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High-Tech gegen Wildschweine: Jagd mit Drohne und Nachtsichtgerät | Schwaben & Altbayern | BR


Near the Upper Palatinate market Hohenburg: here, as in many places in Bavaria, fields work and meadows in the morning suddenly dug up like Hunter Michael Bartl suspects what was going on here during the night: "There's a wild boar, they're looking for Engerlingen, for mice, for roots and dig up the meadow

" In Bavaria, there are more and more wild boar, no turnaround in sight "Then I already have understanding for the farmers, who say: to a certain extent is that no longer acceptable for them It can not go on like this" Michael Bartl will come back tonight with rifle and night aiming device Also in the Landshut district hunters equip themselves with modern technology

Matthias Schuh is leading a pilot project funded by hunters, various municipalities and the EU Now we can start the drone With the naked eye, the boars in the man-sized mustard are not visible "We suspect that there are wild boars in the mustard, which we suspect after and with the drone we will now try to determine where the wild boars are and how many are there " And if they find what they want, they want to change the field and drive the boars in front of the rifle

Everything that is warm, shows the thermal imaging camera on the drone as a bright spot The field is traversed by a network of paths "These are the individual ways the sows use or, as we hunters say, the bills from the sows Individual deposits where the sows pool and spend the day in it Now we hope that the sows are in there too and not in the forest

" But not only wild boars hide in the field, also other animals "These are pigs!" – "No, deer" "That looked exactly like that" "Deer flee, boars remain lying" Then the mishap

Leaves are trickling On the preprogrammed route the drone stood an overhanging tree "That's it!" "Now we have a problem and now we have to see how we get it back" "Camera is exactly in the fork" Lucky in misfortune: A friend happens to be around with his telescopic wheel loader The drone is saved, says Hans Schmidbauer

"Apparently no damage has been done to the drone, we can continue the action" However, whether after the loud rescue the boars are still in the mustard field? The mood is sinking "Very many tracks in the field, but today no pigs in it The drone is back " "It's a disappointment, but it's not the disappointment, as if we had thought there are some in it and you bring 20 or 30 hunters and the farmer has to get his device out

Run in and there is nothing in it And so you know For Hegeringleiter Hubert Biberger, the drone mission was a success 120 kilometers further north, again at Hohenburg, Upper Palatinate Huntsman Michael Bartl has in the meantime given the wild boar damages of the lower one Hunting authority approved the use of a prohibited under the weapons law night target device to get

Now he does not have to hunt in the dusk, but can get out at night, even without moonlight "The moon is gone and it's pitch black Now I almost missed the exit This is the residual light amplifier It is screwed onto the eyepiece with an adapter, a clamp

That is, you have the light that comes in normally from the front, through the Riflescope, with crosshair and everything in it, that is amplified at the back by the residual light amplifier If the remaining light is insufficient, then it is a laser Let's shut it up, let's go " In addition to the amplifier on the rifle scope, he has a thermal imaging camera I just look, if you already see anything

He has set the camera so that warm animals would appear dark "The technology is there to hunt wild boars, but of course you can also see there are some which are smooth above Take a look, turn off the light There are wild boars above

1-2-3-4-5-6 A big suitcase is also included a bigger boar That's 5 baby boobs and a brook, it looks like " We switch off the lights, turn on with infrared light The boars should not see that, we think

Bartl is not sure "You can follow suit, and when it does, something is slightly out of place Otherwise it can be when they see it, and I move in front of the light source, then they see me So maybe go 5 m next to me " We prefer to stay a few meters back with the camera so that the boars do not notice us

I said, it's lying " Now find the boar "Everything is gray at night, but with the thermal imaging device, it's great" You see, he has a bomb shot, so it's exactly where he should go " No long suffering from misses, says Bartl

"You can already see how they worked, you can see that there are grains, corn kernels are still herinnen For example, or here, parts of the piston From the venison dealer he gets for the 25 kilograms freshling only about 30 euros On the market there is an oversupply of wild boar meat Nevertheless: Michael Bartl is for the release of Nachzielgeräten, thus more hunters boars can effectively hunt like him and the wild boars do not multiply any further

Source: Youtube

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