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Ed Tech Video Project Recipes Project


What do we do with all the fruits and vegetables we grow in our gardens? We eat them of course! But how do we eat them? Does it always have to be just plain old peas and carrots or regular apple slices by themselves? Absolutely not! These foods are meant to be brought together to create dozens of delicious dishes! The possibilities a prosperous garden can bring are endless! During this unit, we are going to find recipes that we can make with the produce from our own class garden! Then, we will make the dishes together, and at the end, we will all have a class picnic! To get started, the first thing to do is find a recipe that calls for ingredients we can mostly find in our garden Of course, not everything will come from a garden, but for the sake of our unit, the main ingredients should include fruits and veggies we can harvest for ourselves from the greenhouse

Recipes come from all kinds of places: cook books, family members, cooking or food websites, blogs, and many more One of my favorite places to look for recipes is on Pinterest The website gives you all kinds of ideas from all kinds of people It also gives you recipes that are extremely easy to follow and don’t cost a lot of money to make Next, we’re going to make the dishes! For my example, I will make these “Fruit and Veggie Smoothie Pops”

I found the link on Pinterest, and it led me to Victoria’s blog, “Simply Today Life” The recipe tells us we only need four or five things: a cup of yogurt of your own choosing, a cup of berries (the recipe says frozen, but we have fresh berries from our greenhouse), half a cup of baby spinach, a teaspoon of honey if we want to add that (and I do), and some fun frozen treat molds! The recipe goes on to tell us to put the ingredients in a blender and then pour the blended mixture into the frozen treat molds The pop molds will be frozen overnight, and they will be ready to eat the next day! Now, students, it’s your turn We will be working in groups, and you will each work together to choose a recipe, gather the ingredients, and create your dishes! “But what if we can’t find what we need in a garden?!” you may ask me Now, obviously not every ingredient has to come straight from our greenhouse (though a majority or the main ingredients should), so anything we can’t retrieve from our greenhouse will be provided by the school

Bon appėtit, students!

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