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Facebook Live Disaster Preparedness Using Smartphone Apps & Features Part 4


Hello again from Houston I'm Jana Rodriguez broadcasting live at the Easter Seals of Greater Houston Main Office with BridgingApps

Thank you to SeniorNet for promoting us and joining us in our event We are in hurricane season right now And we are speaking about some apps and technology that can help us during natural disasters such as hurricanes and other events Now if you've joined us earlier today I apologize We had a little bit of a sound issue

I think we should be corrected now Please go ahead and give a comment if you're having any issues with this broadcast, whether it be hearing or seeing the feed Let us know so we can make an adjustment And if you'd participated last week with our subject to being what to do during a storm or a natural disaster here in Houston, we did experience some wacky weather that caused us to lose our internet connection So hopefully we don't have any issues like that today, though it was appropriate last week

Today our focus is what apps and technology can help after a natural disaster such as a storm, a hurricane or maybe a flood as we here in Houston experienced last hurricane season First, fingers crossed everyone that we don't need any of these tips today It really helps to be prepared And that is our main goal here is to just get the information out And get the the resources out to everyone

So some of the apps I will be speaking about today have been mentioned before in previous episodes though they have many uses So we will speak about a few of them again today Again the focus today is what to do after a storm And I'm going to start off with the American Red Cross Emergency app This has been in many of the previous videos

We've got it right here It's the exclamation mark I'm going to switch my screen here Wrong screen Here we go

Great On the upper right hand corner there's a white square with the red exclamation mark that says emergency under it This is the American Red Cross Emergency app We'll have a link to this in the comments Give this a tap

Scroll back a couple screens here Alright this is the first screen I am in the prepare section which you can see at the bottom of the screen There's a check mark that says prepare For examples sake, I'm going to give hurricane a tap

Here we go Now the reason we mention this app in most episodes is because there are so many uses that we have found in here And as you see there's four red circles with a couple of sections Being today's subject is what to do after a storm or a natural disaster, I'm going to give that a tap Here's after

Great Now what I'm using here This is the iPhone iOS 10 is what I'm using at the moment And again this is the American Red Cross Emergency app I've just tapped on a hurricane

What to do after a hurricane As you can see at the top there Don't mind the time The program I'm using changes the time for whatever reason on my phone Again this is an iPhone

I'm gonna scroll down a bit We can see here are some tips including number four you can see, for example, says avoid drinking water or preparing food with tap water until you're sure it's not contaminated We're going to scroll down a little bit more Here's some other tips For example use your phone only for emergency calls

Stay alert for extended rainfall and subsequent flooding If anyone who has gone through a storm before Personally I'm from Florida Seniornet, I know we've got some Floridians here watching the feed Thank you so much

I think we may be familiar with the eye of the storm If you're going through a hurricane and how dangerous that could be It may seem that things are over, but they are not So definitely keep an eye on that kind of a thing Make sure that you're not experienced the eye of the hurricane and that it may be actually over

And apps again can help you with tracking this sort of issue Now I'm going to switch my screen here again Exit that Now American Red Cross has several apps Emergency is the one in the upper right corner

That is one of our favorites in this situation So I'm going to switch now to a different app I've got several on here that we've talked about before A couple will be mentioning today as well Let's see here in the third column, the third one down

There's a great app that says FEMA I'm giving this eight top we've launched here I'm on the main screen Let me close this Now one two three four colored options up here I'm going to give a top two the darker blue third item down disaster resources

Give this a tap Here are some items that we found useful after a storm or a natural disaster Here we can find some resources such as shelters, how to apply for assistance online, how to check your application status, how to call FEMA and how to talk to someone in person If you are now experienced after you're in the situation where a storm has passed – a natural disaster is now over And you're wondering well what do I do next? FEMA might be one of the things you need to act on if your home may have suffered some damage

This is definitely an app that we have found helpful in starting your recovery process So again this is the FEMA FEMA The FEMA app I'm on an iPhone using iOS 10

