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    Holiday Gift Ideas ?✨ self care, wellness, creativity, eco-conscious, tech


    Hi loves Happy December

    It's officially holiday season, so I thought I'd kick it off with a holiday gift ideas video I have over 20 gift ideas for you today in self care, creativity, wellness and more I'm also kick-starting a 12 days of giveaways on Instagram, which will include a lot of the gifts from this list So follow me on Instagram at @lavendaire and @shoplavendaire right now, because the first giveaway starts today All right, let's get started

    The first gift idea in self care is a silk or satin sleep mask I've been using this mask by Slip and it's so smooth and comfortable I wear it on the plane and on nights when it's harder for me to fall asleep Silk is super gentle on your skin and it also absorbs less of your skincare than cotton does The next gift idea is to get a beauty subscription box for your loved one

    This one is a haircare box by Facetory They have subscription boxes for sheet masks, K beauty products, and now haircare Subscription boxes really are a gift that keeps on giving They're great for anyone who loves trying new products Next, I don't think you can go wrong with gifting sheet masks to your friends and family

    Seriously, who doesn't love hydration, especially in the winter? We all love sheet masks and we can't get enough of them More please, thank you! If your loved one enjoys spending extra time on skincare, a rose quartz or jade roller and gua sha would make great gifts These are tools to help your skincare products sink deeper into your skin, while promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage in your face and neck areas They're fun and therapeutic to use if you're the type to enjoy making time for it Lastly, you can always gift your favorite skincare products that you know and love, especially if you know your loved one has a similar skin type or lifestyle as you

    Just share the love This, for example, is a box of the most loved green beauty products from Detox Market These would be great for someone who's interested in transitioning into clean beauty Next are my gift ideas for the creatives in your life An Instax camera is always a cute gift, especially if your loved one loves to capture memories, craft, or decorate

    They also make really pretty room décor, so while the camera is on display, you'll be remembered as the one who gave this to them Another gift idea that I think is underrated is an Instax printer Basically, this allows you to print any photo from your phone onto Instax film, making it easy to turn any memory into a cute tangible photo that you can use however you like I actually love this more than the camera because it's more flexible Print anything you'd like from your phone instantly

    Next, I gotta plug in the 2020 Artist of Life Workbook This is a guided journal that I created to help you plan your most intentional, inspiring, and successful year Packed with questions and exercises to help you self-reflect and plan out your dreams and goals in detail, this is the perfect gift for anyone looking to change their life in 2020 On top of the 12 days of giveaways we're doing on Instagram, I want to do one more here on YouTube for the Artist of Life Workbook So if you want to win a copy of the workbook, comment below with the best gift you've ever received in your life

    You must be subscribed to my YouTube and following my Instagram to be considered We'll pick one winner from the comments by next Wednesday, so good luck! Another great gift from the Lavendaire collection is the Daily Planner I use this planner every single day to plan out my days and make sure that I'm focused on what's important: my top three priorities, self care habits, daily gratitude, and reflection The cover says “Create Today” to remind you to create each day with intention There are also the new Pastel Notebooks

    These cute notebooks come in lined, dotted, and blank pages that are perfect for journaling, planning, doodling, and more The covers are a soft, velvety water-resistant material, and each notebook comes in a protective sleeve Next, for beauty, I love these Color Drops Serum blushes by em cosmetics, as well as their Lip Clouds I am such a Michelle Phan fan, so anything she comes out with, I will get it These are beauty items that anyone can appreciate

    The Color Drops comes in such a pretty bottle and the Lip Clouds are amazing A worthy tech gift is the Google Home This one is the mini size, but they come in a range of sizes I have this one in my bathroom and use it almost every day to play music in the morning and while I'm taking a shower I love asking what the weather is and telling it to skip to the next song

    No need to push any buttons, and I'm all about that For the eco-conscious loved one, you can always give them items for their zero waste kit An example are these mesh produce bags for grocery shopping Instead of using those thin plastic bags at the market which are not recyclable, opt for these reusable washable mesh bags for your fresh groceries Another gift idea is this collapsible cup by Stojo

    I saw this and was intrigued to try it It's basically a reusable cup you can take on the go It collapses into a smaller piece and then you can expand it into a cup when you're ready to use it Next, we have ideas in spirituality If your loved one is interested in learning tarot for inner guidance, this Fountain Tarot deck is gorgeous and one of my favorites

    You could pair it with a beginner's tarot book like this one here to help them get started Another cute gift is this Birthdate candle This brand creates a candle for every day of the year, and on the candle are readings for that birth date based on astrology and numerology It's a nice gift with a personal touch Next is this book called “The Encyclopedia of Birthdays”

    Similar to the previous gift, this book has personality assessments for each day of the year I've had this book for years and it's always fun to share this with your friends and family, because everyone wants to look up their birthday and learn more about themselves Moving onto the wellness category A diffuser with some essential oils would make a great gift for anyone who wants to enhance how their home feels I love using a diffuser, because I could basically decide how I want my room to smell that day, and I change it up depending on the mood or what I feel like I need

    You could also gift a meal delivery service for a couple months HelloFresh is one that I've enjoyed using They send you recipes and the exact ingredients that you would need, so that no food goes to waste So this would be a great gift for anyone who wants to learn how to cook Another idea is to gift a ClassPass or a gym membership

    I love ClassPass It's basically an app where you can take classes at different studios, so you get to try out a lot of different types of workouts Next are gift ideas for the readers out there An Audible subscription is amazing for anyone who wants to read more but can't find the time to All you have to do is listen on your free time during commutes or while doing chores

    Another subscription for more voracious readers is Book of the Month They send you new books each month that have been carefully selected, so you could spend less time doing research and more time reading good books And there you have it: 22 gift ideas for you this holiday season And now I am so excited to talk about the giveaway I wanted a way to celebrate and thank our most loyal and engaged Lavi Loves

    So starting today, we'll be doing 12 days of giveaways on Instagram The first prize is this Instax camera So hop on over to Instagram to learn how to enter Each day, we'll have a new prompt, a new prize, and a new winner Lastly, I didn't want to leave YouTube out, so don't forget about the giveaway happening right here in the comments down below to win the 2020 Artist of Life Workbook

    All right, I appreciate you guys so much Thanks so much for watching and subscribing to Lavendaire Sending you all my love See you next time Bye!

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