Google Pixel 6 Pro – Taking On Samsung

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro marks the year, Google …

When the original Pixel was unveiled by Google in October 2016, many questioned why the Mountain View company was entering the business of designing, building, and selling phones. Five years on, that sentiment still lingers.

And Critics of Google’s strategy are correct to say it looks contradictory: the company has invested time and treasure into building devices, but it hasn’t accompanied them with the necessary distribution and marketing to truly challenge for a big slice of the market.

But it seems that will finally change with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. According to Max Winebach, Google claims to be serious about its hardware business this time, and they are actually taking on Samsung and want to steal some of the market share from them.

Max says that Google has kept the same marketing budget for the Pixel 6 as Samsung keeps for their Galaxy S series of phones. This is huge because like I’ve mentioned over and over, the key to success in the smartphone industry is to make a good phone and market it properly.

In the tech world, people tend to think competition is all about the product. But that’s not entirely true. Samsung did not change the game with just technology or product. Instead, they did it by focusing on distribution and advertising! So Google keeping a big marketing budget for the Pixel phones is an indication that they are finally confident on their phones that it can go head to head with the best out there in every aspect and not just photography.

But then again you may ask, Google sells only a few million Pixel phones per year, how could they have a budget like Samsung. Well, Google as a whole company makes billions in profits each quarter and their market capitalization is actually more than Samsung’s.

If Google wants they can double the marketing budget of the Pixel 6 than what Samsung has kept for the Galaxy S21 because Google has other extremely profitable ventures that makes a ridiculous amount of money for them.

So it’s about time, Google is finally upping their marketing game. With that said, Max also revealed some of the specifications of the Pixel 6 lineup on a podcast he did recently. He says Pixel 6 Pro will have a 5000mAh battery to power the 120Hz QHD+ display.

The regular Pixel 6 will also have a 120Hz refresh rate but the resolution will be FHD+ and the battery capacity is 4500mAh. He said the reason Google opted for this robocop camera design is that it’s a future-proof design thanks to all the room it gives to allow new camera tech and it helps Google to keep a consistent camera design in the future Pixel phones as well.

Speaking about Google’s own custom silicon he says the reason Google chose to design their own chipset is because of Artificial intelligence. We all know AI is the future, Google already makes AI chipsets.

Things work better if a company controls the whole stack than solving the puzzle by putting the pieces together. And that’s what Google is doing. This will help them better optimize the whole chipset.

Max says you shouldn’t be too much optimistic about the performance, the Whitechapel will perform in between the Snapdragon 865 and 888, close to the Exynos 2100. Since it’s Google’s first try at making a custom chipset for phones, I think it’s unreasonable anyway to expect them to outperform Qualcomm on their first try.

But it will be interesting to see, how well they optimize the chipset. He also mentions that the Pixel watch will have a 5nm Samsung processor and will launch alongside the Pixel 6 in October. Of course, with that said, consider subscribing for all the latest tech news and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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63 thoughts on “Google Pixel 6 Pro – Taking On Samsung

  1. Due the high prices of Samsung ,Google , Apple slowly companies like xiaomi stealing market share slowly… Their products are improving every year and quite affordable.

  2. Who the heck think it's a good idea to release phone in November or December? Unless Pixel release change, i don't think it will be much success. Then there's price. Pixel phones have always been overpriced.

  3. Finally pixel is in the game.. after Huawei fiasco I so badly want pixel to succeed and I am sure they will deliver this time seeing all the roumour so far.. the phone looks killer btw .

  4. The design and camera placement part is just so awesome thing that google has done, a new camera sensor with Telephoto lens on the pixel XL is what all are waiting for…. Nice…

  5. I've had 3 phones with the Snapdragon 855 (Note 10+, Galaxy Fold and Pixel 4 XL, the last two being my daily and secondary phones) and the 855 is still a great chipset. So something in between the 865 and the 888 will be really good. Just don't tax us, Google.

  6. Supposedly Samsung did the Oneplus 9 pros display. And it’s one of the best displays on a phone I have ever seen. The customization to the color and screen is insane . I literally feel like I’m watching a 4K phone when I use it that’s how good the screen is. And I’m not over exaggerating, just ask any other Oneplus 9 pro user . Definitely the best phone I had so far . And I have the galaxies, lates pixel, latest iPhone and Oneplus . And I definitely think Oneplus 9 pro takes the win. I’m a big pixel fan, but the last one was a bust, this next one better be hitting a homerun. Because if Oneplus keep this up they will be the best phone company.

  7. The leaked specs of the Pixel 6 Pro are ecactly the same as on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, so it's pretty clear they're trying to build the best phone on the Market instead of a semi-flagship as last year.

  8. Pixel storage space needs to go much higher than what it's been lately. 512gb is enough and that's what I want to see because there's no micro sd slot for expansion

    If the pixel camera is much much better than 4 or 5 in photography and videos. Even night pics and hopefully night videos, then I'll definitely be getting one to replace my s9+. I've had the s9+ for 3 years now. I almost bought the s21 ultra until they disappointed me with removing the micro sd slot, I almost went for the note 20 ultra but then didn't because of how much better the camera is on s21 ultra that it had me saying let's wait for the s22 ultra or the pixel as the oneplus 9 was a disappointment too because of their over hyping of the camera.

    I probably would have bought the oneplus 9 if they didn't over hype or even hype the camera at all but if I was to ever buy a oneplus now I'd probably wait another two years. Oneplus has always been ahead of time with speed but behind on camera.

    The perfect phone would be pixels camera Asus rog phones battery and performance and oneplus charging speed. I say oneplus charging speed because I'm sure it's the only one that charges fast even while charging. A lot of other phones slow down if you are using it

    Fingers crossed for pixel 6 pro camera to be very very very good. Hoping they add night video mode too and more

  9. That phone is so ugly, i am so sorry, i loved the shape of 5 and 4, i loved pixel phones because they didn't look ugly like usual android phones but now oh well

  10. Fuck Google. I owned pixel and pixel 2xl both were really poor in terms of reliability, pixel had problems with bootloop of power button, pixel 2xl stopped to charge just after 1 year of use!!! Now I have Samsung and so happy!

  11. Google have witnessed the conflict with Apple and facebook, and finally came to realize they need their own phone for a seamless data collection process.
    Just an assumption.

  12. Google screwed up with the pixel 5 especially since my favorite phones were LG's and I needed a new phone from someone else and I've owned Samsungs so I went back after the pixel 5 was a midrange not a flagship.They missed out on millions of LG phone users.

  13. Samsung is unbeatable when it comes to Android software updates. my 3 month old S21 Ultra now received updates way more than my previous old Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. AND my second phone Poco X3. and those Samsung updates are all positive updates. not like Windows updates lol

  14. If the Pixel 6 Pro has a micro sd card slot its a done deal, I'll be gladly upgrading from my S20+, I wanted to get the "New Note" at the end of this year but Samsung ain't gonna release one till end of next year and I don't like the S series anymore or folding phones cuz of the crease I'm too OCD.

  15. I loved the Pixel 4xl I had just didn't like the sides of the device it chipped off to fast but if they come with great hardware I will definitely trade in my OnePlus 9 for a Google Pixel 6 pro

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