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Green-tech is celebrating 25 years. Watch their journey – full interview


Richard and Rachel Kay founded greentech in 1994 using their house as their first office today Green Tech has grown into the UK's largest award-winning landscape suppliers we are going to hear from rich and Rachel about their journey well great tea was really born out of the fact that the company I was working for judge Bentley went into administration prior to Salt X so we went to Salt X and saw most of Bentley suppliers who in turn agreed to give us the other credit count or make sure we got product so we came away from Salt that's quite a boil the fact that we've got so half cyber supply chain sorted out so on the way back from Salt X we actually popped in on one of Rich's old colleagues who owned a headland amenity at the time and he suggested that we called business green tech and at the time he had a product called green tech and that we could sell lots as well so all of a sudden we had a van 200 pounds in the bank and a business name and that's all we needed to give us a kick over the ass to get going Rachel I always wanted to work together so after coming away from Seoul Texas with the supply chain hand trading name and hand business plan it was a pity to go for gold I'm incredibly proud of what we achieved since 1994 it was just them the two of us working from our house and borage two years Ayden we moved to nuts farm and put in a porter cabin within a short space of time we outgrew this and we're moved to some redundant farm buildings in the Munson 2000 was a milestone year for us we moved to our first proper office in a mountain and stayed here until 2015 and by them were almost up to 40 staff in 2013 we purchased a burnt-out farm stead called rabbits hill just outside burrow bridge over the culminates in once we got plant machine to not the farm down rebuild the farm said as it was along with two newer houses and we moved into Robert Hill Business Park in November 2015 and we've now been in there for years the day we moved we moved two million pounds of stock in 24 hours all the staff and within 48 hours were up and ready for business and that was on the monday morning we hit the ground running and we never missed a beat did its successor green set through flipping hard were blood sweat and tears and we've always had a plan a financial plan a business plan we've always been backed up by a good tech in the business we're both very data-driven a Rachel and I and so as a whole the management team these days and the rest the business come to that our first year turnover in 1994 was 160,000 pounds we double turnover every year for the first five years and then had a consolidation year and not a lot of change to this day we still do that now this year we hope to achieve 16 and a half million pounds in turnover so compare that with the products we had 280 products in 1994 and now we have in excess of 13,000 products critic is a largest supplier of landscape consumers in the UK currently over the years we aligned ourselves with manufacturers of top quality brands who would issue it from the UK this enables us to deliver a wide range of products typically a next day to our customers live an amazing customer service alongside this we've also developed our own range of products of Browns which complements our trade such as john chavez wildflower seed and green treetops oils we've always had a fantastic relationship with our customers and the customer is king after all we've listened to what they've said and reacted accordingly so whatever problem they've brought to our doorstep we found a solution a workaround or a product that would fit the bill and if we couldn't find it we would try and make it we never take no for an answer if is a deal or deliberately done we're going to get it done at the end of the day we are nothing without the team behind us we have an amazing team they have the same Drive focus and passion as we've driven into them for me it's particularly important to have a personal relationship with every single one of those individuals and I think that that is then driven home through the customer service that we deliver one of my best today though is joining the barley board in 2017 was a LeClair for my good self very promise to be asked to join the ballot board and also when in the Flitz exceptional service award was very very pleasing to see Green Tech grow and develop as it has is phenomenal probably even more amazing than that is that Richard and I are still married with three children to boot but you know if they can take something out of what we've done with our team and we've taught them something about working together but the best memories are actually of the people that have helped us and continue on this journey to date the digital side the business is really contributed to the way our business is changing and we recognize that we need to change with that and allow people to have access to our products much more readily but at the end of the day they still want the technical advice be that by live chat webcams video links I think we will push on digitally agree to the future staff come first we love seeing people grow and mature through the business we will continue to grow and strive to live an amazing customer service across all our customers all our markets we're constantly looking to improve and grow our business that never changes and hasn't done since day one we are looking to employ more apprentices and getting people more interested and excited in horticulture generally so to summarize thank you very much for watching our video the last 25 years has been a blast and it's very much business as usual

Source: Youtube

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