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Hisense H30 Smartphone Review Features Spec


review of the Hisense age 30 smartphone a workhorse with a stylish design hi since age 30 with an unusual gradient case a powerful 8 quart processor and a 4500 30 ml battery we got acquainted with an ambitious novelty in this review hi since h30 is equipped with a 65 3 inch IPS matrix LCD display matrix quality no lit up traditional check in the dark showed a complete lack of light including the corners an excellent sign that proves that the smartphone uses proven components the screen resolution is 2,340 x 1080 pixels Full HD 394 feet the aspect ratio is 18 point 5 9 frames around the perimeter of the display are minimal especially the side and top from the top frame there is a small drop shaped notch on which the front camera is located the bottom frame is also narrow but still stands out somewhat against the general background the display image quality is high the colors are bright and saturated but not excessively as is the case with smartphones from Chinese manufacturers viewing angles are the broadest even when viewing the screen at a 90 degree angle no color distortion occurs the overall impression of the display is extremely positive well performance high since h30 system is responsible for the 8-core processor media check leop 17th released at the very end of 2018 far from everyone is familiar with media tech ships so we note right away that the leop 70 is actually a direct analog to the popular qualcomm snapdragon 616 processor the rear camera of high sense H 30 consists of two modules with a resolution of 16 MP lens f 2

0 aperture and 5mp both sensors support technologies based on artificial intelligence for which the processor is responsible high since H 30 is equipped with a battery with a decent capacity 4503 mom the battery allows the smartphone to work for a really long time without the need for recharging the autonomy is also positively affected by an energy-efficient processor and display the operating time of the smartphone without recharging in the mode of active daily use is 20 hours in sparing daily mode the smartphone is able to work on one charge for two days

Source: Youtube

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