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    Grover Stories: Warum mietest du dein Smartphone?'


    [Music] My name is Chris I've been in Berlin since 2013

    I actually grew up in Russia, and originally came to Germany to study and now have been here for several years, and work as a Designer full time in Berlin Well, the thing I most like about Grover is that the website is very good I can look at things and the whole concept is also flexible So, for example, if I have a cell phone and think, "Hmm, maybe I don't like it any more," I can change that flexibly, and normally that's not possible Well, I have not been a Grover customer for so long

    But I can speak from the experience I've had, in the last few months I have been very satisfied From the beginning, the whole process from browsing to when the payment is made Actually, it feels like an update, of how long you make the payments, and that is somehow much more pleasant of an experience, compared to the old-fashioned concepts I think the best part of renting my phone is that I can change my mind I can say, I don't like the phone, or which is more likely to be the case, I think I would like the new technology and I'm interested in trying new things

    What can happen in any case, and what definitely happens is, a new model comes out And that could be a factor for me to say, "Hey, maybe I want to try another model" Currently I have an iPhone 8+ A phone where I say, "Ok, maybe this is not the newest thing, but I know that it basically includes everything that I need in its specifications" That may be an interesting point

    I have never had a Plus from Apple Well, I only had the smaller models of phone, so the normal versions, and this time I decided for the first time to get the iPhone Plus Because I have the flexibility Okay, maybe it's too big, then I'd send it back and get a smaller one So that was a kind of experiment for me and I normally couldn't do that

    I do not think much about buying right now So, I find the possibility, in general, to rent things, or in general to share, and say, "Hey, why should I buy a new mixer, if my neighbor already has a mixer" And then we can Well, maybe I really only need it for one evening, and then I would not buy a device for one use

    And of course these concepts mean financially, too, there is another solution So that means, I would spend instead of 1000 Euros or 1500 Euros for a Gadget, I would rent it instead, let's say for 2-3 months, and that's enough for me A bicycle or a means of transport, a scooter or something like that, I can imagine, and otherwise Yes, I've also had an idea, thinking: I've never had a game console, and I thought, Maybe this is just to try it out, maybe I'd get a brand new model, play with it for a month, and maybe say "Hey, now I know what it would be like to have this console, how it works" Maybe it's cool If I like, maybe I'll keep it a bit longer, but I could imagine that too [Music]

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