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Hands-On with the $1,380 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Folding Smartphone


– We're here with the Galaxy Z Flip It is the latest and greatest folding smart phone from Samsung

When it comes to speeds and feeds it is a 67 inch AMOLED screen It's got a 3,300 milliamp-hour battery which is pretty standard Dual camera array on the back, 12 megapixels It's everything you would want in a reasonably premium smart phone

Obviously its camera cluster isn't going to rival the iPhone 11 Pro or the new Samsung S20 phones But that's not why you're here You're here because it folds in half (bright instrumental music) We're here with the Samsung Galaxy Z flip, samsung's newest folding phone Unlike its first folding phone the Galaxy Fold, which was that big guy that opened sideways

This is more of a traditional form factor Folds in half like a flip phone you might have had as a kid Like a Razr This is, speaking of Razrs this is Samsung's answer to the Motorola Razr which was also a new folding screen flip phone that closed this way Unlike the Galaxy Fold this is a little bit more affordable but still very expensive

This phone goes for $1,380 Which is a pretty penny But it is absolutely lovely to behold From the outside folded, the Z Flip is just this beautiful little black square, it also comes in purple Unlike the Fold and unlike some of the other folding phones it has a extremely small notification screen

So there are some other folding phones out there that have basically a whole screen on the front This just has a tiny, I think its a 11 inch super AMOLED display Just enough screen space to show you the time, but it is a touch screen and it'll show you the icons for the notification that you have on your phone And you can swipe over and tap on them and get a little bit of information, but not nearly enough to suck you all the way into the phone

There also is two cameras on the outside Which you can use with the phone closed and then obviously it opens up into a full on smart phone of the rectangular shape that you're probably used to (soft instrumental music) It is 67 inches so very tall, kind of thin Looks like your standard phone except along the hinge you can see that there's a little bump in the screen

It's nothing too noticeable, you will feel it when your finger goes over it And speaking of the hinge, it is very satisfyingly smooth The updated versions of the Galaxy Fold that were released last year had a bias towards closure It would snap shut when it got close, the Flip doesn't do that but it is still a very nice experience There's a stiffness to it

So if you open it halfway it'll sit like that Which is definitely something that Samsung has positioned as a feature It means that this phone kind of has its own built in tripod You can set it up flat in a L shape and like put it on a desk and point it at something and record video or take photos It'd be great for recording time-lapse videos

So something you can't really do with a normal phone unless you have something to prop it up When you fold it like this, it also makes split screen make a lot more sense Samsung has had split screen functionality on its phones especially for like the Note line of phones, which have giant screens For a long time, so you can have one app on top, one app on bottom, right Definitely could see myself falling into a nightmare scenario watching TV on the top and looking at Twitter on the bottom

Some real enticing and dark stuff Just like the Galaxy Fold there are some questions about durability Samsung says that the Z Flip is rated to some 200,000 opens and shuts 200,000 opens and closes comes down to if you're opening and closing your phone 100 times a day That'll give you 2,000 days which comes out to about to 5 1/2 years if you're doing that everyday

A phone with a battery is not going to last you five years under any circumstances An interesting thing about this folm factor Is when its folded it's much smaller than any phone that you've had recently Which is great in a lot of ways It fits in a shirt pocket, which is fun

I've been putting it in my back pocket I'm not exactly sure why I think maybe it's just 'cause it's wallet shaped It is strange though, I did have a moment where I put it in my pocket and I immediately went to reach for it and panicked because I thought it wasn't in there Because it's so small, it's so low in my pocket I thought it was empty

But the folm factor does introduce a couple of like weird things Because it's a anonymous square here so it's definitely possible to open it upside down Which is a little bit weird If you feel for the camera bump you'll know which side's which But then you'll also be getting your finger all over the camera

A minor inconvenience One of the things that really excites me about the Z Flip and about folding phones in general is that it puts a big obstacle between you and checking your phone The Flip really leans into this with a little screen on the front You can't just like pull out your phone and just check it easily It requires you to make this effort to open it

And it allows you to make this definitive effort to close it and put it away It's very appealing to me as somebody who winds up looking at Twitter for 30 minutes because I started looking at Twitter when I had 15 seconds to wait for the microwave to finish, you know So having something like this where your choices about whether or not you're using your phone are more deliberate is really exciting and appealing to me Using the Galaxy Z Flip for even like 20, 30 minutes felt so natural and intuitive If you're my age or older you've absolutely used a flip phone in the past

It was amazing to me how much using a phone with this form factor made that all come flooding back I messed around with this for 10 minutes in a cab and after that I already caught myself trying to fold my normal phone in half when I was done using it I think there's a lot of promise to this form factor There are those concerns about durability Using this I've been wondering if having a screen that folds is really a necessary part of this

This is one of the more exciting phones I've used in a long time

Source: Youtube

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