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E002 No Name Tech Show: Vermont Schools Shared Digital Collection and Google Voice


all right we are back for episode two of the No Name podcast or Tech Show Right

And we did have some good suggestions okay on Twitter yeah there were there were two "do you even chrome" which I thought was pretty funny and then I can't remember the second one but I think we should stick with the No-Name Tech Show I kind of like not limiting No you know and we also got one piece of feedback from a very unreliable source, I don't know if you saw the comment but it said "expecting more humor" all right I'm just discounting it just discounting it I think there was plenty of good humor in there for people to get okay? Agree That's all right, so Sue very interesting naming conventions yes let's take a look at your, do you want to do you want to tell us what yours was today? Mine is to walk people through how to access ebooks and audiobooks that we subscribe to through the Vermont schools shared digital collection that's the naming convention and it's a new program that we well it's I don't know how new the program is but it's new for us to subscribe to it and the thing I love about it is that you can read or listen to them on any device, even a Chromebook Hi everyone and welcome to week 2 of the no-name technology show this week I'm going to show you how you can access e-books and audiobooks for our library's subscription to the Vermont schools shared digital collection that's a mouthful

You can either try and google that or you can go right to our school's homepage click on the link for library and from there I'm gonna walk you through the rest of it and in the main menu you'll find a link to finding great books clicking on that brings up this webpage and scrolling on down you can see that yes we do have audiobooks on CD which you can search for in our library catalog but for today I'm gonna walk through how to access the Vermont school's digital collection clicking on that link brings up this website and in the drop down menu you select Montpelier High school and you will find once you log in that you have access to both the shared collection for all Vermont schools as well as those that I have purchased solely for our school once you click sign-in brings up a username and password and this is where students you will log in using your full email address and your lunch ID number if you don't know what that is just stop by and see me or email me and I'm happy to help you with that staff I don't know if those accounts are set up just yet but again just stop by and see me or email me and we can set it up very quickly and easily so once you log in you're going to click Submit and now you can see lots of ebooks and audiobooks available to all of the participating schools in Vermont the icon on this top book that looks like a little book on the top right here is an e-book and if it's grayed out that means that it's currently checked out but you can get on a holding waiting list for it this one is darker so it shows that it's available the little set of headphones means that it's an audiobook and this one also appears to be available you can either just browse through all that's here or you can scroll on down there are collections for this year's Green Mountain Book Award as well as some teen reads you can also going to the top of the page search by author or title let's say that you'd like to check out and download Solo mousing over it you can just click on borrow and since you've already logged in you go straight to your checkouts if you want to listen to it right now you can just click on listen and it'll open right in your browser or you can download it if you're using a smartphone or tablet it would give you the option to download it right to your device when you finish the book you can go back to this page and click on return title or it will also automatically get checked back in after 14 days so that's how you can find and access ebooks and audiobooks through our shared collection stop by and see me if you have any questions thanks that's very cool! Yeah Are a lot of students utilizing this? I've had to actually already stop by one needed a book for a class and then another student just stopped by and asked how they use it, so I don't know how many are using it yet I'm impressed And it's banned books week so I had to do something with books yeah absolutely so I I took a leap here this is an old tool it's been around for a while but people kind of used it when it first came out and then kind of forgot about it and that's Google Voice so being able to set up a digital phone number there's a lot that you can do with it and I do kind of an okay job talking about it but there's more I'm gonna show you a Google tool that is underutilized and super valuable for teachers and principals and all sorts of great stuff it's called Google Voice been around for a while I actually at one point used this as a calling system for my home phone it's a way to set up a virtual phone number that can be connected to your phone or your devices and it's a way that you can share a phone number or a contact source without giving away your personal phone number or your work phone number or whatever and it's all done through your Google system so I've set up a Google phone number I connect it to my email account and there's a couple things I'm going to show you in here so you get voicemail this is just a voicemail I think confirming that I set up the account let's see welcome to Google Voice it transcribes the voicemail so that you can see what was said and it's pretty accurate and pretty good it records welcome to Google Voice Google Voice gives you a single phone number that rings all your phone saves your voicemail online and transcribed your voicemail to text other cool features include the ability to listen in on messages while they're being left block and follow callers and make cheap international calls we hope you enjoy using Google Voice so there you go it said it all there so you can set this up so that it rings to your phones if you want to and when you answer it on your phone it's just like it's it's just like a regular phone call so I've seen teachers use this as a way for parents to connect and students to connect you can embed your Google Voice phone number button on a webpage a website or a blog so that people can click it make a call right from computer that's the other thing that you can do with this is you can make phone calls you can type in the name or number these are two people that are in my contact list so you can do all of these things right from here and check your messages you can send a message you can send a text message but let's see what else so I went deep into settings and there is a ton that you can do with this tool you can set it for time you can set different greetings you can record the audio you can download the audio you can transcribe the audio you can get an email every time somebody leaves the message there's just a lot you can do as a teacher without exposing your personal contact information it's a way to manage it all I've seen teachers use this to collect audio responses from students on an assignment I've seen it as a way to collect frequently asked questions from parents and respond to them just a way to open communications but manage them in a way that doesn't impose on your personal devices or your personal contact information it's a fantastic tool totally underrated totally underutilized check it out so that's it generally it's just a way like think of it as a teacher hotline right so the teacher could set it up for a class and parents and students and whatever can use that to leave messages I have seen teachers that do podcasts and things like that collect audio that way for projects but there I know that for some people giving away their phone number or information can be a concern this is a way to manage it connected totally to your work that's pretty cool yep let's see that coming in handy and free and you can text from your computer text next you know back and forth to things like that all from your Google account so that you're not using your personal data or any of that stuff not too bad yeah and I'm not going to give anyone mine just saying okay so that's it so we have two tips maybe next time we'll include a joke of the week for the one person that said there needs to be more humor but I really think we did okay without it we just yeah I agree

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