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Fumihiko Nakajima, Dentsu Inc. | Sports Tech Tokyo World Demo Day 2019


(upbeat electronic music) >> Hey welcome back everybody, Jeff Frick here with theCUBE We are at Oracle Park in San Francisco for a really special event

It's called Sports Tech Tokyo World Demo Day, really bringing together a bunch of innovative companies in the sports tech space, really with a focus on not only sports but beyond sports And we're happy to have really one of the key players here that made this all happen from Dentsu He's Fumihiko Nakajima, the Senior Director of Business Development from Dentsu Welcome >> Hi, nice to meet you

>> Yeah absolutely So for people that aren't familiar with Dentsu, give us a little overview of Dentsu as a company and then we'll get into the specific event >> Yeah, Dentsu has a long history focusing on broadcasting rights and sponsorship for event globally But combining such kind of global asset and new technology to create a new business in sports tech industry and beyond sports industry >> Right

So pretty interesting way to do that, so you didn't just go find some interesting companies, you guys have created this event to bring a lot of companies together, demonstrate their technology What was kind of the thinking and how did you guys get involved? >> Yeah Combining the new asset and technologies and global asset, there are lot of the Japanese company global brand, SoftBank, ITOCHU, Sony Music, Microsoft, and CBC Such kind of companies very interested in, create new business with innovative staff all over the world So that's a basis of this event

>> Right, right So, you got the Tokyo Olympics coming up in a year, so that's kind of a catalyst to make all this happen Is there anything special that you see between, you know, kind of sports technology and managing teams, sports technology applied to the athletes, and then sports technology applied to the fan experience that you're most excited about? >> Yeah, that's correct This is a beginning Next month world Rugby World Cup, the next year, Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic we have

That's a beginning, so, you know the, the sports and live entertainment beyond live entertainment, health cares, biometrics, bio mechanics, from the point of sports But we enter into the new field and explore the new business field >> Jeff: Right >> With the great start-ups and industry leaders on the (mumbles), who joining these communities >> Right, right

No, it's pretty interesting because you know the, companies spend so much money now on the players and really look at them as investments A lot of players get hundred million dollar contracts now So it's pretty interesting on kind of the health care and the like we talked earlier, sleep and nutrition– >> Yeah >> And all these things to keep that athlete performing, are really applicable to everyday people like you and me >> Yeah

You know that Dentsu has more than one century history in marketing and branding all over the world And our assets, such kind, properties and, global network, will really help the new technologies and new start up, the new business field >> Jeff: Right >> Grow rapidly >> Jeff: Right

>> All over the world >> Right It's interesting, too, that so much of the stuff around the sports, you talked about sponsorship and rights beyond just the score, you know, is so important these days To feed the 24/7 news cycle, to do fantasy sports, the changes in the gambling law, so there's so much stuff around sports that's beyond the sport that's watched in this industry grow and grow and grow >> Yeah it's a very interesting point

We know new, legal we will need, a new legal and a new set-up structure for the new business >> Jeff: Right >> In specific Tokyo, a lot of specialist joined to help such kind of structures for the futures >> Right So before I let you go, it's a busy day, have you been to this park before, home of the Giants, and what do you think? >> Yeah very, very, very special day

It will be very memorable day that one of the best historic venue in America, the San Francisco Giants stadium, Oracle Park We really excited to share our progress, concrete progress, and want to expand our trial to all over the world >> Great, well thanks for inviting us and we're, we're excited to watch the story unfold >> Yeah, thank you >> Alright

He's Fumihiko, I'm Jeff, you're watchin' theCUBE We're at Oracle Park in San Francisco, thanks for watching (upbeat music)

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