Galaxy Book: Official Introduction Film I Samsung

Introducing the new Galaxy Book. With Galaxy Book’s new & upgraded features, it lets you PC like never before. Galaxy Book, the new way to PC.

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Slimmer than ever 15.4mm.Light as a book 1.55kg.Built-in LTE (Optional).Intelligent Noise Cancelling.Studio mode for Video Call.Use Tab S7 | S7+ as a Second screen.Bring mobile apps to PC.Immerses you with spatial sound.Easy connection for Galaxy Buds.10.9 hours on a single charge.11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor.Pocket sized charger.Quick Share.

63 thoughts on “Galaxy Book: Official Introduction Film I Samsung

  1. OEM's are making laptop so unrepairable and everything is fixed on board that if you want upgrade, buy another one or if becomes faulty, buy another one.

  2. ⭐SAMSUNG⭐ is not only a name…its everything you can imagine…in my opinion I find everything ⭐SAMSUNG⭐ manufactures is 》PERFECT《…If you like my opinion or not I dont care….⭐SAMSUNG⭐ WILL STAY THE BRILLIANT STAR….Thx ⭐SAMSUNG⭐

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