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Hello, welcome to my AS3ST channel, my name is Jorge and in this short video will show you how our company can improve your lifestyle, your finances, help you spend more time with your family and even help you achieve your life goals Of course, today everything is changing

E-commerce is starting to become a global trend, It is helping many companies and many people making money from their homes, getting the free time we want Our company's mission is to offer products quality standards and those of our partners, that are useful for most people who wish to improve their current economic situation achieve your dreams, and right now we are offering the opportunity to learn how to make money investing in the FOREX market from the comfort of your home or your cell phone Trading on the FOREX market is on the rise and ASEST has as a partner the Market Traders Institute access or MTI (acronyms in English), which is one of the most respected institutes in the world, with a platform professional trading training for the Forex market The Market Traders Institute is over 25 years old of existence in the industry, winning the award for the company that most It grows in the United States in consecutive years from 2015 to 2018 It is a 100% reputable company and with outstanding mentors, so you can learn how to make money from Forex

You can also count on a robot that allows automatic operations at a rate 74% success rate, having been these proven results for more than 10 years, and this being your competitive advantage about all the other gyms that are on the market So if you like the foreign exchange market or want to earn more than your job, here you have one of the best online courses that exist in the market This is not just me who say, there are over 1 million traders who have training in the gym MTI worldwide and ASEST have for you this training at a super competitive price In this online training you will have 14 FOREX classes, 12 cryptocurrency classes, a class to learn how to work with the automated harmonics robot, 2 hours a week of coaching, 6 hours per week of advanced strategy coaching live and 4 hours a day analysis of the FOREX market, in addition to the trading platform, SmartTrader, with more than 100 indicators and a demo account with $ 100,000 dollars All this content and tools for a monthly fee that you won't believe

But before talking about the value of the platform, let me show you how it works demo and how you can trade on it This is the SmartTrader technical analysis platform trading that we use in forming Forex On this side we have the currency price graph window or action that we are working with We have the option of working with FOREX, Cryptocurrencies and stocks When we log into our account, at the bottom, shows us that we have a balance $ 100000 in the demo account to operate and practice the strategies that we will learn in class

Once we have learned the strategies well and we profit from the demo account, we can open our real account at a broker and link it to the smarttrade, that way, you can do the analysis and negotiation in one place We give you all the tools necessary for you to operate as professional traders do Now yes, now comes the most amazing thing of all, you will have 14 FOREX classes, the 12 cryptocurrency classes, the automated harmonics robot, over 8 hours per week of live coaching, the platform analysis and trading with more than 100 indicators and a $ 100,000 demo account to invest and practice the strategies without risking your money, for only $ 119 monthly plus registration for the first month of $ 100 only That's it, 119 $ monthly, this represents a savings of 75% if we compare it with the average value value of other courses you can find on the internet, and much but much less things And the best of all is that completing the training in one, two or three months, you can cancel your subscription without any problems and without questions

If you have the opportunity to learn something new for extra income with all these facilities and quality content, dictated by professionals with over 25 years of experience in the sector and with proven results, who will be coaching you during training, don't you think it is a great opportunity that should not be missed? And before you make a decision, tell me that you still have more advantages if after testing our training platform, you like it and you see that our product is quality and wish to recommend it, we have an affiliate program where you can earn commissions for each new subscriber who has the entrepreneurial mindset and want to learn how to trade with us If you are interested in this extra benefit, write to us by email or Whatsapp, that we will be happy to talk to you about the program Change your life and look for the life you want, is in your hands As Albert Einstein once said, "Madness is doing the same thing over and over again, waiting for different results" Thank you very much for listening to this presentation I say goodbye with a phrase that I always tell my future partners: Let us help you achieve your dreams today and be part of them tomorrow

Make the decision you feel is the right one Thank you!

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