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Envía Dinero desde los EE.UU a México con tu Smartphone


Welcome friends BillMonauts! Today I will explain how to send money between BillMo users from the United States to Mexico easy and safe from your app The first thing you should do is link a debit card that is in your name, Remember to enter exact exact data, these are: Full name, card number and expiration date of the card

perfect your debit card was added successfully then in the home tab enter how much money you want to send to your contact in Mexico Remember that if you send $ 350 more you could pay very little or nothing for the shipping cost in this same screen you can see how much money will arrive in Mexico and of course the exchange rate of the day to have clear accounts Now you just have to press the continue button, the app will request a method of delivery in this case we will choose shipments from your smartphone to another smartphone to make a shipment select the person who will be your recipient in your Contact list or create a new one Finally confirm your shipment by entering your security level check that the data is correct before continuing and that's it! the recipient will receive your money transfer on his smartphone so you can make payments recharges of time to air withdrawals in cash and much more! Finally, in order for your submission to the BillMo app to be valid, the recipient must have a valid phone number from Mexico, have an android smartphone or iphone, be older than 18 years download the BillMo app and activate your account remember that we are a financial entity and the security of your data is very important for us If your transaction goes to a pending state after finishing you only have to attach the photo of your ID and the one of your debit card, you will only have to do it once, confirmed the information by our team We will send you a notification If your transaction is canceled The return of your money can take up to 10 business days

Contact your bank so that know your money back policies If your transaction is rejected and you consider that you correctly linked your card do not worry it is possible that is denied by the issuing bank of the card, in this case you must communicate with them to corroborate and confirm that it was you and then proceed again with the transaction Remember to read the extra recommendations that you will find from your aap when making a transaction BillMo welcomes you to the safest and most convenient way to transfer money to your loved ones in Mexico See you in a next video! [Music] i [Music]

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