Galaxy A32: Official Introduction Film | Samsung

Meet the new Galaxy A32. Crammed full of awesome technology than …

63 thoughts on “Galaxy A32: Official Introduction Film | Samsung

  1. 😍This is the only place where I find the perfect Technology I watch thisin full HD quality to satisfy me. 🤠🤠Samsung serves beyond all other brands. But please bring phones in ●Exynos proxessor●. Because this snapdragon processor is killing the performance of an actual Samsung's smartphone💣💣. We want Exynos . Please😇😇

  2. والله يا سامسونج انكن رهيبين
    اجهزة عملية بتقعد مع ٤ او ٥ سنين
    و اسعار ممتازة
    بس ياريت تعملو اجهزة حجما اصغر شوي
    مشان سهولة الاستخدام

  3. Awesome white here so nice all 4 cameras unic back cameras S series style wow, long last batery and super Amoled display wow,90 hrz wow, awesome camera picture wow,. I love this phone S 32 4g

  4. I'm really surprised

    Why doesn't Samsung use flagship 700 series chips like Qualcomm 778G or 780G for once! For example in A72 5G or A82 5g !!!!!!!!!! Or even on the A92 5G

    Due to the quality of the apps, people need more processing power.

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