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Feiyu-Tech G6 Plus Review 페이유 G6 플러스 김벌 리뷰 (영어 + 한글 자막)


[Music] [Music] [In Korean] Hello, I'm Joezinho Hey guys, this is Joezinho and welcome back to another review on gimbals [in Korean] If you're watching in Korea, turn on the subtitles below

Or if you're trying to learn Korean, turn on the subtitles, follow along Today I have the G6 Plus from Feiyu-Tech Now they sent this unit a couple of weeks ago to test out Now, I'm not getting paid for this review, so don't worry I will give a fair review

Now this gimbal is great because it fits various kinds of cameras Action cameras, — Actually Feiyu-Tech just came out with their own action camera called the RICCA this past month uh mobile phones, pocket cameras and even light weight cameras like mine And you can put them on using the adaptors that are included inside the box So let me show you what's inside the box Okay, right off the bat you can tell it's inside a nice, soft hard case Open it up

We have the gimbal, the battery on the side, Let's see, in here we have okay we have cables, adaptors, um, tightening screws And here we have the adaptor for mobile phones

And the gimbal itself Now the great thing about Feiyu that I like is their build quality It's always made with metal, it's strong, it's nice, it's not like the cheap plastics that you get with other gimbals Especially at this range Now you do have this zipped up compartment down here where you can put your storyboards, — I mean, your manual and everything is (already) inside there too

With the Feiyu products you can see a very simple layout You have the joystick here, you have the mode and power button, and shutter button – and also you can record your videos here Now, I'll go over the functions later Um but, right off the bat I think, for me, right away, I wish it would have came with either an extension pole or a tripod Or at least have the option to buy both things, with the gimbal (as a set)

Because I definitely would have used this with an extended pole and a tripod But they do offer these accessories separately on their website And you can see down here they do have the quarter inch threading down here And also the nice thing is they do have another on the side And we have this jogwheel on the side which is really cool, It controls your focus, your zoom and it also controls your gimbal itself You can control the roll, pan, and tilt On the back we have my favorite button, this is the lock button

So while you're filming you can actually lock it The battery life on this is about 12 hours, um, regular use, about 9 Now it is splash proof and not water proof So if you're here in Asia, don't take it out during monsoon season light rain is okay Definitely not underwater or near salt water It weighs in at 663g and has a payload of 800g

Now it pans in at 360 degrees, uh, the roll is at 320 degrees, and for the tilt 260 degrees Now if that is a limitation for you, you can always upgrade to the AK2000 or the AK4000 If you want to see a review on the AK4000, leave a comment below Let's go over the functions on this [You can check Feiyu-Tech's Full Guide, linked in the descriptions] So let's take it for a spin! Here's the footage I took walking

This is running Here are the comparisons You can see a huge different here from using the normal camera with and without the gimbal Okay, we're at the Han River, we're testing out the Feiyu-Tech G6 Plus, I'm about to shoot a timelapse – Han River (Banpo Bridge) – [unedited timelapse footage] [Music] – Han River (Dong Ho Bridge) – [unedited timelapse footage] [Music] Again for demonstration, this is what normal footage looks like from a camera without the use of a gimbal

Want to see tips and tricks on how to get clean shots without a gimbal? Leave a comment below And there you have it, you can see that using a gimbal will smooth out your footage, and also brings quality into your filming This is how you balance for the G6 Plus Feiyu-Tech Now when you're using your phone, you wanna have your adaptor towards the front, attach your phone, It works better without a case, so it's better if your phone is bare First, what you want to do is, hold it out, straight, and you want this to be parallel

to the ground [Music] After you balance it, you want to tighten it And now, you want to stand it up

Next you want to balance here And lastly you want to balance your tilt Now a lot of gimbal will have a trigger on the back which I absolutely love (out of convenience) Which actually lets you (also) recenter (2 clicks) And bring it back to default Or it'll actually, if you hold onto it, it'll lock

Now if you're left handed like me, you're going to have some trouble controlling this thing Because all the buttons are made for right handed people You know, someone should make gimbals for left handed people Someone That could be you Feiyu-Tech

(At least a left handed friendly gimbal) Now again this is a great gimbal It's very versatile, in terms of what kind of cameras you can put on here Definitely a top contender, with all the other gimbals out there So do we need a gimbal when we're filming? I answer this question in another video and I'll link that below I'm actualy hoping Feiyu-Tech will make an all-in-one gimbal

I think that'd be really cool Kind of like the DJI Osmo pocket? (I don't recommend buying the pocket by the way) Anyway, if you like this video, make sure you subscribe, hit that like button, and turn on your notifications Thanks for watching! [In Korean] Thank You! Peace! [Music]

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