The FEMA app is available on multiple platforms Let me exit this and move back to my phone screen Here we go The next app I'm going to speak about today is the Waze app We've spoken about Waze before

And I'm going to use this app as an opportunity to go over the download process or the ability here of what you can down load Scrolling a little bit back here I'm going to my App Store I'm on an iPhone Give this a tap

At the bottom right is a little magnifying glass that says search I've already given that a tap and you can see up top I've typed in Waze Going to tap on my result here Here's all the information about the app All of the apps that we've spoken about – that we'll be speaking about today are in the Apple Store

Excuse me the Apple App Store As well as the Google Play Store if you're not using an Apple device You can see on here if I scroll down there's some comments Some information Keep going down

At the bottom is the information section where we can take a look and see what do I need in order to download this app Is it available on my device? So one, two, three, four down is the compatibility section It says it works on this iPhone If you're in the App Store you will get a notification in this section that says this iPhone is not eligible should you need to update your phone Going to tap this

And we can see the compatibility for this version of the app is requiring iOS 90 or later iOS 9 was released in 2015 so it should go back just a little bit And if you happen to see that your device shows that it's not compatible with any of the apps that we've spoken about today, please reach out we'd love to help you we'd love to look into that and see if there are alternative options Or maybe we just need to make a couple of adjustments

But if you find you're unable to download any of the apps we've spoken about, let us know Great Going to move back down here to my screen This is the Apple App Store I've done a search on Waze

There it's spelled WAZE and I've scrolled down to see all the details of this app to check the compatibility Going to exit the App Store Going back to my last screen Here we go now I'm going to open the Waze app which is WAZE

A little hard to see on this screen because of my background It is the light blue icon kind of at the bottom of my cluster here with a white ghost looking car I think that's how I could best describe that Here's a Waze I think it kind of looks like a chat bubble or a ghost maybe

Here we go So I am in Houston Texas where the traffic is ever thriving The reason I'm bringing up this app as being useful post a natural disaster is this is updated with Google Maps and by other users So if I'm driving and I realize there's a street closure There's high water

There are power lines down Maybe there's debris in the road It's something I can add an alert to so other drivers know that there's issues going on We can see all over the map here there's little bubbles and dots, icons I'm going to tap on one of these for example

There's a pothole on the road point one miles away from where I'm currently at This becomes useful post a storm if you are trying to get around to different resources, for example Using the Waze app is a great way to find which roads are still accessible After a storm there could be damage There could be dangers in the road

So this is a way that other users can upload what issues you should be concerned about on the roads And it will help you find a safe path from point A to point B Now I'm going to switch my screen here once more Perfect Zoom out a little bit

I'm actually going to give this a tap here on the search And I'm just going to type in something common such as Starbucks Give it a search Now for examples sake, I'm going to tap on this Starbucks right here Here's the information about it go

I've got an option to check the routes There's a couple of delays on two of the routes I'm going to tap one of the one with delays just so we can see what kind of issues are here And we can see right over here Give this bubble a tap

There standstill traffic So if I can avoid that area I will And again, post a disaster, this is a great way to find out any issues that may be dangerous in the road As other people can put alerts through this app This is the Waze app

WAZE This is a free app It's available on all platforms In order to get these updates you will need an internet connection If you're using this on a cell phone for example, on a smart phone it can use your your carrier such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon whoever your carrier may be

It will support these apps in order to give you internet connection This is an app, once you download it, it asks for your permission to use its location Some apps you may not want to give it permission Since this app is map based it will need your location This is a safe app to use and allow your location for

