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Gearbest Video – Smartphone Ulefone S1 Pro 4G Phablet – Link do produto na descrição


Hello the staff we are back for another Box of variety of the Gearbest Family Channel The package arrived sealed more has already been opened

This is a cell phone, Ulefone S1 Pro 4G Phablet Android 81 operating system A very nice box, here is the manual he not be in English anymore Information leaflets, a USB cable, with micro USB input, a charger Common it is not of type C, plus an informative leaflet by the drawing here informs that is to take a maceration from the battery contacts to make the device turn on It came with a protective cover a case, it has a processor MT6739/1

3 GHZ, Memory 1 GB Ram 16 GB Rom memory, expansion capacity up to 64 GB 55 inch capacitive screen with 480 x 960 resolution, dual SIM card slot, 5 MP Front camera, 13MP rear dual camera + 5 MP, with face handle and flash, light gravity sensor and approximation, Bluetooth 42, support various GSM network, LTE, MS Office Media Format, MP3 Video music MP4 and 3GP 3000 mah battery, removable and with a fantastic personal price and here be already comes with The device IDs the screen size the camera, the battery, the processor, Rom and RAM memory and face identifier and the operating system that is the Android 8

1, guys The product has a proper good weight brief I'm going to this making the settings of it, Here and sound output, microphone input for charging and earphone So it was this personal those who wish to acquire this product the link will be in the Description of the video is just click on the link and will be being directed to the site Gearbest, and there you may be acquiring this product Remembered use the link and learn to save by importing do as in the Family Channel Gearbest, thanks until the next video

Source: Youtube

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