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Galaxy Note 9 vs OnePlus 6 vs Pixel 2 camera comparison: the best smartphone camera?


when Samsung unveiled a galaxy note 9 for the very first time to the world it completely glossed over all the camera specs and other details of the phone samsung merely made a mention of the e aí enhancements to the phone and nothing more this is primarily because the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the same camera specs as the samsung galaxy s 9 and the s 9 plus which was launched earlier this year unfortunately we could not review the Samsung Galaxy S 9 at launch but we managed to get our hands on a Galaxy Note 9 and therefore in typical mister phone fashion we decided to do a camera comparison we actually put the pixel 2 and the 1 plus 6 in the mix to figure out which one comes out and talked hi my name is Ershad for Mr Phone stay tuned to find out which one of these phones is the best camera smartphone that you can buy right now but before we move on to our comparison don't forget to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon to get notified about more such awesome tech videos also we have new mister phone wallpapers I think you guys will like it don't forget to check the description to find the download links for each one of these before we start analyzing individual images here's an easy to read infographic highlighting the camera specifications of all the three phones in detail here are a couple of rules we followed for the test 1 we tap to focus 4 throws up shots and to all the phones were in Auto HDR mode for all shots except in HDR testing where we've switched off and switched on the HDR mode manually our first test as usual is a wide shot of our office campus there are so many elements in one image that it helps us test the sensors inside smartphone cameras to its limits it looks like the 1 plus 6 has fired the HDR mode and pixel – as usual uses the HDR plus mode therefore these photos are higher in contrast and the dynamic range looks great – but that's not what my I saw but what my eyes saw was what the galaxy note 9 captured a control exposure with great sky color and good dynamic range but on closer inspection you will clearly see that the note in trademark Samsung style tends to over sharpen a little but I know that most folks won't care also the pixel to censor is showing its age because if you look at the corners the pixel too has a softer focus compared to the node 9 or the one plus 6 however that's just a tiny thing because if you ask me the pixel 2 has a second best image in this round of testing so which one comes out on top the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 flowers are great subjects to test close-up shots in my first sample you can clearly see that the Galaxy Note 9 has the best exposure of the three images and you can notice my new details in the petals with great precision on both the pixel 2 and the Galaxy Note 9 the one plus 6 falls behind slightly however I want you all to take a look at one thing closely with flagship phones you can get a decent depth of field by default when you attack to focus on the subject and when both the subject and the background are evenly lit just a small tip that will help you shoot better pictures after shooting the first image I tried going closer to the flower now and you will notice that the note 9 is the only one that managed to keep the flower in complete focus at the same distance from which I shot the images the note line is your best bet for macro photography honestly come into that part of that comparison where I test color accuracy by stress testing the sensors inside the phone I shot a bright red flower more smartphone cameras struggle with red and you can see clearly that here the pixel 2 shows its job it has reproduced the red color faithfully great job Google the note 9 is not bad but the oneplus 6 completely bachas up the color accuracy here but capturing a pink color instead once again the Galaxy Note 9 emerges as my favorite for shooting close-up shots in a portrait test the Galaxy Note 9 impresses once again not only can you choose a level of depth the Galaxy Note line also uses a secondary telephoto camera to go close to the subject it is just a very good shot with a great depth of field and a great cut out it is a very I finished way of doing bokeh and I love that in comparison the pixel 2 just watches up the cut out a pixel users out there who've seen the portrait mode degrade over time do let us know in the comment section below on the other hand the oneplus X that's a great job at portrait cutouts – no points for guessing the winner here yup it's a Galaxy Note 9 it was a perfect day to shoot an HDR sample the sky was slightly overcast with ominous clouds threatening to shut down on land anytime the oneplus X is HDR mode goes overboard with excessive drama like dynamic range people might like it but it looks unnatural technically the pixel tools improvements to dynamic range are the best from clear improvements to the clipped highlights in the sky to the detailed retention in shadows we have a great HDR mode on display here comparatively the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 does very little to improve the dynamic range this round the pixel 2 emerges as the winner Samsung has never emphasized on the performance of the front camera on its flagship phones and it shows if you take a look at the first selfie of Ashish you will notice that the pixel to adjust smokes the competition with incredibly well-balanced facial tones and plenty of details for some odd reason the oneplus is a selfie looks like it has over sharpened details the note 9 offers great details too but it is not even remotely as good as the pixel 2 in the second image while the pixel 2 still takes the best selfie overall the oneplus success sensor has redeemed itself with stunning details just although overall the pixel to still takes some of the best looking selfies nowadays the fob okay mode in selfies is also pretty popular but once again pixel watches up edge detection in both the selfies the node line offers the cleanest smoothest edge detection of all the phones I'm going with the Galaxy Note line in this round but the 1 plus 6 comes a close second I'm so conflicted after looking at the 1080p 60fps video footage from the three cameras I mean you get insane stabilization on the pixel too but the colors are so muted and the footage doesn't look that good the note 9 captures a great crisp footage but the OIS is so bad just so bad I mean look at the jellying effect in fact a host of galaxy s 9 users have also been lamenting about the shaky video stabilization it is a major annoyance if you ask me the oneplus 6 captures an uncharacteristically dull footage and the stabilization is okay at best the sound quality is great on the galaxy s 9s footage and here's the thing the oneplus X and the Galaxy S 9 both capture stereo audio compared to mono audio by the pixel 2 honestly I'm finding it really difficult to thrown one phone as the winner in this round with conviction but the pixel do is my pick of the three phones as far as video recording is concerned if you ask me but I'm not declaring it the winner in our folk a video test let it be known that only the pixel two shoots at 30fps which is the highest that it can achieve compared to 60fps on the other two phones but the pixel two shoots such crisp footage with great stabilization that lower fps recording is the least of my concern it is honestly leagues ahead of the node 9 and the 1 plus 6 which incidentally shoots a very colorful footage for some reason I will go with the pixel 2 in this round Samsung's Galaxy flagships have time and again since the galaxy s7 proved to be great in low-light performance let's take a look at the first image here the Galaxy Note 9 uses the s by 2

