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    GIVEAWAY PERIODE KE-3 | HP Smartphone VS Uang Cash ? | Pilih mana?


    Hello Bye Hello assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarokatuh to meet me again on YouTube channel Edy Winarno today I will ask for opinions from my subscriber friends for my giveaway in the next Giveaway program So there are programs giveaway I have already said yes there have already been drawn already the winner and there is also a process that is still in process or still to be drawn immediately to get the winner an example is the giveaway program that I have submitted on my youtube channel and this is in stage the process for the draw and God willing will we immediately announce

    we will draw, yes, well, this is an example of some giveaway that I have reviewed the example of this is the Galaxy Samsung Android A01 that I already have lottery and I share and this is the winner see ya in the cellphone series the same as what I hold but I will try to make a third giveaway program plan now, please help friends, yes my subscriber I'm still confused, what do I want to give So there is The first 2 options I will try to give cash or a smartphone again but the help is yes you can choose help me for later soon gave an announcement for the giveaway So please input it Will I give my cellphone or cash later so that the program will be announced soon please write down your opinion later comment on this video yes and thank you until we meet again waiting for the next giveaway program Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh

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