes I've lost a lot

    If you look back in my history, I've lost $500,000 The press smeared my name But I came back I used that to create a chip on my shoulder And that chip on my shoulder keeps me going

    So if you have a chip on your shoulder, good Use it Prioritize studying, prioritize getting better If you have a lot of haters, if you have a lot of doubters, even if not a lot, maybe it's just your mom or your dad, someone close to you And they doubt you

    Use that anger that you feel to push yourself 'Cause, frankly, I'm very grateful for my haters Okay, I think everyone should have some haters Maybe even a lot of haters because they push me to work I live a very comfortable life, I've made more than enough money

    I don't have to work another day in my life But my haters say it's impossible to make millions trading penny stocks It's impossible to just trade off a smartphone or travel the world No, it's not impossible It's just improbable if you don't put in the time and effort

    And it is impossible if you put in no time and effort But I'm here to show you another way I know this isn't the most technical video lesson I have some technical ones, I have some mindset ones A lot of the time I just need to get your mind thinking right

    Where if someone says you can't do something, too many people actually believe it Too many people are like, "Oh, you can't make a million dollars trading penny stocks Yeah, I mean Wolf of Wall Street, it's all a scam, let me not do it" But then, on the contrary, you see my story, you hear Mark Croock and Dux and Roland And Tim Grittani, whose now turned 1500 of his own money into over eight million dollars

    It is possible And Roland actually had a good quote when I interviewed him, he's closing in on a million And he said, "The only reason why I started studying 15, 17 hours a day is because I saw these other students in the chat room, I saw them making the trades in real time I was shocked at how they would win more than they would lose And I figured if somebody else can do it, I can do it

    " So if I can be a guide to you, showing you that you can work on your smartphone Showing you that you can work from bed while traveling Sometimes I don't have the best wi-fi, sometimes I'm jet-lagged It's not a perfect science, it's not an exact science But I will show you what's possible

    And almost every year, I'm profitable I have had some down years, okay, in the past But I've refined my rules I follow rule number one, cutting losses quickly Extra quickly these days

    That is most important I'm wrong a lot but I don't let a small mistake turn into a potential big disaster Especially if I'm in bed or in Hawaii where the stock market opens at 3:30 in the morning, I'm not feeling that great, I'm using a phone instead of a laptop because, frankly, my back hurts and a laptop is heavy That's my situation right now I'm gonna be totally real with you

    Will you be real with me? Will you be dedicated with me? How badly do you want to be my next top student? Tell me Leave a comment below this video Click the links below this video Prove to me how badly you want this life Hey Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor and trader

    Thank you for watching my videos I hope that they help you I want to share everything that I've learned over the years You can check out more videos right over there And also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student

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