It helps it with this with its accuracy and giving you the best information so when it asks for permission to use your location absolutely allow it give it permission to use your location it is a map app great I'm going to switch my screen here for a moment the next stop we are going to speak about today with our focus being recovery what to do after a storm or natural disaster of another sort is the next door app next door is an app that we've spoken about before it was mentioned in planning and it's such a great app because this is a way to connect with your community I've got it behind me right here it's this green icon with the little white house the next door app is a free app it's available on all platforms switch my screen here I've got it on my second column third row give this a top this does require you to verify your address in order to prove and and accurately connect you with your neighbors I'm going to scroll down here a little bit so we can see some of the items here one of the things I love about my neighborhood with the next door app is that the Harris County Sheriff's Department is very active so it's great to get updates that way and the community gets involved we can make comments and share things through here and I had a screen up here earlier it refreshed as soon as I opened it you can see I think items like this are very important where says there was an attempted theft someone's toolbox was rummaged through in the neighborhood so this gives the neighbors an alert to look out for certain dangers and just know that everybody is watching and communicating with each other where this is also very useful in a storm post and pre is should you find that you yourself or someone that you love in your household has a disability you may need to call on your neighbors for assistance in an emergency this is also a great way for the community to come together and learn that there may be someone who is senior and needs a little bit more assistance if a household in your neighborhood has someone with a disability that may need a little bit more assistance make a community plan it takes a lot more than one person to get through a disaster and it helps so much when you have the community coming together I know in my neighborhood we've made emergency plans you check and make sure who's staying behind in an evacuation situation should anyone stay for what reason does someone need help getting out does a household not have internet are they going to need updates if their cable goes out if power goes out how are we staying connected the next door app is a great way to meet your neighbors connect with your neighbors and make neighbor a neighborhood plan for a disaster it's a great way also to find out that there is a drive going on anyone who has dry clothes to donate post a disaster here's when the pickup is I know my neighborhood did that there was a pickup truck that came around to gather supply from everyone with easier than having so many other cars on the street getting to the donation center one designated car was organized to come through the neighborhood and collect everything and the next door app is a great way just to connect with your neighbors you can find out where resources are how to contribute to resources and another way to find out if there's any issues in your neighborhood again if you or a loved one has a disability and may need some extra help with making your preparations or executing a plan connecting with your neighbors is a great way to do this if you're able to help someone in your neighborhood who may need extra assistance this is a great way to find out who may need help so again this is the next door app switch my screen here it's the green house or the green square excuse me with the white house next door it's a free app to sign up for we can see someone's dog got lost here it this is how a neighborhood can communicate and to sign up it will ask you to verify your address to make sure that you are indeed a member of that community and with that there's peace of mind that you are connecting with other true members of that community and this is a great way before and after to recover from a storm now let me switch my screen here some more great so now I'm going to mention another app that we found pretty useful seems like it's not on my screen right here at the moment but something else that we have found is post-disaster you may have documents that you need to keep track of very important documents especially if you yourself or one of your loved ones has a disability and maybe has some medical needs if you are looking for some resources or you just need to have your medical history for example you may be using an app that records that you may have paper documentation that you need to keep track of if the weather's not so great paper may not be the best way to carry records so the next app I'm going to recommend give me a moment as I move it over to my screen here again I am using an iPhone I am on iOS 10 myself just very important tech a general tech tip if you are updating your software on your mobile device have a backup always have a backup before you update this is my reason where I have not updated yet I need to backup my phone you need to make some more space on here now I'm going to switch my screen I've added the genius scan app to the orange app at the bottom of my cluster here give this top and I'm going to me see I've got a document here I'm going to use an example okay so I've got a flyer here I'm going to use as an example bring this down on my screen great switch back genius scan at the bottom here the left corner there's a kind of an oval shape with a camera give this a top here is my document my hair scrunchies because I've got a dark or a solid colored background it is this is a is up it is trying to find the document there for me this papers a little bit deformed as it's been sitting in a funny place here let's see if it'll capture it on its own so