Galaxy Buds Pro: Official Introduction Film | Samsung

#GalaxyBudsPro gives you immersive sound like never before.

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  1. From a person with ADHD in HD 😩 I can vouch for the Bose™ Quite Comfort QC35 II ; they are amazing for my day to day-All day pair of headphones 🎧 however today is my very first day trying these Samsung Pro Buds.. I hope they help me today, I have a huge tattoo session ahead of me today 🤦🏽‍♂️ I NEED to focus.

    🤔 so why am I on YouTube and not preparing the stencil is what I ask myself?

  2. Dear Samsung. I have no idea if you are a company that obsolete your product when you launch a new one.

    I did pay for your product too. Ever since you launch your latest product I have problem with my earbuds. It used to be connecting so fast to my phone, just plug out and connected.

    Now I have a problem of not connecting or even is connected, I can't speak on the phone while I drive.

    Yes, the normal time I still enjoying my music and podcast with the blue tooth.

    However, really F. When I need to connect to the buds to speak on a phone. So F again.

    I truly believe all the tech company just here to obsolete their product to push consumers to buy a new one.

    Don't forget that,
    Even my Samsung soundbar.

  3. I'm bought Samsung Galaxy A71 and the phone restart by itself auto and I go to the customer service many times and every time They told me the responsible Said no problem and I filmed a video of the problem and have some screen shot and the serial number is shown in this go and come back to them three months ago with no progress And the man in the customer service saw the problem and told me that "the responsible will tell me no problem" although the man saw the problem And that was real happened

  4. It’s kinda sad how any videos about AirPods the comments are flooded with hate, however on this video it’s peaceful.

    This is not hate to Samsung fanboys or Samsung themselves but guys can we all just stop hating each other?

  5. Seriously, who in their right mind at Samsung designed this shape of buds? I really tried everything, every position, every rotation. These buds don't hold at all.

    Epic fail Samsung.

  6. Unfortunately I bought a Samsung tablet that HAS a chronic defect which is the INFINITE BOOT, and after letting my tablet be upgraded to Android 10 it started giving this problem, unfortunately it was already out of warranty and when making contact with Samsung it was request to send for a technical assistance and I did so, but in the assistance they gave me a much, much higher value than what I had paid for the product so I refused the quote and the assistance sent me back the tablet, and to my surprise the tablet returned without even calling. I tried to contact the assistance and she said that it is anyway, the problem got worse. Now watch SAMSUNG update its products and then they are defective, and when trying to ask for assistance, technical and authorized assistance, they make the product even worse, because now you don't even call it.

    I would like at least my tablet to be returned to me as sent, but not. Who knows what technical assistance did that the product stops turning on. PESSIMO AFTER SALES, I request intermediation by SAMSUNG.

    I also request that the responsible technicians of samsung do a search on google and see the thousands of reports with problems identical to mine.


  7. I have had my Galaxy Buds Pro for about a week now and I’ll just say it…you guys missed the mark on these in terms of fit. I upgraded from a the Buds+ and the Buds+ definitely fit better than these. The wingtips that were included with those did improve the fit and keep them secure in your ear and these desperately need those. These WILL eventually slide out of your ears once you start to perspire. I’ve been on motorcycle rides with these in and they will slide out of my ears and I’ll have to pull over, take my helmet off and re-insert them…only for them to fall out again a few miles down the road. Today I was mowing the lawn in them and even that amount of light perspiration caused them to slide out. Yes…I tried the different sized ear tips…it didn’t matter. They still fall out. You may need to offer an aftermarket wing tip for these. I’m actually considering returning them and just buying another set of Galaxy Buds+ because of the better fit. The additional functionality isn’t that great…and I actually feel like the ambient noise setting is QUIETER than on the Buds+ and the main reason I use the Buds is because of ambient sound capability.

  8. I need this my old wireless headphones sadly died today and i cant see soo good soo my what are they called okay google translate this its swedish glasögon does not fit with the old headphones but with these i will be able to and the old headphones was the sony WH1000XM3 wireless headphones

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