Google and Samsung finally join forces!

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63 thoughts on “Google and Samsung finally join forces!

  1. I prefer android phones but also want to have a smartwatch so this new partnership between Samsung and Google is very good news, I hope the end product would a good competition for Apple

  2. Is there a way to get Morning Brew articles on some app instead of my already cluttered email?
    And also why can't we change the frequency from daily to every 2 days or something like that?
    Interested in Morning Brew but these limitations always stop me from signing up.

  3. Do people still use Snapchat? Last time I saw people use them they were still refusing to make an app for Windows Phone.

  4. Not too happy about the smartwatch merge, i find tizen almost perfect and now I'm scared google will ruin it. Only good thing I see in this is maybe getting google pay on my smartwatch because nobody really supports samsung pay in my country

  5. the holo lens idea needs to get to being not much heavier than the glasses you and i have on our face that if you go back to 1980s eye glasses was totally painful. thats still the key things that go on head needs to not be painful beacause headaches and neckaches can and have killed companies that otherwise would be great!

  6. Quick question: Who goes anywhere without their phone these days?
    ANSWER: Nobody.

    So, when everyone has a smartphone, WHO NEEDS a smartwatch? Err… who wears a SmartWatch? Oh, only influencers who are paid to appear 'wearing' one.

    …An anachronistic, obsolete thing with a marketing team struggling to reimagine an actual USE.

    Who needs a watch anymore? Funny reality, grandpa and grandmas used to use watches but haven't for ages.

    Apple, Google, Samsung are all chasing something that outlived its day. These are global leaders in reinventing the future, yet pretend they are going to sell wristwatches TODAY?!?

    YIKES, your accent is muddled… or maybe you just have a speech impediment.

    FUN REALITY: If you are in your own imaginary world or media consumption deeply a party to the efforts of Google and Samsung, while Apple is building a better future… just wait a while, Apple is the SHIT for now, but that's no guarantee.

  7. My dear friend, your subject matter is "Google and Samsung finally join forces!" , it will be great if you could explore further in deep detail & talk along within the line of subject matter. Or simply name it as a variety show. Thanks

  8. I really like Samsung smartwatches, they are great all around. Except for the apps.
    The stock apps are great, but nobody develops apps for Tizen, and that's frustrating.

    I've been looking forward to a Wear OS Samsung watch, and now this is even better.

  9. I'm using a Garmin Venu sq Music, the software is solid but looks like 2010 software. Still a great watch for tracking activities and listening to music from the watch to my Bluetooth earphones

  10. Nice video

    Answer to Google and Samsung : how care about the Samsung watch, when you are the product!
    They need to pay me 100 dollar every month to I use their products

  11. Wtf is up with this smart watch stupidity.. Those hideous things… U call those watches… 😂 I love my amd ryzens, m1s, snapdragons, A series, SAMOLED, MINILEDS.. i love tech…. But mechanical watches are.. Watches.. These are just cheap smartphones strapped to ur wrists…

  12. This is weirder than you might think because Samsung is also working with Microsoft in the Android space to integrate (their) Android phones better with Windows as a counterpoint to Apple's tight iOS/macOS integration…
    Except Google hates Microsoft with a passion (and wants to be Apple).

  13. As a latino, I don't understand how Snapchat is still on the market with so much money for investments. It was never a thing here and as far as I understand, it was mostly used by the USA but it use decayed with the introduction of instagram stories.

  14. The title should say "Samsung saves Google once again". Cause if Samsung wouldn't of stepped in, wear os would've died out, while the tizen (galaxy watch) would've been fine

  15. I signed up for Nebula a while ago, but still occasionally watch your videos on youtube (as they keep getting recommended when I'm watching other things)

    Which views do you yourself profit more from?

  16. Samsung has been on a path to garbage since TM Roh took over, so this cooperation doesn't surprise me.

    As for me, it was the best way Samsung could make sure I'm never buying their products again. Google is a disease and the more it infects an OEM, the less likely I am to buy their products ever again.

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