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    Een professionele lens kit voor op je smartphone?! Review Black Eye G4 Pro kit – Kamera Express


    Hey! Universal smartphone lenses are no longer new, but the quality in between the various brands differ enormously At the beginning of this year, a lens kit from Black Eye was released, fully focused on the adventurous photo and videographer

    So are you ready for an adventure? Smartphone photo and videography is becoming increasingly versatile and accessible In addition, mountable lenses are a hugely important tool to create a certain look & feel for your visual material We have already reviewed the Black Eye kit before, but today is the new one G4 Pro kit's turn Blackeye is really such a brand that tries to innovate with standard equipment Founded by three friends who found that their smartphone photography was not sufficient was for what said wanted to do with it

    So they went to work themselves to make cool lenses According to the Black Eye men, this is the best kit they've made so far with their 3 best lenses and fully focused on the adventurous photographer or traveling enthusiast videographer The weather is not so nice today, so I don't think we're on an adventure with our boots go into the woods So we are now at Brandpunt in Breda, drinking a nice cup of coffee

    And then we will soon go to Pier15, a skate park also in Breda And I hope to make really cool action shots there The Pro kit G4 contains the 3 newest lenses from Black Eye, that is the Cinema wide, the portrait tele and a fish eye lens 3 very different lenses, so I want them all with one separate purpose test By the way, do you want to know more about smartphone photography and videography? Then check the video in the card above

    In terms of design, the lenses have changed little compared to its predecessor The lenses are made of high-quality material and equipped with a triple anti-reflection coating The advantage of this set as you can see is that it is very mobile The lenses are small, compact, light, and in the beautiful hard case that comes with it you can safely take them anywhere First I get started with the Pro Fisheye G4

    An extreme wide-angle lens with an angle of view of 180 degrees With this you create that recognizable point of view effect that is often used in architecture photography, but of course also in action sports! The perfect reason to put some cool skaters on the photo The next lens is the Pro portrait Tele G4 The name says it all, this lens is extremely suitable for taking portraits With a magnification of 2

    5x you get a nice depth of field which makes your subject real comes loose from the background Finally I will test the Pro Cinema wide G4 lens Anyway, a lens that has cinema in its name must of course be tested with a cool one b-roll sequence The well-known clip-on system that also sits on the lenses, making them quick and easy can swap Although you notice that it is sometimes a bit tricky on the latest devices

    Sometimes it takes a moment to find out whether your lens is properly positioned As I just mentioned, the Pro G4 kit from Blackeye is a versatile kit With the three lenses that are in it, you can actually go in all directions and Black Eye is normal a great brand that tries to innovate with standard equipment You only notice that with the newest phones it is sometimes a bit difficult to get it right in front of the lens But once it's done, it works perfectly

    For both photography and videography you suddenly get versatile reach on your phone So actually the camera that you always have with you Then put it in that beautiful hard case and you can take it anywhere safely It is just one of the nicest kits you can buy for your money right now! If you put all of this neatly away in a compact hard case you have one of the best kits for smartphone lenses that you can currently buy for your money! ” This was the review of the Black eye Pro kit G4 If you thought it was a great video, give us a dump

    We also always like it if you leave something in the comments Then I want to say for now, thank you for looking and see you next!

    Source: Youtube

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