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Honda Accord Hybrid Tech – อีกนิดเดียวคะแนนเต็มร้อย | Carnest Reviews [Eng. Sub.]


It's been a while since I've review the all new Toyota Camry I LOVE a lot of things on the all new Camry

I love it so much that I personally set a new standard for the D-Segment [Flashback] This proves that the all new Toyota Camry is the new standard for this segment Now for the all new Honda Accord that came a year late Will it be better than the Camry? Or will the Camry reign supreme? We'll find out the answer in this video If you're looking for a new car offer for Honda Accord, or anything else Check out our website www

carnestcoth, we allows you to compare new car offers for free Or just click the link at the top right hand corner For the exterior I think it's really has the "cool & sporty vibe" to it

But it does not throw away the sense of being a grown up I think the front end of the car is a design success However, in the backI'm not so sure For the exterior of this generation Honda Accord and the Camry TNGA, Which do you prefer? *VOTE* now at the top right hand corner One interesting thing is the wheel, In the Honda Accord entry model you will get a 17 inch wheel In the hybrid you will get an 18 inch wheel

But in the top of the range Camry the hybrid, you will get a smaller wheel than it's mid trim model counterpart I understand the standpoint from both perspective Honda thinks if you're getting the top of line model you should get bigger and better stuffs Now if we take a look at the Toyota, if the wheels are smaller, it helps with the fuel economy and it goes along with the hybrid fuel saving car very well

No one is wrong here, just different perspective Entering the driver seats of the Honda Accord In this generation all the designs and layouts are very clean and functional Overall, the design has a strong "BMW Smell" to it But one thing I disagree with Honda, is the design of other Honda cars I've previously reviewed

Civic and the H-RV The center storage has two levels and it makes picking up and storing things extremely inconvenience But in the Accord they fixed it! The center storage now has a "door" Which cleans up the design and also makes it convenience and the highlight of this interior would be the 7 inch digital gauge cluster display Honda implemented the display very well

It blends in the analog S P E E D O very well The fonts size is big and easy to read and the graphics and nice and sharp And when you compare this to the Toyota Camry, it makes the Camry feels it's 10 years old Apart from the highlights, We have leather seats 8 way electronically adjustable with 2 memory profiles Steering wheel is manual adjustable though

and it's 4 ways The seats is memory profile There is only two profiles But the profiles do not sync the side mirror nor the steering since it's manually adjustable If Honda added this it would be a really nice upgrade, especially if you have more than 1 driver But it's understandable because the steering wheel is manual adjustment

The touch screen infotainment is amazing and it's better than all other Hondas The response is crisp And it has all the functions that you ever wanted Bluetooth, phone, music, navigation, etc

The quality of and user experience of this infotainment system is as good as its European counter part Also, from the spec sheets it says it has only Apple CarPlay, but it also supports Android Auto Android Auto also works really well in the car You will not get a brand-name speaker system like you would with JBL in the Toyota Camry

But don't worry about it Because this car's audio system is a 450 watts 10 speakers with a subwoofer The sound quality is good in the low and the mids There are room for improvements in the high ends But I don't have any problem with it, because it's in the high end standard The sun visor is not extendable

Also in the Hybrid Tech we'll get the sunroof, which is electronically operated Build quality is great as always Everything is solid Nothing is loose I really like Honda for it's interior layout design

and in this Accord it really shows Every part we touch, there will be a padding or leather but a small comment on the arm rest, it's really hard There need to be more padding to be comfortable Other materials is what Carnest's best interior recipe says, Wood, metal, glass, and leather

However, there are some parts that were cheap out with hard plastics But that's okay, because everywhere you touch there will be either padding or leather Misc about the interior The steering wheel is of course multi-functional The scroll wheel here controls the digital driver's display And on the right, it controls the Honda Sensing features Such as adaptive cruise control, lane keep assists The paddleshifter are re-purposed to use a regenerative braking controller in the Hybrid version of the Honda Accord

