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    Energizer presenta su smartphone PLEGABLE | El Recuento


    Today in "El Recuento": Energizer is also preparing its foldable with a great battery Also, we talk about the recent LG's devices

    Moreover, ZTE introduces the Blade V10 Also, Sony comes back to battle with three new models And to finish: I tell you about a new basic but very powerful in battery Nokia phone Let's start! Hello, thank you for coming to another video of this channel, we are back here We were in the Mobile World Congress a short time

    At least, we could film some videos I recommend you to watch them if you still didn't Before that, what do you think if we check the results of the last video's survey? I asked you what thought or what was your reaction concerning to the ads or the mocking images Huawei was publishing on social media against the Galaxy S10 The big majority took it as a joke, as we all should take it Don't get angry if you're a fan

    Let's go to the first news, In fact, today, we'll only talk about new smartphones introduced as the Mobile World Congress took place So, that makes all news are about the same topic In this case we talk about Energizer, we said in a previous "El Recuento" that they dedicate to manufacture some smartphones with the main characteristics of having a great battery, this isn't the exception But pay attention as the main point of this device is a foldable screen! Exactly as the prototype of Samsung and Huawei I mean, that they fold

    In this case, this prototype is more similar to Samsung's It has an inside screen and outside screen but without much border In this case, the inside screen is 81 inches so that you can use the device as tablet The outside screen of 6 inches

    Pay attention, it will have two variants: one more economic and the the other one more powerful So, one has a processor Helio MediaTeck, and the other one has Snapdragon 855 Both with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage Furthermore, it has two cameras, 48 and 12 megapixels Here, we've something interesting as in the price they are much cheaper than Samsung's and Huawei's prototypes

    So, in this case, the starting price is around 899 euros The Snapdragon 855 version will cost 1,600 euros! (The price increase a lot!) So, it's also attractive that we see foldables which don't have the best of the best about processor and other specs as it permits that prices fall down but that they keep the foldable technology So, let's see when they are bring to the market We don't have dates Neither more details! In fact, it seems that there isn't and official video

    They don't allow to record a lot in the MWC It seems it was only exhibit as they had the Galaxy fold and also the Mate X They only are inside a glass and we can't get too close to them Take part in the survey and tell me if you would be interested on acquiring a foldable phone Not a very economic one, but not as expensive as the Galaxy fold and the Mate X

    Let's go to the next news, as there are manufacturers betting for foldable phones, you know LG wasn't happy with this trending I told you the declarations of one of the executives In this case, LG's response is introduce the new V50 ThinQ The weird of this device is that it has an accessory which is like a flip case where you know it has its lid It leads that inside, it has a screen

    So It creates two screens although completely separated This is a very weird thing Especially as the current trending is about screen totally foldable In this case, looking at it was like "Wow, is it really your prototype?!" LG called it dual screen It works for many objectives

    For example: (I had the chance to test it there) One of the main characteristics is that you can open two apps at the same time Is like having two smartphones at the same time But, this is very weird as they really look like two stuck smartphones So you can open them You can swap the position using three fingers

    It has an interesting feature which is for showing a game-pad on one screen and the game content in other one, I think that's very attractive Very interesting! Also, this screen or this accessory, folds in parts So it isn't completely soft Then, it could keep a little leaning Other feature is that you can, for example, preview the content of the three cameras in one screen

    In your main visor, the content of the camera you're using So, you'll, at the same time, see all the cameras and choose which is the best shot I think it isn't a very useful feature, but it is integrated Moreover, take screenshots and share them immediately to the next app, (and some other details) I insist, it doesn't turn out a very, very good prototype

    Especially because of the current trending However, tell me in the comments what you think about it of having two screens in the same device It's something we had already saw in ZTE, I guess A foldable device with two separated screens This is exactly the same but as an accessory

    So, the device doesn't come with it If you don't want the dual screen, you remove it as if it was a case Furthermore, we must clarify that outside, it has no screen In fact, when we were in the MWC, many people came trying to use the screen in the outside It neither has something to display the hour

    Then, it's very weird, I think should have put a led clock outside Concerning the rest of specs, it stands out that it's compatible with 5G reds, it's screen is 64 inches with OLED technology Moreover, Quad HD resolution In this case, it has the Snapdragon 855, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage, you can add SD of 2 TB, Android 9 Pie

