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Filmen met je smartphone, 5 tips voor de mooiste video’s | Simyo


Today I took my two girlfriends to the dunes To show you

how you can make even more beautiful videos that are definitely worth watching I am Grietje and I made videos from my profession Today I am going to give you a few simple tips with your smartphone

to make even more beautiful videos I see that people often make a lot of shots from eye level But if you just want to give your video that little bit extra

then go up or down with your camera from time to time That grass here, for example, is a very nice foreground Less is more

In other words, do not try to film everything in a shot because then it will probably be a big messy mess Then you have a lot of material that you will not use at all

It is much more convenient to make a number of separate shots Remember that you make beautiful wide shots in which you really have the overview A medium shot where you are in between and some very good close-ups And to finish the day I also make a slow motion shot Yes he is running The last tip I can give you is to mount your videos With an app like KineMaster you can do that

if you have a few minutes left And this has become ours So try different viewpoints

and think especially of wide, medium and close and eventually bring everything together during the edit, for example in an app on your phone Do you want more tips about video or about photography? Then click here as well

Source: Youtube

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