Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Samsung’s SECRET Surprise…

AMD GPU now rumored for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Z Flip 3, S Pen in mass production for Fold 3, Huawei Mate X2 thoughts vs Z fold 2 & …

73 thoughts on “Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Samsung’s SECRET Surprise…

  1. Finally a company that listens! I really hate my fold z 2 because the main screen is so narrow! Sort it out SAMSUNG! And fold z 3 if it doesn't get a better camera and a wider main display then I'm going to skip the upgrade.

  2. You could have a actually good durable glass in foldable phone by having thin glass on the hinge,the place where it flexes,and thick glass on the other places in the screen

  3. Without an sd card, i won't…

    If samsung realese z fold 3 without sd card slot & other note features such as tof, ip rating etc., i won't buy…

    Huawei got sd card slot for mate x2. But why samsung always ditched our favourite features? It was unacceptable…

    About ip rating, i know it was not certified when phone was rollable or foldable…

    If huawei mate x2 have an sd card slot (even foldable phone dosen't have an ip rating), samsung must add sd card slot in z fold…

  4. The front wider also the inside wider cameras 📷 😳 up grade battery 🔋 bigger fold 3 I have a fold 2 love it but if the fold is better 😉 I will change 😉 😀 👍

  5. Actually it will be there a note this year and it will NOT be the last note come on the LAYING news that say the note series will be canceled started coming yearly since 2016 or 2017 and each time…well it was wrong

  6. I currently have the Z Fold 2 and use it as my daily driver and the Z Fold 3, I would be anxious of upgrading to (and probably won't). My reasoning for this is the same as to why I didn't upgrade to the original Fold. I anticipated the issues that the original Fold had and I anticipate the Fold 3 will have similiar issues because of trying to integrate the S-Pen. There will most likely be bugs with the pen and the screen may break under the pressure. I would hold off and wait till the Fold 4 when the tech is improved like what I did with the Fold 2. Don't get me wrong, the Fold 3 with S-Pen is an awesome concept, but don't get too excited. Wait and see first especially since it will also cost about the same or (probably) more than $2,000 US. I wouldn't pay for something that will have problems. I'd say stick with the Fold 2 or if you need the S-Pen then if you can afford it go with the S20 Ultra or Note 9 (which is even more afforadable and whose cameras can compete with those of today). Awesome video though and very informative!

  7. If the s-pen is not built in i will not be a happy camper. The fold 3 is everything i want atm, but there are some things that need to happen for me to buy it at that price.
    – built in spen
    – s21 ultra camera (hopefully)
    – 120 hz both displays
    – 128 gb with sd card expansion
    – would'nt mind an aux
    – over 4500 mah battery

  8. That would be the biggest mistake Samsung could do !
    The S-Pen needs to be placed inside the phone just as it is in the Note series !
    I don't want it in a case or separate, that destroys the whole purpose of having a Note phone !
    I find it allready very annoying that the S-Pen is no longer inside of their tablets.
    I still have the Note 12.2 pro Samsung tablet and couldn't even imagine of having to have the S-Pen outside of it, where I can lose it any time !
    It's a soo iditiotical move by Samsung !

  9. That Mate X2 is awesome I'm a Samsung fan 😎 but if I could 😉 I would switch to that Mate X2 it got great tech HUAWEI is the best in smartphone marketing they don't take away the give u there best and biggest with all the hardware for the phone now that's awesome 👍.

  10. I am a new Lets Play and Airsofting Youtuber. I want the new Fold 3! If anyone likes video games or airsofting please help me by subscribing! And subscribe to this amazing gentleman for providing us with the latest and greatest information about the bleeding edge of technology. I love this channel and all of you! Keep on learning and staying updated about rumors and leaks! Stay healthy, Stay safe, God bless all of you.

  11. I like the z folds 2 but folded up its a pointless front screen I can't see the 3 being much better.. il stick to my note 20 ultra and I can't pay 2 grand for a folding phone .. my friend has one and he says he wish he hadn't of got that he's stick with it for 2 years

  12. They will need to up their game on the fold 3 after seeing the mate x 2. Offering spen use on the fold without incorporating it into the device would not be a good start

  13. I don't like the fold2 front screen. It is useless. Look at Huawei Mate X2, this is what I call a phone + tablet. Lucky Samsung, Huawei is still on the US ban, otherwise they would easy take the lead from Samsung.

  14. Oh and the make x is awesome but that inside screen matter for people who wanna use video chat. Times like now I do everything virtually so that inside camera matters. Samsung takes to many shortcuts in the camera area of the fold phones…. they be expensive upper midrange

  15. After seeing what Huawei has done with the Mate x, Samsung is going to have to do better. I'm not talking about cameras and a S-pen. The Fold 3 has to be slimmer with less of a gap. It has to be more pocketable.

    I was worried about carrying my Fold during the spring and summer months without a jacket. I never dealt with the issue because I was home since March of last year. However, it is the main thing I was worried about.

  16. Once the note series dies ( rumor says maybe 1 more version) that the fold will replace it but it better come with an S Pen and not a compatible pen. If there is not attached Spen then the likelihood of us losing the “compatible pen is high to higher.

  17. problem is…if they are going to use a "pen" they can't use the same type of glass they now use they should then use only glass…and every one knows glass is glass and glass is NOT foldable

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