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Does MKBHD Know Tech?


– Hello, welcome to This Is Marques Brownlee, do you know tech? – (chuckles) I think I do

I know new tech, anyway – Okay, well, I'm about to hit you with some slightly older tech This is a little game we've been playing here on This Is and the rules are really quite simple We're going to show you a list of 12 different items, some phones, some other types of tech, and you have to answer two questions First of all, if you can name the actual piece of tech or get very close, I'll give you a little bit of leniency, and the second is can you name the year that the tech came out

Now this, I'm gonna give you a little bit of a spread So say, a new phone came out in 2010 that I show you If you guess 2009 or 2011, you will be correct, so you have a one-year handicap – Okay – Are you ready to play Who Wants to Be a Tech Millionaire? (chuckles) Matt's just staring at me very menacingly off-camera 'cause I keep coming up really bad Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? puns

Are you ready to play, my friend? – I'm ready to play – Oh, the wager! Of course, okay So, this is completely up to you So, no pressure, feel free to say no, totally fine But if you can get 50% or more correct, I will tweet whatever you want from my Twitter

If, however, you cannot get 50%, then I am going to kindly request for you to tweet out that everyone should come watch this video – You know what, I'll take your bet – All right, all right, let's do it Let's play, I'm not gonna do it (beep) Let's begin with the first question

– Hm, there's conveniently no logos All right, so this is an Android phone It's got the capacitive home multitasking and back buttons To me, it looks like an old Samsung because of that speaker, where they put the little nub But which Samsung? It's not a Galaxy

They never had a camera like that – So, this is the point where if you're feeling stumped, so keep in mind, there are 12 questions here But we do have a lifeline available called Phone a Ken Where you can phone a Ken and he may or may not be helpful Just then you can use that any point

But there are 12 questions, so if you're feeling reasonably confident, you probably shouldn't burn it yet – I'm gonna burn it on one that I think I should get but I'm not getting I know that there's a Samsung logo probably right on the bezel I just don't know which Samsung And the year, the year has gotta be, they had that nub on like Galaxy S7? Let's see, eight, seven, six, oh, no, more like, four, five, six

I'm gonna go 2014 – Marques Brownlee, you are zero percent correct (buzzer) This is the Ringing Bells Freedom 251 from 2016, AKA the four dollar smartphone Do you remember seeing the videos on the four dollar smartphone? – I kinda vaguely do, wow, 2016, though? – Yes, so this was legitimately a four dollar smartphone It had like terrible specs, right? It had like a 1

6 GHz quad core processor, four-inch display, three-megapixel camera, a lollipop The thing was this was actually mostly a scam because it was rebranded phone from another manufacturer And in fact, the CEO of this company was arrested multiple times for fraud and extortion And only some of that was related to selling fake four dollar phones – Wow

Well, I'm almost glad I didn't know what that phone was then – (laughs) I feel like Lou did a video on this one But yes, so, all right, well, it's okay, it's okay It's a long game, plenty of time to catch up with item number two, please – All right, this I've seen

This is my speed So this is HTC One M8 That's my answer for the name Now, the year So again, this was at least 2011, and no later than 2015

Let's see if I go 2014 HTC One M8, 2014 – For question number two, you get half points, my friend (ding) This is in fact the HTC One M9 from 2015 You were close, the difference was I don't think the M8 came in the darker color

I think the M7 and M8 both had the lighter texture And if I remember right, the M8 had that weird secondary like depth-sensing camera that they immediately dropped for the M9 – Oh yeah, had like two, okay Eh, okay I guess, a half credit, I gotta, I do, I gotta catch up

I'm behind right now, but I'll take that point – It's okay, well, 2014 was within one year of 2015, so you at least get the point for the year on that one – I was right about the year that M8 came out – Very, very accurate yeah 'Cause I remember the One M8 had the Google Play edition, which, that was like my favorite phone for a while

That and the M7 before it Hopefully you're ready to go a little bit farther back into the past with item number three – Dude, all I know is that's a ThinkPad Like, it's got the nub I promise you, I have never seen this device