In the Accord Turbo version it used as a regular paddleshifter In the hybrid it controls how much of the regenerative braking is used Which helps with the fuel economy if you would you like to learn more about the regenerative braking, learn more in our Nissan Leaf video we have explained it detail Click at the top right hand corner

The AC control knobs here is really cute, when you adjust it to a colder setting it turns blue and turns red when you change it to a hotter setting Same effect in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class The cubbies , we have a wireless charger inside the center storage here The Camry did it better with a separation between the levels, the top level is a wireless charger The bottom level is a storage area, very nicely done

The attention to detail is greater than what's being done here But here it's not bad Also it has a USB Charger If you want to use Android Auto you will have to plug the USB inside the arm rest Inside the arm rest there is a utility-tray

So instead of storing your items in the center console, Honda is like hey put them in the arm rest and the inside is huge Banana, Apple, and Papaya will fit nicely in here There are cup holders that will fit less than a liter bottle But the door bin is quite small

Even at 750ml button is a struggle to fit Entering the back seat It's feels spacious I am 178 CM tall 5 foot 84 inches tall and have no problem in the back seat at all You can see the amount of the head room left here

It's very comfortable I could lay my head back here I could also put my feet under the front seat Despite the front seat being set to my driving position But minor complaints here, The arm rest doesn't have the gimmick as much as the Camry do Which you could recline your seats back or control the infotainment from the back

But it's not really necessary does it? You won't feel like you miss anything What we have instead of that is two cup holder here It will fit a smaller bottle, and not fit a liter bottle We have a door bin here that will fit a liter bottle We also have a front seat storage pouch We have an air con here and two USB 2

1 AMP chargers We also have a manual peasant blocker here Yeah it's manually operated Unfortunately, this car doesn't back sunshade also We can also adjust the front passenger seat from the back with these buttons

The top button adjusts the recline, and the bottom adjusts the seating position Increasing or decreasing the rear passenger space The trunk is also manual, there is no electronically power rear trunk, no easy easy access But the inside is wide and deep We have a few hooks for carrying small bags

The good thing about not having an electronically adjusting seats at the back, Allows the Accord to have a fold-able rear seats Having a folding rear seats is a deal breaker for many including me I do wakeboarding if you try to fit it normally, it doesn't You're D O N E Or if you play golf and have a huge golf bag You might face the same problem as me But it's not a problem for the Honda Accord here, thanks to the folding rear seats

Just pull the tap over there, then just fold the rear seats And carry on your oversize luggage This brings a lot of convenience especially if you have to carry a lot of luggage Or you went to shopping without accounting your luggage carrying capability Having folding rear seats gives a lot of sense of security And here we are going to test Honda's forward collision mitigation system

Basically, Honda claims that it will helps you brake the car during an emergency situation and we'll test the system by driving the Accord into this S T A N D O If the car doesn't stop, this S T A N D O is DONE for From the footage you see here, I am driving at ~30-40 kmph It's a bit scary but the system actually manages to detect the S T A N D O

in the subsequent runs we face a problem, the S T A N D O can't withstand the wind but still the car actually detects the S T A N D O Now we see the picture of how the system works together Despite our S T A N D O didn't held well in the wind and kept falling, But the system detects an obstacle in front of the car However, is this a fail safe feature not a first response to an emergency situation It's not auto pilot, don't expect it do it for you in every situation

The Honda Accord is also equipped with Lane Watch Which replaces the blind spot monitor in other cars it uses camera installed in the side mirror to activate just turn on your left turn signal Or if you want to activate it without turning the left signal just press the button here The Lane Watch has some advantage and disadvantage over the blind spot monitor system

I'm not saying which one is better The Lane Watch system is quick and fast and look at the screen you know immediately whether if your blind spot is clear and the angle of the camera is wider than the side mirror But if we think about the weakness of the Lane Watch system If the car behind is not well lit or the street lighting is very dark and the camera cannot pick it up in low light situation The Lane Watch is basically a useless feature This is where the blind spot is superior, because depending on the manufacturer it uses a mix of sonar, radar, and cameras

