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Hearthstone Tech #96: You should play Plague of Wrath like this!


Hearthstone Tech Team Welcome to Hearthstone Tech #96 Let's continue the bugs of Saviors of Uldum we have not finish yet Next time I will make some videos about the mechanisms that are normal but you may be confused about 1 Will Mogu Cultist having double battlecry summon two Ra? The Cultist which has double battlecry summons two Ra It's different with what designer has explained Indeed, at the time of the second battlecry there is no minions to eat, so It should not summon two highkeeper What if Shudderwock triggers Cultist's battlecry? Not thing happens Shudderwock has transformed into Mogu Cultist After triggering battlecry the second time The Highkeeper has not been summoned Not thing happens even after ending the turn First, Shudderwock will not summon Ra by triggering Cultist's battlecry It is probably because the condition of Cultist's battlecry is having 7 Cultist on board, not 6 except itself Secondly, Shudderwock will also not summon Ra by transforming itself into Cultist and then triggering it's battlecry It may be a bug The play requirement of Twilight's Call is some minions have dead Not related to deathrattle Can't play Twilight's Call when you don't have dead minions It is able to play after the Stonetusk Boar is dead In fact, It's not just Twilight's Call, there are lots of confusing mechanisms in Hearthstone Like you can't play To My Side! when you have 7 minions, but you can play Call of the Wild You can draw a card when playing Darkness Candle of The Darkness form hand? Not drawing card when playing Spider Ambush! Unexpectedly draw a card when playing Darkness Candle The effect that will draw a card of spells having the keyword "Casts When Drawn" is already included in this keyword So it's normal not drawing cards when you play them from hand So the Darkness Candle may be a bug Can Golden Kobold finish the quest of Bazaar Burglary? The Golden Kobold cannot finish the quest But Golden Monkey can As I explained before, Golden Kobold is transforming the cards, while Golden Monkey is removing cards and then adding cards to your hand After testing, all the cards that transform your hand cannot finish the quest (including Chameleos, Shifter Zerus and Lilian Voss) Recommending the video made by 茗凰, team member of Hearthstone Tech What will 0-health Amet do on other minions? All summoned minions are 0 health Minions summoned by Firelands Portal will also die immediately It's normal, but looks incredible, 0-health Amet will also set minions's health to 0 Plague of Wrath has some strange animation bugs when facing minions that will be moving when they die

The animation was not playing when Dr Morrigan died The animation was played when Dr Morrigan could not move it may be useless, but it looks interesting The animation can't be copy And only minions which are REALLY moving have the bug (Weasel Tunneler and Malorne are both FAKE moving) That's all for today's video Next video will still be bugs of Hearthstone, and after that I will make some mechanisms introduction video If you have any question about Hearthstone mechanisms, feel free to ask shoushou, Hearthstone Tech members will be glad to explain that! Hearthstone Version: 150

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