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Double Your Amway Sell Tips and Tricks in Hindi | Tech Amway Pro | Network Marketing


Hello, Friends Welcome You All On Tech Amway Pro Today I Am Going To Tell You A Way That will teach you to do more turnover in a short time That way will be very much helped to you if you have new in Amway

if you are 9% and 11% and your pin is not changing So this way will help you and you will save a lot of your time and will be able to use that time somewhere else Guys How Much You Want to earn in Amway every month it totally depends on you you will get your targets every month but if you want to control your extra income So take a weekly target because week targets are full of challenges and cheerfulness How Much are you earning every week from Amway it depends on you And this depend also so on the thing how much you turnover every week

As Many turns Over You"II do every week that incomes you"II earn every week Keep week target now u will say how to complete this To Complete this target I tell you a way use countdown timer You Can Download It from google play store to your smartphone And then you write your 1-week personal product's turnover New people Can Challange themselves To share 100 Pv product this week people with 9% and 11% give themselves a challenge that in 7days of this week the product of 200pv will turnover then set this countdown on 1 week and get turned on

Download Countdown timer Link Below This countdown timer is featuring It will tell you the hours left of your week at all times And On the front of your phone, this countdown will Show last for 1 week Do any work now whenever You pick up your phone and you see the time is running out Now immediately people will start talking to some product because in Amway your income is up to you and this week's target is up to you as well

Similarly, set your target in the four weeks of the month and start small and practice it every week 8% of the sell this week after each week's completion should write down and do so 4 weeks if you complete a week target of 100pv The month income salary earned by you in this month will be 3200 /- Its a good extra income New people find its practice very important

If you learn to do target this week you should increase this target from 100pv When you become a master of it and complete the weekly 500pv target you will be earning an extra income of 16000/- within a month Amway is a Business of learning Hard Things How much you want to earn yourself It depends only on you

Make your weekly turnover goal and start countdown Not Upline neither downline, your income in Amway only depends on you That's Why You Don't Waste Your Time On 100Pv for the Whole Month The countdown timer will save your time and help to grow your sell Use it And what benefit did you get from it tell us in the comment box Like the video, if you feel good

Share it in your groups Subscribe the channel to stay connected with us I will bring videos like these tips tricks etc Thanks for watching

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