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EP. 31 – How to make good video with a smartphone. We join a video course :)


normally we don't do things like this ah, very well the latest video about plastic evoked quite a few responses but we want to come back to it because, yes, Tunisia has a big problem with plastic but someone responded that we in the Netherlands have twice as large a "footprint" as Tunisia and America even more than 4x as large so I think we can learn from the Tunisians how satisfied they are with less and the way they reuse things indeed something else that we received a lot of response to is that we burned the plastic we had been searching on the internet and we read that it is better to burn plastic then you leave it in nature but the way we did that in a heap with a fire, is not the best way because then you pollute nature in a different way This rule only applies if you put it on a special one burned in a high temperature Sorry so if you want to get rid of your plastic: don't burn it our way but now back to this video we have something completely different Enjoy it! today we have something new we participate in a video training it's in Hammamet we are now in Hammamet we come from the port, are anchored here now we go to the hotel that's just right here for us this place is very touristy only hotels and villas look so we are at the hotel we were once invited to a wedding and hermen offered to make a wedding video for those people and when we were at the wedding someone saw Hermen filming and she asked: "hey, we have media training in February Do you want to come and help a little? so now we are here at that luxury hotel and we are going to see what happens wow, this is a big difference with what we are used to it is a super nice hotel normally we never do things like this but it's fun I found Awatef and Awatef is 1 of the initiators she is the initiator of this training, right? ehm I think so why do you organize this training? This training is for young people to equip to produce videos and material they can use for society, for our country there are topics such as racism or generalization or people who are suffering and suffering we can use the video to improve society to influence people's thoughts can you briefly say what your company is doing? our name is "Bright Women Association of today" and our company, or actually it's an NGO non government organizations (a foundation) standing next to women to help them in their vulnerability their pain and difficult times for example, a woman can be mistreated by her own husband or her family expropriates her because she makes a different choice in her life so we do that, we stand next to her we encourage, encourage, support we are really going to hurt them to help them finally realize that they value, strength, and purpose in the life of women the lessons are about the different aspects of videography, such as light, sound and composition after the theory of each topic they get an assignment to put this into practice there we go, the first assignment is running and everyone walks through the hotel to film to make a small promotional video for the hotel and when they come back, we'll look at the results together and provide feedback very well! it is a very young group of Tunisians they want to learn how to make video with their smartphone because everyone has a telephone here nowadays so I think that's a very good idea the purpose of the training is to teach people to make good video with few resources the trend here in Tunisia is that many educated people leave the country and they are not really happy with the country "the peace of God is with you" so "hello" do you want in our youtube? how is it going? what's your name? Joke Joke, ah very well! do you work a lot? Yes a lot we were just talking to the camera about work? no, about young Tunisians yes, a lot of people are leaving for Europe Turkey they are not happy to live here are you happy to be in tunisia? no, because I work a lot (13 hours a day) for very little money, you see, that's why you understand? Yes, I understand thank you! Super thanks! you're a good guest! Yes you too! God bless! we're talking about young people, and suddenly he's there that's funny yes, but let's see what the people think in training I hope we find very motivated people people who can inspire us it is very cool to see everyone so motivated to follow their dreams, and have big dreams I would like to know what those dreams are of the people who live here here are 2 people at work Everything good? Everything good! this is Khalil What would you like to achieve through the training? after this training I learned something especially for the work for women because there are things that you cannot discuss properly but with video it is very easy if you talk to a man about women's rights that can be very difficult So this training is a good opportunity for us because now we can make video and put on social media So we can get the message in a different way transfer, a way that comes in easily then through a 1 on 1 conversation Super thanks! what do you think of it so far? I see unity creativity people who push their limits and they realize that they have talents I'm impressed these are people who have never made a video and they grab a phone and walk outside and they make a video and when you look, you think: wow, did they make this? You know, I love my people I love my country and I dream that we change our society to a place with peace a place where people feel appreciated so it's the end of the training everyone goes home we had such a good time! It was amazing! bye Bye! it was fantastic! it was great to be with this group do you mean this? yes, it is just like youth camp ouzo it just takes too short, and it's too good to be together it was super cool to be with this group and I became very enthusiastic about it to hear their motivations why they participated and which messages they want to share with their videos and also a big thumb for BWAT (bright women's association of today) this foundation helps women seeks the treasure in them and wants to empower them and to give them back their value so this is something very beautiful here in Tunisia and if you want to support them then you can contact us send a personal message and then we will put you in touch with them and next time? next time a chill video in which we travel to some beautiful places in Tunisia wow

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