    About the photos section, it has a triple camera: 16, 12 and 12 megapixels One of them is ultra wide You know LG was the first one or one of the first companies integrating these wide lenses to take very good photos Nowadays, we can see that many manufacturers are implementing it! For the selfie section, it integrates two cameras: one of 8 and the other one of 5 megapixels Its battery is 4,000 mA with fast charging

    It has facial recognition and fingerprint sensors Furthermore, it contains USB type C And resistance against water and powder with a IP68 certification Another section where it stands out a lot, is in sound! Since it has the Boom Box technology of LG It really sounds very loud

    In fact, I also played a song to more or less have that contact with the device, and it's a very noisy environment there in the fair It really sounded loud enough I think in a quieter place you will notice a very powerful volume of this device Now, apart from this device, LG introduced some other ones: the LG G8 ThingQ It integrates a 6

    1 inches screen, OLED, proportion 195:9, QUAD HD Plus Snapdragon 855 6 GB or RAM and 128 of storage With a possibility of adding a micro SD of 2 TB

    Battery of 3500 mA with fast charge Integrates three lenses in its cameras, the first one is the traditional of 12 megapixels, an ultra angular of 16 megapixels, and a telephoto of 16 megapixels Frontal camera of 8 Moreover, it comes with Android 90 Pie

    Certification IP68 with water and powder resistance NFC and some other characteristics added What stands out more in this device is its Air Motion technology which they added You can manipulate the device only using your hand, no need to touch the screen You must do some gestures with the Hand ID

    In has an advanced 3D facial recognition But it also recognizes your hand, so if you have it on the table, instead of leaning out to unlock it, you lean out your hand, and it will scan it to analyze if it's you or not, and unlock itself That characteristic is very innovative Very good Well done LG

    And also it works to manipulate the device with gestures So, I think it's very interesting The gestures thing is not very useful to me The hand unlocking feature yes As I told you, instead of leaning out your face desperately, or picking up the device, you easily unlock with hands

    That's the outstanding of this LG device Finally, we have the LG G8s A variant which is very weird In fact, the G8 and G8s are very similar I don't find real differences

    I guess the screen is the only difference In this case, we have a 62 inches size OLED, proportion 187:9 In this case, it's Full HD+

    That's the difference with the other model But it also integrates Snapdragon 855, 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, in this case There is another one of 128 It also supports micro SD Android 9 Pie

    Camera for selfies of 8 megapixels And we also have the same triple camera 16 megapixels with gran angular 12 megapixels the normal one And 12 in telephoto

    Battery of 3,500 mA, a little different from the normal device, fast charging Also, fingerprint reader at the back Facial recognition Hand recognition, too And we also find water and powder resistance

    Certification IP68 Then, they cut some very small stuff Surely, the price will be smaller We will see what devices are sold in other countries and prices So far, this information is unknown

    As soon as it's available, I'll inform you Another company that introduced a new device is ZTE which introduced the Blade V10, a device which is outstanding part are the selfies as it has a 32 megapixels frontal camera! A level of detail so that you can see your smallest pores Moreover, it's another one in the all-screen trending With fading colors at the back In this case, 6

    3 inches screen Full HD+ Apparently, it's a TFT screen with proportion 19:9 Also, it comes with 3 or 4 GB of RAM, 32 or 64 GB of storage Android Pie from the moment you open it It has dual camera: 16 y 12 megapixels with artificial intelligence

    Battery 3,200 mA with USB type C port Moreover, these cameras, similar to many current devices, integrates artificial intelligence to optimize the scene and other stuff This device is confirmed to arrive to Mexico and surely to other Latin American countries, but we don't have dates, neither prices Those will be informed in the future When we get it, I'll, of course, tell you about it! Subscribe! Let's go to the next news

    We don't stop with new devices Now, Sony turn They introduced three new devices Coming back with strength and muscles They put more muscle saying, "Hey! Relax that I rule the cinema world

    So, let's put some muscle here" They introduced three: the Xperia 1, the 10, and the 10 Plus Now, we could think that the 1 is the more basic, but no, it's vice versa The 1 is the strongest, then from top to bottom, the 10 Plus, and finally, the 10 in the lowest part but it isn't a basic phone In fact, it has good specs