Also it has sound and lighting warning instead of just being a passive camera screen The blind spot is installed on both side of the car Whereas the lane watch is only installed on the left side So the next question, Which is better or worse? It's probably up to consumer behavior depending on the demographics Because in the US, the Honda Accord is installed with Blind Spot monitoring system

However, in Thailand Honda installed Lane Watch for us We also have a 360 camera system with automatic parking but it only comes in the Hybrid Tech trim We tried all the system, the camera is a bit choppy and in low resolution but it's usable, roughly You still have to rely on your mirrors

but for the automatic parking system is a nice gimmick It kinda works in real life H O W E V E R If you're an experience driver, park it yourself is much easier and quicker than letting the computer assists *Camera Whoopsie* As for the Honda Sensing Which includes the Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assists, In the Honda Civic, the system is bit wonky and the system feels a bit in-confidence in its action But in this Accord, it feels as if Honda engineers have improved the system

How to use the system is easy Just press "main" button and just press the "set" button and it will active the adaptive cruise control function in this Accord The adaptive cruise can also set the distance function from the car in front of you You can also turn on and off the lane keep assists system if you wish so But the lane keep assists, will require you to turn on the turn indicator if you do not wish it to interrupt you

every time you turn but in normal case you forgot or you look at your phone or navigation It will "gently"pull you back into the lane DRIVING IMPRESSION! Of course there are things we like and things that we think that could be improved Let's start from what we like The engine is smooth and power transfer is nice Also the fuel economy is decent

We got over ~20 kmpl in our regular session But if you're into sporty driving you might be looking at around 15 kmpl The sound isolation is on par with European cars Wind noise tire noise is minimized Thanks to active noise canceling system installed in the Accord's speakers system The speakers will pick up unwanted noise, isolate them, then release a sound wave opposite to the unwanted noise

For parts in which the Accord could be improved upon is it's not a deal breaker by any means It's a little improvements that could perfect the driving experience in this Honda Accord but still it's needed to be fixed two things, the CVT should be tuned to mimic auto transmission more That would greatly improve the driving experience in this car And the second thing is the suspension I will dissect the suspension problem into two factor, the first is driving confidence the second is comfort

In the driving confidence the Accord has not problem Whether it's driving at high speed or cornering It's all good B U T And this is a B I G but The other factor is the comfort and that should be prioritize here Suspension comfort in this car is not good enough

In rough roads or not so well built road or any pot holes The Accord Hybrid's suspension does not cushion those road harshness very well If Honda could revise the suspension of the Accord Hybrid to cushion these unwanted harshness better, around about let's say 20%-25% It will greatly improves the driving experience of this Honda Accord Front Visibility is a bit compromised by the long hood (bonnet) You will eventually get used to it also the 360 camera will help you get around in those tiny parking spots

Also in the Hybrid Tech trim you will get front and back sensor to help you maneuver around if you ask me which Accord should you get In the Turbo version I will come back and answer later, Because the engine and the suspension is totally a different feeling But if you look at the Hybrid, there is the entry level hybrid model and the top of the range Hybrid Tech You will need to pay an extra 160K THB to upgrade to Hybrid Tech

You will get a HUDs, Sun Roof, 360 camera system, automatic parking assistance, and around parking sensor for the 160k upgrade if you ask me is it necessary? No it's not, but it's a nice high tech upgrade to have If you want to go for the top of line I won't stop you, because it has a lot of features but if you're looking at the entry hybrid model, it's already providing an amazing value

So to answer, if you are comparing this to the Toyota Camry For the exterior look at the vote results But the edge that the Accord has over the Camry is the interior It feels and looks a lot more expensive than Camry's interior The layout and everything is also very functional and luxurious But the part where the Camry wins is The suspension The Camry suspension is the superior, whether in comfort, driving dynamics, or driving confidence but if you want answer NOW We'll do a HEAD2HEAD Thank you for watching Thank you ATHonda for providing the car for us to review Check new car deals and offer at www

carnestcoth let us become the first step in car buying If you like the video SMASH that like button If you dislike, tell us why in the comments

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