what I'm doing is I'm just holding the device over a document I would like to have a digital PDF of let's see if I could find a flatter a more flat paper here this one is a capturing so well this one's much better ok give this another try it's smaller – here's my hair scrunchie ok if I hold this over here stay nice and still it's hard to stay nice and still when you're on a live feed there we go so it's captured that flyer for me and it's now saved as a PDF I can give it a name up here again if you have medical documentation 'he's a dd-214 if your veteran and may qualify for certain things having paper documents during a storm may not be the best option scanning and making PDFs of important paper documents would be a good alternative and this is the genius scan app going to call this freedom from smoking app flyer just a quick moment on that any houstonians out here living in multi dwelling units quitting smoking is on your list of things to do reach out we've got some help for that now I'm going to switch my screen here again this was the genius scan app it's the orange square at the bottom of my cluster here this app is great for scanning important documents that may be a little bit more fragile especially if the weather is not so great outside if you have important documents such as medical records and whatnot this is a great option to capture a PDF that PDF can be you for sending in an email sending in a text and just keeping a digital record of some important things excuse me there we had a phone call now this is also useful for receipts I myself use the genius scan app very much for receipts and just keeping track of documents if I have a paper document that I may have signed knowing myself and the dangers of the elements such as my coffee cup that has taken away so many paper documents from me as I've accidentally spilled them having a digital copy is just peace of mind knowing that even if I damage physical papers that are important I have a digital copy if you're signing anything having a digital copy is great as well so just know there's an app for that again that is the genius scan app this can be so useful post a natural disaster when it comes to recording or keeping a record of your important documents I'm going to switch my screen here again this is the last app that I'll be speaking about today as we're recommending apps to use after a storm maybe I'll squeeze the other one in there but I really wanted to get into the doctor on-demand app this one is definitely a conversation starter so if you've used this you have any concerns or questions about it please give us a comment send us a message we want to know how you feel about it what your experience was with it this is here we go switch my screen doctor on demand is in my first column is the third one down to dark blue square with white letters and a plus it's ADR this is doctor on demand let me give this a tap this is a free app to download though there may be costs with this app at certain times this is something that changes every now and then but at certain times this is an app where there are promotion codes and your first visit is free very generally an explanation of what doctor on-demand is it's an app to connect with a doctor through your mobile device you will need to make an account we have seen that this kind of digital office doctor visit is becoming a part of many insurance plans where you may have the opportunity to connect with a doctor virtually because you have insurance with this company or that company or whatever you may have now doctor on-demand does not require you to have insurance in that case you may have to pay a fee I have seen in the past that they have a maybe a promotion fee of about $40 so this could be an option if you don't have insurance again this changes this is something to research before you use it we are sharing this as an option because for anyone who is recovering from a storm your ability to get to a doctor may have changed for anyone who may have a disability it may be even harder to get to the doctor after a storm with here in Houston we have the metro lift to help people with disabilities get around town and if service goes down and you need to get to the doctor this could be a way to connect to your doctor reasons may be that you need a refill on a prescription for example or something that you have experienced before this is not a solution or an option if you are experiencing trauma but this is a way to connect to a real doctor and consult them on an issue you're having so again this is a real doctor that you'll be connecting with and they will advise you if you need to see somebody in person but through communicating with a doctor they may advise you that they can help you digitally through a FaceTime sort of environment where they can recommend some treatment or maybe prescribe you something that you may need to help you and again we find this useful after a disaster as it may be more difficult to get physically to a doctor's office so if there are limit if there are limited resources such as metro lift shutting down for example that's what we have here in Houston or if your car may have flooded we experienced a lot of that last year here in Houston this is an option just one option that may help you connect with a doctor should you need one whether it be a connection for something you regularly have or maybe you need a refill on a prescription maybe one of your prescriptions didn't make it with you and you need to refill something this is a way to connect to a real doctor and I mentioned earlier that it's a FaceTime kind of a situation quick little background about myself I am a former Apple employee and so much of my heart belongs to Apple but there I am I am NOT an apple only person I love using other products as well and all of these apps are available on different platforms now FaceTime is the common apple term for video chatting and video conferencing if you have a device such as