4 aperture setting on the lens to take an image what you need to notice is how beautifully the note 9 handles the flow of light across the image and keeps the exposure in check take a look at the area under the lamp near the switch to spot the control of exposure however the note 9 has an aggressive noise reduction at play which tends to glaze over details especially around the bottom left corner the pixel 2 offers more details in comparison the 1 + 6 the sample is not bad here either in my second low-light sample the Galaxy Note 9 literally tramples over the other two this stupendously kickass low-light sample is courtesy of the F by 15 variable aperture which immediately lets in more lights honestly when I was shooting this image I just couldn't see anything it was completely dark this is just nuts what the note 9 has achieved in fact you can switch the aperture in the manual mode if you wish yup you guessed it right the node 9 wins this round I really like the 1 plus 6 this flash performance compared to the other 2 in this round it has a clean exposure and therefore letting the 1/2 6s camera take a clean cut out and depth I should go with 1 plus in this round the one area where it node 9 struggles is in low-light surface and there are no two ways about it the pixel 2 once again takes the best selfies with crisp details and highlights all the hidden pores in my face the 1 plus 6 comes a distant second the pixel 2 wins this round before we move on to my conclusion here are a few more reasons why the Galaxy Note 9 is an even better camera compare to the other two one it has an AI component that can detect scenes on its own it does it subtly to improve the colors in pictures also the AI can predict if someone blinked or if you didn't get a perfect shot the first time the manual mode on the Galaxy series is probably the best I have used on any phone you can shoot 9 60fps super slow-mo videos using the phone and finally the secondary camera can shoot 2 X optical zoom images if you like telephoto shots like I do so that was a full camera comparison of the galaxy note 9 with the pixel 2 and the one plus 6 and after doing this comparison I'm fairly convinced that the Galaxy Note 9 is the second best camera for still photography as far as smartphones are concerned only next to the Hawaii p20 Pro the pixel 2 still takes great shots in daylight and in HDR mode but the low-light performance needs to improve in the pixel 3 and after this comparison you can find out the camera differences between a budget flagship like the 1 + 6 and the galaxy note 9 and the pixel 2 but the note 9 has one problem and that is video stabilization I sincerely hope that Samsung fixes it in future updates because this problem also exists in the galaxy s 9 and the s9 + in short you cannot really pick out one flagship smartphone as the best camera phone for all your purposes because each one will serve the purpose for you in one way or the other hope you like the comparison do let us know in the comment section below what you thought about it and see you in the next one this is Ershad from Mr Phone goodbye

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