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    Hoe? Een video maken met smartphone


    I want to make a video with my smartphone to explain something How do I do that? People love video

    However, viewers quit very easily Therefore, keep it to the point and avoid any unnecessary digression Record your story on camera Take your smartphone and hold it in horizontal position Look into the camera

    Don't look at yourself Or better yet, use the camera on the back of your phone It is of much better It's probably more convenient to ask someone else to hold the camera Or put the camera on a tripod

    In any case, make sure that the camera is perfectly horizontal And make sure there is as little movement as possible Also make sure you are in either the center of the picture Or that you are centered on one of the two golden sections These golden sections are these lines about one third of the outside of the image

    Don't you have much experience in front of a camera? Don't worry Take your time If possible, cut it to record it in smaller pieces Edit the whole story and add illustrative images on top of it So you can cut it into different pieces, or chapters

    at the beginning you are in the picture yourself and then you show illustrative images When you are not visible you can also can cut out all ems, ers and all other slips of the tongue When that chapter is done, the illustrative material comes to an end and that part of the story also comes to an end, you can switch to the next fragment This is the way to split up the recording into shorter pieces Make also compelling illustrative images

    While filming, focus on what you want to illustrate And make sure that each clip shows only one action And if there's more than one action make sure these to happen immediately consecutively Otherwise your story will come to a halt At the moment you have an important message make sure you are in the picture yourself so you make eye contact with the viewer at that moment

    Also make a nice picture to put a title on it to add in the front of your story And let that precede with an introduction or a prologue So that the viewer sees immediately why he or she should keep watching Good luck!

    Source: Youtube

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