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Ericsson 5G: Unleash the power of tech in things


ANTONY BESWICK: The thing about IoT that really, really intrigues me is the degree to which knowledge is power You know, I’m just used to not knowing things

We’re used to inefficiency and a lot of that inefficiency can be rolled out of the system by connecting things And I think we are going to see a very different world in 5 years [curious mid-tempo strings music] My name is Antony Beswick I work as a senior portfolio and product manager at Ericsson and I work on the internet of things – basically, connecting things If you think about it, within Ericsson, we started out connecting a billion places and then we connected 5 billion people and now we’re connecting 50 billion devices

And all of those things communicating with each other is called the “internet of things” So, let’s look at what Ericsson brings to the table I’m an enterprise and I’m going to build an IoT solution One of the things I need to do is make sure each of those devices is connected There’s no way that I’m going to go to an operator and say: “Please, can you give me a million SIM cards,” and I open the packages, and I put a SIM card into each one, and I individually log on to manage that SIM card

What I basically need is the capability to manage a million devices from a single pane of glass, and that’s what connectivity management provides The next thing you have to do is device management We can give you not only a single pane of glass to manage a million devices, but it’s the same pane of glass that you’re using to manage a million SIM cards Which means – rather than doing this and then this, you’ve actually massively increased your effectiveness as an enterprise One of the really fun things about IoT is when you apply it to things like sport

So you can imagine, if you take football for example, you’ve got players that are out there and everything in their environment is actually affecting how they perform – in terms of temperature, humidity, how damp is the ground? So, all of that information, if you can gather that through the sensors and analyze it you can improve your performance NADIA NADIM: Nowadays, technology and sports go hand in hand and if you see our daily lives in the club, you would know how much we use technology and how incorporated it is in our daily lives Like, you know how much a person has run – like sprints and stuff – you can already measure that We actually have coaches who measured us during the games to see like, “Oh, that’s the reason she’s not running back: because she just had a sprint and her heart rate is – I don’t know – a hundred” Having technology that can measure, “OK it’s gonna be this high altitude, and your body’s gonna react this way – let’s train differently

” I think that’s gonna be game-changing But I mean let’s look at the issue of security Because it’s really, really easy for us to paint this utopic vision of: “Everything has a sensor and everything’s generating data and all of that data is going into computers and it’s being used for good purposes” And that’s obviously the intent, but with anything, people are going to game the system So, people are going to try to hack sensors, they’re going to try to change data, they’re going to try to maybe get something for themselves or just cause trouble

So, what we – as Ericsson – build is a lot of the security technology that’s actually able to monitor the traffic in and out of those sensors and be able to automatically detect when something’s not quite right I think we need to look at where the world is going 5G is basically the technology that is going to unify the world You are going to have seamless low latency, high-performance connectivity of everything The actual network itself becomes a core part of the solution

And so, from our perspective, actually working within the ecosystem, building the technology, building the tools that use the technology, is a critical part of Ericsson basically achieving their goal of creating a more connected future and a more connected world

Source: Youtube

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