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Does Samsung sell replacement S Pens for the Galaxy Note 9 ? ● Tech News ● #TECH


If your S Pen goes missing or you've just decided you want to try a different color, there's no better place to buy something than directly from the source You know you're getting exactly what you're paying for, and should something happen to go wrong, you only have to deal with one company to find a solution

Samsung has the S Pen available for pre-order (due for release at the same time as the Galaxy Note 9 itself on August 24th) in either Ocean Blue or Lavender Purple for $50 Once you receive your S Pen, just slide it into the Note 9's receptacle to pair the two devices together As with any product, there are bound to be third-party options available for cheaper that claim to work flawlessly, but don't be fooled too easily The S Pen for the Galaxy Note 9 has more nuanced features than ever before that third parties simply can't replicate That doesn't mean there aren't good outside sources to buy a legitimate S Pen from

Mobile Fun lists the official Samsung S Pen on its site for $32, available in all four colors the Note 9 is offered in globally If you have an older S Pen sitting around from a phone like the Galaxy Note 8, it'll technically work with the Note 9, and it'll even fit in the phone, but it won't have the super-capacitor inside the Note 9's S Pen that allows for its new wireless capabilities If you don't need those capabilities, though, it makes for a much cheaper replacement option at $24 The S Pen is one of the Galaxy Note 9's most crucial features, so be sure to keep one handy at all times

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