Generation17 Introduces Young Leader Nadine Khaouli | Samsung

Nadine Khaouli from Lebanon is one of our featured Generation17 Young Leaders. Nadine is a co-founder of Kafe be Kafak, an organization with a mission to allow all to live in …
(gentle music).We felt 30% of the blast,.and the other 70% wasabsorbed by the sea..I was driving frommy village to Beirut.when I felt it from miles away..We now know that the blastwas one 20th the power.of an atomic bomb..It has thrust Lebanon.into its worst economiccrisis in decades..Many families lost theirloved ones and their homes,.but the youth of Lebanon.were the first torush into the help bring ourcountry back to life..In 2020, the COVID-19pandemic came to Lebanon..To support our people,.I founded Kafe be Kafak,.meaning Hand in Hand,with five co-founders..I believe every person hasthe right to live in dignity..That’s our mission..Following the blast, Kafe beKafak was already in provide our help,.and were on the scenethe very next day..Through crowdfunding,we’ve since to rehabilitate 13 homes.and reach thousands offamilies all over Lebanon..We started out asking our familymembers to spread the word,.but technology is all around us,.and we use it toamplify our work.and to connectwith our community..Our organization is buildingan international community.of young leaders and innovators,.and shedding light on thehuman needs all over the globe..That’s why I will continueto fight for a better future..Raising my voice, not justfor the people of Lebanon,.but for citizensaround the world..

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  1. Hey you. Yes, you. The random person I would never meet. I truly hope that you would find happiness in life. Today is going to be a great day. blessings and love✍️💯♥️❤️♥️❤️

  2. Love to Samsung really cares about human they are not like apple who just want people money keep in this way Samsung love you and respect you guys love from Pakistan 🇵🇰 💝

  3. Bro please give a update for galaxy a21s after android 11 so many buges are coming battery drain heating and my device memory is being full without using it and when I scroll down my screen its hanging and please give a new update to galaxy a21s 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. See you in court scamsung. You refuse to fix your defective heat pipes, batteries, processors, bloatware(firmware) screens, 5g motem, charging port, volume, and more. Stop acting like you care when 2020 phones can't handle standards of 2015

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