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Filmer avec son smartphone (Même si il est PLEIN ! TUTO)


Are you filming with your smartphone? And do you sometimes have a message that tells you that your memory is full? I have had it so many times that I looked for a solution to never have a memory problem when I shoot videos with my Smartphone Would you like to know it? I'll talk to you about it in a second

For the best tips and tutorials in oral communication, subscribe to my youtube channel and click on the bell to be notified of each new video If you want to make your videos with your smartphone but you do not want to have a problem with memory, you could use a flash drive I'm Aurélie from thegoodspeechcom and I show you right now how it works I just put my flash drive directly in my phone

I have this message and click on '' Allow'' on the right If you want to film, click on the bottom button in the middle: the small camera You can choose photo or video By choosing video, you can simply start recording Once finished, you will find your video directly on this flash drive in the Camera Roll category

There are the photo and video categories And you can even categorize all your videos into different folders Just click on '' New folder '', put a name in the folder and save it You simply get a new file You can then pick up one of your videos And move it to one of your folders: iDiskk, camera roll, videos And I will find my file '' Test A '', then click on paste, Now, when I open my file, I find my video

So it's very easy to use since you can directly save all of your videos on your flash drive All you have to do is pick up the flash drive from your phone, then connect it to your computer to recover your files I put you a link as expected to this flash drive and also to one for Android Do not forget to download your checklist to create videos from home with a professional look The link is in comment

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