Galaxy S21 Ultra: Official Unboxing I Samsung

Epic, fresh out of the box: see what’s inside the new #GalaxyS21Ultra. #SamsungUnpacked
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63 thoughts on “Galaxy S21 Ultra: Official Unboxing I Samsung

  1. If Samsung (or Apple) would care about the environment they would have just give you the option if you want your phone with or without the charger.

  2. no Charger
    no SD slot

    no Headphone Jack (also mocked Apple about that)

    lower resolution than any S series phone since 2012
    Same Camera Sensors than int he previous S20
    But hey that's an UpGrAdE

  3. dear Samsung,can u plz make the display of yor phones bigger instead of making them taller.the display of my S10+ is wider then the 6.7 inch S21+ which is ridiculous.If not 19:9 bt atlest give 19.5:9 aspect ratio.20:9 aspect ratio on the S20 & S21 series r stupid.even the iPhones hve 19.5:9 aspect ratio.btw,loved the minimum curves on the edge of last 2gen S series,bt hated the flat displays on S21 & S21+

  4. it is a good i need this phone i like new model but when will buy too much money it look like amazing very nice need to this phone this is nice need to much money it is nice to use this phone i need this phone black i cannot wait may be friday

  5. Yup I've got this phone, and no charger!! Just the cord, ummm OK that's helpful!?! And no headphones.. You spend $2k+ on this phone and it's missing those two things, ridiculous 😒

  6. Samsung is like a machine which copies Apple at every single thing!

    1. They mocked Apple for removing the headphone jack
    And then starting from the Galaxy Note 10, they removed the headphone jack and quietly removed the ads.

    2. They mocked Apple for removing the charging adapter.
    And again!!!! They followed the same line and removed the charging adapter

    If Apple hadn't removed the headphone jack and the charging adapter from the iPhone, Samsung would have also kept the headphone jack and charging adapter.

  7. Samsung, please make a Minecraft limited edition samsung galaxy z fold 3. It could be used to celebrate your partnership with Microsoft. I would definitely want to have one.

  8. People who want to buy apple iPhones you’re wrong you just like the designs of it that’s all. You shouldn’t buy apple iPhones because it look like they don’t even care about the camera. Samsung does and it’s 108 high resolution camera and 8k video beats apple iphones

  9. You already know we want a charger and ear plugs in that thing??? Next we'll buy pieces from factory? The phone is finally the one I wanted, even with bigger Spen pro (coming?) for longer use. The Note has it included and it's more pleasant to store it inside but I often used the Staedtler, so switched to that one. SD card or bigger storage than concurrence offered? Why not?

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