Download This Highly Valuable App for Most Samsung Galaxy Smartphones – Free and Updated w/ Features

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In today’s video, I want to share a highly valuable app for your Samsung galaxy smartphones. This app basically offers free tv, movies, shows, other programs and more. It’s 100% free and exclusive to Samsung smartphone owners is select regions. …

63 thoughts on “Download This Highly Valuable App for Most Samsung Galaxy Smartphones – Free and Updated w/ Features

  1. I love to watch your video for samsung, but unfortunately there is a lot of apps and themes i can not use, because samsung doesn't allowed it in my country. Samsung want to sell alot of smartphones, but they will not allowed all people to have the same access to samsung apps and themes.

  2. Again samsung insists on it's racism with such applications " This application is not available for your country " !!! why is that? What's wrong with my country?

  3. Has any had problems with the camera not launching on these phones? Many people have reported to Samsung that when launching the camera a WARING CAMERA FAILED notice appears. The camera will not open. Nothing works to fix the issue, not even a factory reset. I sent mine back to Samsung. There needs to be a recall of these phones. But after the battery debacle I guess Samsung doesn't want anymore bad press about their phones. But this needs to be made public.

  4. U know what sir you have to mention that most of the apps you provide unfortunately is not working everywhere such as here in the middle east .. samsung actually forgot us.

  5. He just did a video on PlutoTV which is awesome as well, I think Samsung's version offers more features than the standalone PlutoTV App… I have both now.

  6. Just recently got a Samsung s21 plus and loving it, 1080p isn't a big deal at all! Like screen looks the same as my s10plus but even smoother! Loving the matt black finish and camera design, this phone looks so premium in person 😍 I was expecting the phone to be a bit more wider because my s10plus had the wider aspect ratio but i still love it, so worth £730.
    All I'm saying if you are worried about 1080p it's hard to tell the difference but probably still a difference just not 5 inches away which no one holds their phone 1 inch away from them atleast I don't

  7. I thought I downloaded this before!!! …And I did, but it didn't have any kind of crap that I like to watch. Maybe I'll try it again and see if now there's any crap that I like to watch. HINT: Probably NOT anything in the way of reality TV lol, but maybe some other kind of crap that I like to watch, but probably not on my watch.

  8. Hi there saki, just a quick question on one of your free wall papers I've noticed it has alot of animations about Dna and the corona virus! Did you know about this, is this a subliminal message your trying to get through to all of us?

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