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It was in the 1970s that the Department of Defense first started funding brain computer interface research Department of defense first started funding Department of defense first started funding boosting we have made so many advancements in technology as the human race but just like the 01% a bacteria still left by surface cleaners it's still not good enough that we're still having to press buttons on our devices assalamualaikum guys and welcome to another episode of smart agenda alright mind-reading controlling things with your brain downloading and uploading things into your brain this was all science fiction and conspiracy until two days ago that is when Ilan musk unveiled what they're now able to do at neural Inc I bet you wish you listen to the conspiracies now huh all right heel on musk the guy who brought us SpaceX Tesla car smoking marijuana with Joe Rogan has now unveiled phase one of the New Relic so testing has been successful on animals and will be ready for human testing next year this is a type of tech called the brain computer interface or BCI which is where the computer can take information directly from the brain and turn that into action without you having to do anything this is next-level laziness I can only imagine what's gonna happen to obesity we're probably gonna be crushed under s weight of course this tech is not new it's been around for quite some time but neural link is just doing it better I mean it's ten thousand times more powerful than what's out there at the moment it's been presented to us one way or another for years so we're more receptive to the idea how I hear you ask through entertainment Ironman Robocop and Justice League through people that we unfortunately take as idols bribery yeah the benefits are sold to us hey you don't have to type emails yes thank you and it's done you don't have to open the door you just think it's done you don't have to kill someone you just think it and wait a minute and if that doesn't work then we're emotionally guilted into it by showing how it can help the disabled don't you want a disabled person to walk again so ways it at this early stage is technology that helps you control things like your keyboard so for example you think of words here and the computer just types it yeah so it controls things like your keyboard your mouse or even later your prosthetic limbs all with your thoughts imagine calling tech support yeah range ease yeah I just killed everybody on my street accidentally of course how do I undo that I can't seem to find that option in my chip hearing chief I can't seem to find my chip mate I think it fell in the toilet easy waterproof you are Gary font at me so how does it work quite simply our brain is made up of cells called neurons these neurons fire when they receive an electrical signal as they do this a small electromagnetic field is present so that nut has a mirror link are able to stick her electrode and read these fields and translate them into computer code I can't believe I'm saying it like it's normal so how does it happen so they stick hundreds of tiny ears into your brain using technology which is very quick avoids brain vessels and doesn't require you to have major surgery or stitches I'm hairy enough as a yeah I don't want hairs being lodged in my brain as well now mate what is wrong with it well number one control humans haven't been easy to control because we all have different ways of thinking computers on the other hand are much easier you just add the code and boom it does exactly what it's told so to allow the possibility of anyone to get into your brain doesn't seem like the wisest of ideas considering that's pretty much the only kind of privacy we've got left and eventually according to Ray Kurzweil everyone's gonna be hooked up to what's known as the cloud and the question is who'll control the cloud is naturally going to be the people in power or AI number T less human in the quest of making us superhuman we're becoming less human in fact it's our humanity which has restricted the threat that we pose to each other with superhumans led by super overlords and a is the consequence of things going wrong will be much more greater number three trust the government lies AI can't be controlled so to give such control to something unreliable like AI or to give control to pathological liars like the government his stupidity in its purest form me it's more stupid than giving a hammer to a guy that's trying to mug you all right guys so I mean what is right with this yeah of course there is one major advantage Elon Musk has been saying for a long time that AI and the development of AI should be controlled especially a singularity which is where machine intelligence was surpass human intelligence and just take a form of his own so Elon has now understood that he can't stop this no matter what this is his attempt to kind of curtail and control that we will not be able to beat AI so then if you know the saying goes you can't beat him you I am kind of thing anyways guys what do you guys think is it ie Horan a is the stuff that I've missed out let me know and until next time guys yeah Ranjith you are Gary Fonda tell'em aleikum you

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