    Let's talk about the Xperia 1 The outstanding part is that it has a screen with a 21:9 proportion! This is the widest format we've seen if you see the device horizontally, so far So, if you have it in the portrait mode, it's a very tall device! Very comfortable to the hand, though Sony got rude with the screen, so it integrates technologies HDR and it has 4K resolutions It's an OLED panel

    So, it's a screen really good! Moreover, it has two visualization modes: the creator mode, which is totally inspired in the Sony's monitors in the market for people who creates films So, it has a color adjustment very precise comparing to the camera and all other It has a Bust mode which will do everything enhances and you can see a more attractive experience

    Furthermore, this device includes the current strongest processor: Snapdragon 855 With GPU Adreno 640 It has 128 GB of storage, although there are better versions You can add a micro SD It has 6 GB of RAM

    And in the photos section, it integrates many sensors Three cameras to be precise 12 megapixels the first lens, which has an aperture of F16 This is the traditional

    It has dual pixel and optic stabilizer But we also have a telephoto lens which sensor is 12 megapixels, also with stabilizer And finally, we have the gran-angular also of 12 megapixels So, Sony is also in this trending of having many cameras with different features, ultra wide, high zoom, well not that strong, and the normal one So these are the three cameras

    And pay attention because Sony wants to focus on videos creation, thing many companies haven't In this case, Sony includes a mode specific to manipulate lots of parameters that are professional when filming the video Then, Sony put more muscles for the cinema But, however the selfie camera is 8 mp Battery of 3,300 mA

    Fast charging Of course, it has fingerprint reader and facial recognition as the trending rules Also, it has the certification IP68 against water and powder So, as you can see, the new Sony's high-end looks very interesting Especially if you like filming videos

    I think Sony has put a lot of emphasis to this technology I hope we had it in the channel to test it I would like film some videos with these amazing cameras! Now, let me tell you about the Xperia 10 Plus: which also has this very wide screen It turns out to be the new format They say movies are created with that format

    So it gives you a cinematographic experience All the time In this specific case it has a 65 inches screen, it's LCD Full HD+ The processor is Snapdragon 636

    It comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 of storage You can add micro SD In this case, it has two cameras: 12 and 8 megapixels With portrait effect For the selfies section, it has 8 megapixels, battery of 3,000 mA with fast charging, Android Pie, fingerprint reader in the edges, it also has a NFC like all Sony's devices

    That's very good! In this case, we know the price it's 429 euros It comes in black, silver, navy blue and golden While his little brother, the Xperia 10, comes with a smaller screen of 6 inches, but with the same proportion 21:9 Full HD+ In this case, the processor is reduced now the Snapdragon 630 It comes with 3 GB of RAM and 64 of storage

    Dual camera of 13 and 5 megapixels, to detect background and produce the portrait effect 8 megapixels selfies, smaller battery of 2,870 mA Android 9 And exactly the same USB type C, edge fingerprint reader, NFC but it's price is reduced to 349 euros It comes in black, silver, navy blue, and pink

    Probably the weakest point of these devices is the battery They aren't very big but they neither are the high-end Sony devices They are only to enforce its new catalog Very beautiful! Let in the comments what you think about this proportion: 21:9 It's very wide, cinematographic format

    To finish off with this video, about devices, let's mention Nokia They introduced a device very small, for the people who only want to have a powerful battery With some social media access But it isn't the main thing It's the Nokia 210

    Which has a 24 inches screen, very small with resolution QVGA We also have there the traditional retro keyboard Also, an operating system called S30 Plus In this case, it has a processor MediaTeck 6260A

    Apparently, the storage, you won't believe it, it's 16 megabytes! I don't know if the info is wrong since I checked two resources and both say 16 MB It would be very few We hope it supports micro SD However, this device's focus isn't install lots of things It has internet access

    And, of course, social media, you even have an app store, which is small FM radio Jack for headphones Its basic price is $35 dollars so that you get as gift Of course, it promises an autonomy very, very long

    You mustn't charge it constantly Nokia's style! Then, this all the info I had to tell you this day I hope you liked this video

    If yes, indicate it See you next time! SUBSCRIBE – CONTINUE ENJOYING MORE CONTENT

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