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Google Pixel 3 release : Everything we think we know about upcoming Android flagship ● Tech News


Pixel 3 is expected to build upon everything its predecessors did right while addressing fan complaints One of the Google Pixel 2's biggest criticisms was on the XL unit in particular

Many users insisted the OLED panel used gave off a blue tint when looking at it from an angle In fact Expresscouk noted the same issue when we reviewed the device last year Google will surely learn its lessons from early units of the Pixel 2 and ensure Pixel 3 does not suffer from the same issues

With that said, here is everything we think we know about the upcoming Android smartphone 1 Design Google Pixel 3 has seemingly been plagued by a number of leaks that appear to have lifted the lid on the flagship A user on messaging service Telegram recently posted a clip of an alleged Pixel 3 XL unit being unboxed, spotted by Android Police The footage showed a Pixel with an incredibly large screen that featured a controversial notch at the top

The same user later posted another video of the supposed Pixel 3 XL unit running a benchmarking application dubbed Antutu Such software is designed to analyse a device and display its internal specifications Most interestingly the app insisted the Pixel 3 XL will come with a whopping 67-inch display 2

Features The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will come packing Android 9 Pie out of the box The latest version of the operating system was recently unveiled by Google and boasts a wealth of new and useful features Most notably the software introduces gesture navigations that allow users to get around Android with the flick of a finger Google insisted such a move was made because of the changing smartphone climate that is seeing bezels shaved and display sizes get bigger But it appears the Pixel 3 will come packing gesture navigation by default out of the box

In an interview with Android Central, EK Chung, the UX manager for Android handheld and Pixel at Google, insisted future phones from the tech giant will abide by such a rule However if Android lovers do not want to use this feature they can turn it off in the settings menu

Source: Youtube

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