Oh my God, it's not even, the screen isn't even in the middle To me, I'm thinkin' 2001, but lemme think So, when did they do, what's, what's wrong with the keyboard? What is goin' on with this thing? – So, the keyboard, I would say, is the unique feature because there was one and only one laptop that had a keyboard like this It was a pretty unique feature It was sadly never replicated, or maybe not sadly, never replicated again

– I don't know what happened This is a ThinkPad and I'm gonna go, the year feels to me like 1995 – Marques Brownlee, you are 50% correct! (ding) This is in fact an IBM ThinkPad from 1995, however, the name is the 701 So you get half points, you nailed the year – Okay, wow

– So, what's weird about this laptop was this is actually the beginning of the original butterfly keyboard So this is actually a 10-inch laptop And essentially what happened was the keyboard was split in half and when you opened it up, it expanded out to be a full-sized keyboard Unfortunately, it was the only keyboard and the only laptop that really ever used this very bizarre design But this was actually the beginning of the butterfly keyboard

Albeit in a slightly unusual form factor – It's a little unconventional for sure – Yeah, all right You're not doing bad, you're not doing bad You are two of six

You can easily pull it out with our next device – [Marques] Oh no, I should know this You know why I should know this? 'Cause we had this on Retro Tech – We did So, I don't actually know if it made it in, but when we did the episode of Retro Tech together, this was one of the phones you made me react to

And yeah, look, I will be honest with you, I would not remember the name of this phone either (laughs) – I, gah, I, so, like, Sony, I think Sony is comin' to mind Oh no, I don't wanna fall behind too much This is bad You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna Phone a Ken on this one

– [Austin] Ooh, you're gonna Phone a Ken, all right! – [Ken] Hello! – Ken – [Ken] What is up, what is up? – What's good? I got a phone a friend, I need your help – [Ken] It is the Nokia 7280 – The Nokia 7280? Okay – [Ken] Yes

– Do you know what year it's from, by any chance? – [Ken] Two thousand and four? – 2004, Nokia 7280, 2004 Is that your final answer? – [Ken] Yes – Amazing – So, in future episodes, the Phone a Ken is going to be severely nerfed We're going to not let him know any of the information

But yes, you are 100% correct (ding) Your Phone a Ken was successful You are five of eight, if I am doing my math correctly You are above water, my friend – All right, that's what I like to hear

(laughs) I'm glad I used it I can use it again, right? – Nope, nope, one Phone a Ken per game Moving on to item number five – Hmm, ooh, okay, I've seen that laptop I've seen that keyboard many times

I'm gonna go with this is an Apple laptop and this is part of the iBook series And I don't, I've had this keyboard in multiple laptops in my life Including an HP I think it's a Power Book I think it's a Power Book, because the Power Books, that's like, the iBook would be like the MacBook Air and the Power Book would be like this guy

This is the Power Book And then for year, just based on when I got this keyboard and a laptop, this would be around 2010 – Okay, so I'm hearing word from my producer, you are close to the name, but we need a little bit more specificity Can you get any closer than Apple Power Book? 'Cause there are quite a few different options – Hmm

Okay, lemme, I guess it's a shot in the dark, 'cause I was thinkin' G4, but let's go Apple Power Book 2 – I'm sorry to give you zero points on that one (buzzer) This is a 12-inch Apple Power Book G4 Titanium And on the year, you were actually pretty far off, my friend It was 2001, not 2010

(laughs) – It's weird that I thought G4, 'cause I thought that was an iBook thing Wow, okay Yeah, zero points – So, the G4 line was one of the very first laptops that actually used a more widescreen aspect ratio So even though it doesn't look all that impressive by today's standards, not only did it do that, it used the full 12-inch width of the keyboard, it went all the way to the edges

Interestingly, the laptop was made out of 99% titanium – Sounds heavy – Dude, you were so close on the name, I wanted to give it to you But when you said number two, I'm like, nah, I can't do that (laughs) Moving on to the next item, number six

– Ooh, that's actually, I've seen that That's fairly recent But what is it, though? What is that, though? – If I didn't have a card telling me exactly what this was, I would have zero clue what this thing is – That's a whole Android tablet right there on your wrist I might have to get lucky on the year, 'cause this, I am not even thinking of a brand for this one