now I'm using a computer with a camera maybe you have a smartphone that itself has a camera this one has two this is the iPhone several other devices maybe it's it doesn't even have to be a cell phone it could be a tablet that you have that has video capabilities so FaceTime is the apple term for having a video chat with someone you may use a different term for that but generally it is a FaceTime video connection we're using a device to see each other digitally now that was mentioned because dr on-demand is a way to connect with a real doctor in a digital environment where this may be useful is if you or a loved one has a disability maybe services have shut down maybe your car is flooded and you cannot get to a doctor but you need one for a non trauma situation your medications didn't make it maybe something half to them you need a refill on something you need to connect to a doctor for whatever reason this is an option I'm going to switch my screen to show that once more it is my first column third icon down dark blue doctor on demand this is a free app to download though you will have to sign up and cost some may be involved if you do not have insurance I have seen in the past with promotion codes it costing as little as 40 dollars per visit again this is a digital visit with a real doctor where similar to this it's camera I can see the doctor the doctor can see me and we'll have a consultation there maybe I'm feeling something an allergy situation that I felt before and I know that my eyes are getting puffy and I need a I need some advice I need a prescription or previously personally my grandfather who I'm caretaker for he had a shingles outbreak I was able to connect with he's my grandfather chess turned 89 had a birth thing this happened last year where his mobility isn't so great and getting to the doctor was very difficult especially when he was not feeling well so being able to connect with doctor on demand we did a video chat with a real doctor I got to move my camera around to show the symptoms that my grandfather had and the doctor confirmed that really looks like shingles all of his symptoms seems like shingles she wrote a prescription for us I was able to pick it up and he was treated and we did not have to take that trip into the doctor with my grandfather's mobility every single step counts so it was great not having to go into the office for that again this app is definitely a conversation starter if you've never heard of it please ask those around you if they have it's a great subject to speak about is this something that you're comfortable with do you have concerns about it let us know we really want to hear about it now with all of these apps that I've spoken about the most important thing I need to mention is there's an app for that and these are things that come and go some apps will be here today and they won't be here tomorrow so bridging apps dot org use our app search tool look at our lists frequented especially right now that we have a certain reason and a certain topic to look for are you looking for apps that can help with a disaster check out our website go through there and see what's available I'm only able to speak about a couple of apps because if I tried to go over all of them we would be here forever so check out our app lists our app search tool bridging apps org there is not one app that serves all of your needs and my favorite app for tracking weather for example may not be yours and that's so fine that's totally okay this is a great way to explore and let us know I'd love to know what is your favorite app for tracking the weather I have to say that my personal favorite for tracking the weather is the dark sky app it's right above the orange icon at the top there I'll give this a tap I like this one because I just like the layout of it and I like how it shows almost real-time everything so this just happens to be my favorite weather app that doesn't mean it's the best it's the best for me though knowing that there's so many apps please connect with us let us know what your favorite is check out the the resources that we have and see what all of your options are all of the apps I've spoken about today is there they're all available on multiple platforms I've done a quick demonstration on how to check what your compatibility may be on an iPhone it is a similar search when you're not using an iPhone when you look up these apps you'll be able to find out what systems they require in order to work all of these have been built to work on all platforms though with updates the phones tablets they all at some point or another have updates and the apps themselves have updates so there may be updates required in order to use some of these apps if you find that you're not able to download something please reach out let us know we'd love to help you find a way to get access to these apps and just send us a message here or in the comments I'd love I also like to invite everyone if you're not doing anything this time next Friday we are having a bonus class on some more disaster preparedness apps and we're looking for some feedback again send us a message send us some messages put some comments in here let us know if there's an app we did not cover that you'd like to speak about or if we've covered an app and you've tried it you found a different user maybe you found that it wasn't the best or you're so in love with this app now reach out to us let us know the reason we're on Facebook live is because we want to interact with you we are available to interact with you if you're here physically in Houston connect with us if you are not this is such a great way to connect with us everyone out in Florida and with seniornet thank you so much for connecting thank you for participating join us again next Friday for our bonus class let us know if there's something you'd like us to talk about see you next time stay safe everyone bye

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