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    Honda Forza 300 2019 – Bulle Puig V-TECH TOURING


    Hello everyone, in this video I will tell you about the bubble puig I installed on my Honda Forza 300, but it's the same bubble for the 125, so it's a bubble put on the original fixings, and it is 115cm more, knowing that the deflection of the electric bubble is 14cm, the bubble puig in low position is 2,5cm less than the original bubble in the high position

    There I am at the lowest, if I ride it thoroughly, it gives that I'll do the test to leave my helmet visor open because it's closed, to try to see if you hear the difference in the mic, and I'm going to explain a little the advantages and disadvantages of this bubble in high position So there in a low position, I think there is still a little less hot than with the original bubble in the high position, and from that height I already hear a lot less noise in the helmet, ok guys are wandering on the ring road quietly so I'm in a high position, and in this position, we feel a support on the back helmet that is not very nice, and also when you turn your head left right, we feel that there is a resistance, which is not the case if I drop a little the bubble, so this high position is suitable up to 80 / 90kmh, but it depends on the size of the person too, I'm 1m95 and maybe this effect is accentuated, but the position that suits me is this one, pretty much, just a little bit of support on the headphones at the front, but by limiting the air noise in the helmet, I'm going to try to show you the difference with my open visor, I drop the bubble thoroughly, I'm going to open my visor, and there I put only the sound of the microphone that is in my helmet, I do not know if you hear the wind, now I'm going to ride the bubble, and there in my opinion you no longer hear the sound of the air, so overall I'm pretty happy, I'm big enough to see above the bubble, even in a high position, my gopro is placed on the bottom of my helmet, so you will probably have a view through the bubble, but my eyes go well at above, if we make the road at 80kmh this high position is perfect, it blocks well wind and we can leave his visor open without problems without taking too much air in the eyes but the position that suits me most of the time is this one

    Source: Youtube

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