I'm gonna take a shot in the dark for this This is the Apple Watch Series 3 And if I had to guess, 'cause I think this, I really think this is like the last four years, so lemme go 2017 – Sorry to say, that is an an incorrect answer (buzzer) This is the Neptune Pine from 2014

So there were some major problems, but this actually became popular years after it came out because it was used by Jason Statham in "Fast and the Furious" number eight, which was years and years after this thing came out, but I guess they thought it just looked cool Okay, all right, five for 12, so you're still very, very much in it However, now it's time to go on to item number seven – Okay, so, this is a Samsung Galaxy something And I need to get the word right because when this came out, it was, there weren't flexible screens, it was a curved screen

Man, and this is so dumb, 'cause why would you curve it around that way? It just doesn't make any sense So, lemme see, what sounds right, Samsung Galaxy Curve? Samsung Galaxy Flex? Samsung Galaxy Round, Round That's the Galaxy Round, I know this, actually You know, the weird way I'm trying to figure this out is like what camera was I using and when did I get that camera? – Was this like C-100 days or something? – Yes, this is C-100 days, so it's so pre-Red, so it's definitely like 11 to 14 now I think this is like 2014

So I'm gonna go Samsung Galaxy Round, 2014 – For item number seven, you are 100% correct (ding) It is the Samsung Galaxy Round from 2013, but you still get points Well done, my friend So, when I did this game, this is one of the phones that I completely ruined

I thought it was the Samsung Galaxy Flex or something I didn't remember it was called the Round But yes, and in fact, you definitely did a video on it, which we watched literally while we were prepping for this So, congratulations – This is so Samsung, this is like, you know what we can do with the screen? This other thing, and we're gonna do it in a phone

– Well, I am happy to report that you are successfully above the 50% threshold so far But don't get too cocky, we still have quite a few devices left Are you ready to move on to the next item? – I'm ready – All right, item number eight, please – Uh-huh

(laughing) That sinister laugh is like, I'm not gettin' this one Wow, okay, Android, yes, Samsung UI God, that's about all I'm gonna get from this It's a candy bar phone, but it's like got this huge screen on the front I just don't know the name

Like, at all This is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra from 2014 No way it's that late 2012, 2012 – My friend, you just threw away your points

You are zero percent correct (buzzer) It was 2015 This is the Samsung Galaxy Folder! Not to be confused with the Galaxy Z-Flip or Fold, the Folder So, this thing sucks It literally was just not very good

So, it had mid-range specs, it was really expensive No one really bought these, but apparently enough people bought them that they made two Galaxy Folders – I can't believe I did this to myself, oh man This is more classic Samsung, though, this is good – All right, are you ready to move on to item number nine? We only have four more to go

– What is that? Yeah, hard pass, man, there's no way I get this one How does it even fold like that? – (laughs) Okay, you know what? I feel bad, just a little bit I'm gonna give you a wider range Obviously the name and everything is gonna be a pull, so I'm gonna give you a little bit of extra leeway on both fronts If you can get within two years of the product coming out, if you can give me the name of the company who made this, I will give you points

– Okay, so this is all-time weird Okay, so it's, it, I am tempted by like Dell and Sony, but I'm gonna throw those out Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm gettin' HP, okay, HP vibes here The year? When was HP gettin' this weird? When was anyone gettin' this weird? This is like '90s or early 2000s, I'm feelin', so you know, wow, that's like a fan vent up top and a full-blown, what version of Windows is that? XP? Looks like XP, I can't tell, but I think that's XP HP something from the year 1999

– Sorry to say, that is an incorrect answer (buzzer) This is the Samsung SPH P9000 from 2007! – What is Samsung's deal? They are so weird, man, oh my God – The thing that this photo doesn't really display is the size of it This is actually a pocketable PDA, so this runs Windows XP with a foldout keyboard And it actually legitimately was pocket-sized

