Galaxy Fold – NEW Footage Shows Crease πŸ’€

New Samsung Galaxy Fold hands on …

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  1. It kind of looks like it wasn't fully unfolded. He seemed to be able to close it awfully easily with one hand and I'd assume it "locks" into the unfolded position which would take some amount of force to return to it's folded state. I know I'm late to the video but maybe you'll see this and consider it?

  2. This is just a prototype. There's no way Samsung would release a phone with a crease down the middle. Whilst it's fun to see an unreleased phone this reveal is only going to hurt the brand.

  3. The device looks fake. Notice that with the Samsung footage the Galaxy Fold doesnt have a screen indent a.k.a the screen isnt below the bezels but the phone in the video has huge borders making the screen looking recessed into the phone with a huge front facing camera bump. I dont think its an official device.

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  5. That phone looks like an old prototype of a smart phone, bulky and weird. I can't wait to see the adoption these devices will have. Personally, is not appealing to me. Who has an idea why a phone needs to be foldable? It is a total gimmicky? or there is a logic to spend years of development to make it happen? What do you guys think? Maybe foldable technology could be desirable for portable monitors, imaging travelling 14 hours to LA and carry a small square that can be converted into a 20 inches monitor and you can plug a phone in desktop mode? but still, you can carry a laptop and it will do the job. Time will tell.

  6. I think that this was to be expected. I'm still excited for this device, not because I will buy one, but because eventually all of the issues will be "smoothed over."

  7. I'm more concerned that when folded the device is not using all the screen real estate. I also need to see how it fit into jeans. I don't wear skin tight jeans , but let's a face it a dude that wears baggy jeans today just looks like a bumπŸ˜‚

  8. its still the first models of foldable
    even if no one buys it, because of the crease and the price….
    i really hope they keep going for a while…. a few generations of maturity should make a world of difference in the user experience

  9. I have one question… Is the phone lying flat??? No one is questioning this. Look again the phone doesnt seem to be opened up all the way, where its completely flat on the table.. or is that just me?

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  11. There's too much what ifs in this video… we don't know if it's a fake phone they make fake everything in China and Asia very quickly and make them almost spot-on… if it's a test phone it could be 4 months and months ago before they figured out the problem, I can't see Samsung releasing a $2,000 phone which has clear visible proof of the line n the middle like that.. there's just too much possibilities for this video and things that could be real or fake. We won't know what we're getting until stores get it and we can go play with it or they start sending it to bloggers and testers and shit…

  12. samsung s10 user: "so you have a notch in your phone?"
    notch phone user: "uh yeah, whats wrong with it?"
    samsung s10 user: "ha! peasant. i have a hole punch."
    foldable phone user enters
    notch phone user: "well at least i dont have a crease like this fool" πŸ˜‚

    bruh just imagine this conversation going down LOL

  13. I wonder if samsung did not address the crease in their ads because they are working on a way to get rid of it and it is still in final stages and that is why it has not been released???

  14. I dont care about any crease.. i think the crease is prominent because its resting flat on a table i think if you had it in your hands and the its bent back a tiny bit the crease will get stretched out

  15. Why are you even surprised. If you want it to fold it has to have a hinge and you want it last . My axon m's hinge is quite large. Its solid but if you ran the screen across it. I don't think it would hide it completely.

  16. Bummer πŸ™ But there comes a point where the cost of a phone makes you feel stupid also….wasteful with your hard earned money. Rich people knock yourself out. The majority of us…the heart and backbone of America..we arent buying that phone for two grand. Get real.

  17. he’s just stating the obvious… people who love Samsung… will still buy it…

    this crease does look better than folding out phones with that bubble/bump.

  18. The crease made it disappointing. To look at it makes me hate the thing, I understand that it has a few flaws that probably won't be corrected but that crease pushes me away from my admiration of it all

  19. I think with the srceen lit up the display will not show the crease. I mean it's just like when your phone has scratches you don't notice it when it is Flay is on just when it's dark

  20. Take away the notch on the main screen and I would have bought one in an instant. The notch ruins the equality of the screen. And there's two other sides to have cameras.

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