Google Pixel 4 Leaked Model Hands On

Hands on with Google Pixel 4, …

100 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 Leaked Model Hands On

  1. Notch – Deal breaker.
    No headphone jack – Deal breaker. No expandable storage – Deal breaker. Too many good Android phones on the market to let Google short change its customers like Apple does theirs. Nobody will buy this phone just for the camera and updates.

  2. I don't want a face scanner. With the back fingerprint reader my pho e is already unlocked before it comes out of my pocket. This is going to be slower. So dumb.

  3. I bought a Pixel 3a about a month ago, and honestly, if the 3a had a notch, I would have gone with the Galaxy 10e. I think the iPhone and Pixel notch designs are horrible, and the 3a instead going with a small chin and forehead was a great move in my opinion

  4. I want to know where he got the info about the 5 imaging processors in the front. Skinomi screen protector is for sure that it's a hole punch design and there's already pre-orders. Lew sounds so confident tho. I really hope Lew is right tho. Function over aesthetics!

  5. The Nexus 6P was such a beautiful phone. You could put a lot of cameras in the long glass panel on the back without looking dumb. It would be so cool to see a Nexus 6P 2.0!

  6. What's wrong with the Google front side designers? Removing the big notch and giving us huge forehead bezel!! Wahh!! Who want that big forehead in 2019? I will take that big notch instead

  7. I don't mind bezels as long as there reasonable but no notch, face unlock only!? …. I'm personally going to miss the fingerprint sensor it's more practical and it was a natural feeling way to open your phone, but I'm personally waiting on the P4aXL hopefully they'll keep the headphone jack on it like the 3aXL

  8. camera design is sucks.. thats why im not excited .. for me its not really good. pixel 3 is still the best.. normal model.. 😬 please tell to google dont design that camera design lol

  9. Oh good they're going to a metal body instead of glass….😐
    it looks like you can drop them on the floor and run over with a car and they won't break.
    That's what I need 😑

  10. Idiotic Google. Idiotic. IDC how good this camera is, with these current specs I will not buy this phone. They better include an underscreen fingerprint sensor, choose a different layout or position for the camera, I would love that headphone jack too bro 😔 and that notch needs to be gone.

  11. Hey, well their out. The pixal4's. Question: where does Google get off with a 2800mamp with a 90hz display! Now was the battery good on the pixal3 with a 2900mamp battery. No it sucked to be honest. So how is this one gonna be better? It absolutely won't, yikes. No ultra wide camera plus no incentives in the box, except the charger. 800.00+ dollars, wow-we!

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