Not only was that weird, it didn't have WiFi It had 3G, and I literally had to double check this, and also Y Max This is a 2007 Windows XP folding Y Max device – I should've known it was Samsung just by how weird it was – Okay, all right, so now we are at seven of 18

All right, you're gettin' a little bit deep in the hole, my friend You've got three items left Are you ready for item number 10? – I am ready Dude, I have for sure never seen or heard of this in my life, this is weird Okay, I'm gonna take a stab at the date because it says March fourth, 2015 on the screen

2015 is the date that I'll go with, just from that Like, it's not a businessy IBM, Dell, Sony, it's not any of those enterprise things This is just like a genuine weird play at like getting people to buy a weird phone I think I have to go Apple, I'm just kidding I think it's Samsung again

Samsung, 2015 – Okay, I will give you 50% points (ding) As you so astutely noticed, we did put the answer to this one on that photo, it is from 2015 But this is the Runcible Firefox phone Which was, quote, the world's first anti-smartphone with a round screen and the backs were actually interchangeable, so you could add like stone, they also had like weird materials like wood

And of course it used the wonderfully always up to date and really popular Firefox OS, which I'm sure, you know, it's taken over the world and this clearly helped it on its path to glory So, you're still in it, my friend, but I think at this point, if I'm doing the math right, if you get both of the next questions 100% right, you are at a tie, which means that you win So you have to get both of these questions 100% accurate – I'll do my best – You're still in it, all right, item number 11

– Okay, I owned the LG Voyager, right? This looks exactly like the LG Voyager It said LG and Verizon on the front, where those two bezels are I had this phone So, this was my first smartphone technically ever Which means I got it before the Motorola Droid, which came out in like 2007-ish

And I got it after my like flip Samsung phone, which I got right before high school, which I got in 2000, also 2007 So I will go with 2008 – You are 100% correct! (ding) It is the LG Verizon Voyager from 2007 So as you said, this was not necessarily a smartphone, but it was very much a precursor to smartphones It did have the internet and it was released actually a full year before Android had even shipped to the masses

Marques, my friend, you are absolutely in this right now For the final question, it has come down tot his! Can you get our very final tech item correct? How you feeling right now? – It's been really hit or miss, like, I either get it 100% or zero usually, so I'm feelin' okay – As with the previous rules, you're gonna have be within one year on the year, and you're gonna have to name the name of the device You feel confident, you feel ready? – I feel ready – All right, item number 12, our final item, please! – I think I had this, actually

Yeah, but what did they name it? 'Cause it was like the No Phone or the, yeah, geez Okay, I really wanna get this right I guess, yeah, but I can't think of anything else, so I guess No Phone is the name I don't really have any like context of like similar phones or anything I just have to like kind of vaguely remember when I had one of these

Let's go, did I have it in college or after? No Phone from 2015 – Marques Brownlee, congratulations, you have just won the game! (ding) It is the 2016 No Phone– – Wow – I now have to tweet out whatever it is that you want That was a serious comeback, my friend! Dude, you literally had to get so many of those last ones right You were so far behind

– I believed I believed in myself, Austin I believed in myself That was a great shot in the dark – That was an amazing comeback

Literally, when you started with No Phone and then you sounded like you were gonna talk yourself out of it again, I was like, no, don't do it, don't do it, you got this (laughing) – There's definitely some people who are watching this thinking they would get them right, but that was a tough one Austin, I already know what I want you to tweet – Okay, I'm ready – Three, zero– – Three, zero

– Space – Space – Greater than sign – Greater than sign, I don't like this, where it's going, okay – Space

– I have lost the greater than sign on my keyboard I'm trying– – Down, down there at the bottom – Greater than, space, yes, got it, okay – 24 – 24, oh! (laughing) – And then hit enter for the next line

And just– – Okay – 30 FPS gang for life, that's it (laughing) (claps) – All right, all right – There it is – All right, you know what? 30 greater than 24, 30 FPS gang for life

Okay, and tweeted, done Well played, my friend, well played – Beautiful, oh man, I love it (laughing) Hey, I just want it out there, I just want it out there I'll send you this clip in 30 FPS also

(chuckles) (warm band music)

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