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    Ok we hope you see it Hi guys hi michele and stefania that in the hand that I meanwhile ends it remains a little disturbing ok good expect someone to arrive while I share the direct How many people are two and a half hello christian hello to everyone I already have twelve people 24 hello beautiful and greet everyone a nice light The boys then today dj presents a new product and we will discover together what it is According to you guys Raffaella Health Hi Rafa was what we win ask me What a saint venier e is missing 17 minutes and 15 seconds be like ragazzi for this live photo the program gives you the raich damage you do that you do nothing Then the new dg rai product has the name open your world is the conference that will present it there is talk of 11 and mavic mini roads but see Hello hello is my mind says so mail hello fabrizio I share has left a like that is free and there supports and you do so much pleasure and talk to stefania in the meantime Anyway, here he is very hot, but really very hot look for me I noticed now but nothing if it's nice even structured sky I would never be as beautiful as ever though Why are you stefania yes I'm stefani she asks me if our office because there is a mess in our house and do it now buy depends on the price if it costs less than 500 euros otherwise I can not for economic reasons as my agency will present the cam we also talk about smog cosmo 3 I do not know we discover while sharing the direct I do not see present I know who I think it can be thanks that you come if you want to invent your friends relatives grandmothers grandparents great-grandparents You guys are cool Photo of the magician rimini look I saw a lot of fake photos but I thought they were enough thick I'm tanned guys you say hello hello hello daniele hello beautiful daniel beautiful You read the questions then not because you're getting married a little I married couple I did not understand angel if not because I am now in front of the PC pronounced I eat panzerotti arm to my mom but room had eaten pasta and good green beans So you don't think it's a drone guys Change the malfa and muscles from the Hi michele the free 4c is beautiful for the day and that weather is good and it's hot it's so hot I can't find the post of the live show anymore fantastic how much is missing boys what is missing law then asked but the presentation to do now yes yes now I don't know how nation or update just understood it here make 15 thankful so I invite co from the house please Near my home said angel I eat that we are near ostuni tbc to find he may scroll in the vest but the presentation is asked in the house that three-story Chianese house so there would be all the space it is possible that time to make the auto raffaele oven is the Offense 33 degrees the first time I see it 33 degrees here, however, blind trust a new dga product and we talk about the new drone new gene ball we will see guys like 20 for us where are you that vilanova bike passes my 6,000 new are preparing to overcome hello paolo well very great great paolo where there is not enough to Trento Hi Paul At the other paolo a sagra dei paolo Just finished with won the and then two giorgione walls then around the nose is yes it's a nice time to fly with the drone this indeed So kevin 05 asks you bought the lunar son that I advised you not yet buy it now that around cheaters then in September but it interests me because the telescope intrigued me a lot I think I will also review other telescopes then from the family he said then Great murgie tu I'll make you an emoticon I'm 35 degrees and here 33 those are there anyway with this car you are fine a bit of air conditioning you are better off than at home because unfortunately the low perhaps Then the city sins itself is the trash bufo we arrived here but arrived here another day and air conditioning I rare and that is not working the compressor does not work so today the air-conditioned place of srosa is also mounted let's go ahead of paolo marine fans click off almost I'll get you guys but you don't have support for the car Maybe we can put it on, but we don't get it in the hand so it's paid The muscles thank you that I don't know it's unfair Chip launcher e Hi Angel so guys I meanwhile I put the link for the direct in updated video description in alive and open that page while you are then read with us and then we comment together then what that we will see in short Giovanni loves your girlfriend the most No, no, I understand the question, but it goes away snow thanks marco others will never do that we don't do it in the car and we have mirko achieved well thanks for missing ten minutes more we can use immediately that support is not already said is brought no I have forgotten Daniele to me in Chianese yes I knew him I love him if I love him avg Windows blue screen hello bric china bric no wanted to be alone by me hello steve vergogna bric hi mirko There is carlo that always hears hello we greet carlo infinity angel bye bye And hicks but the water bottle the prisons not like you are fine then then there is 192 bit who wrote the como and sassi school is the only one so Spanish who knows How come she makes a woman woman feel hot then we do so I keep talking to them where she can't hang so I never give attention to the name stains no longer having to yes we are obviously still paolo understood but it is to take water e Blow your nose hi ok now back olet orazio in the eyes of I wonder just heard nothing I'm dying of thirsty boys do you have something to say now that there's no stefania that then comes back and we can't do anymore alpha tatters will never come back A screen that makes sense paolo or alive cannot see Carlo I read your comment I answer you after a nice like hello marco or is hot in the house this is the only location where we are not sweaty I don't know it's weird paolo guys give me feedback as you can see how this live is feeling hello menton I'll show you that I'm exactly here 33 degrees and 8 minutes left Ok so now it's serious This is the conference Ok, open your world eight minutes into the conference to see so it would seem the litter of a cat but I hope that it is not a letter of a cat there is also a video What we try to see maybe it clears up our mind for a moment Excellent stefania took the phone Hi bartender is loading we allow 480p If the presentation video that was already released Transform your world So that I don't know about you, it seems kind not a type of camera cosmo cosmo the gene ball I don't know none of this makes me see a group one but I hope to I'm wrong because some images have also leaked some technical specifications of the hypothetical new drone and now I'll let you be found a moment Let me see I thank Paul for sending them Then on this site He says Output the dj mavic mini will have a price of 399 dollars that Europe could become 399 euros the release should be in a few weeks by the end of the year and here a kind of technical specification scheme with weight of 245 grams therefore usable practically everywhere small bike compact We see that the other one is there and nothing short Meanwhile, I'm thirty spain ok they made so many comments from tomboy So what are you guys like like for this live this hot summer live A micro but there that the marek mini drone seems a prototype too seem to me cinesata the one that appeared in the aspect forms waits if to make come here to stefania has lost caught at least 12 more satelli to successful you did the boor Once the audio is not synchronized, try reloading and uploading the live or my screen but today I don't think about rhythms either I think that the spark will be replaced sooner or later by the mavic mini when it comes out if it comes out I don't know if they introduce me but because I have to burp because I have just finished eating I have to say, however, I can't do it, so if they present me with a, but that under 250 grams under 400 euros is mine if I've heard I think someone who wants to make us some joke any of the fake rumors goes well we'll see it was four minutes away prove to him that he tries to recharge Milan Ok no kevin Ugly shore, good guys, I was sorry, well you have to see our mouths moving out of sync Unfortunately, the connection here is not much to me in Campania, that is, in the middle of the countryside, so try to say something stefano hello keep you here make the water drink no Read or under help He always asks me greater volume of Michele that all the bottles Water in the coca cola bottle Helped people who contact me on facebook regardless of the live is not good okay okay There are three minutes in the business 40 friends like friends But where I did nothing you hid the perfect copyright copyright that the angel copyrighted the bottle As they call product placement, it is such a thing, take a filter for me, I said it and put it Kevin 056 foreigner three minutes more This is not a reason for Garutti the situation to another just do it rest on the leg rest on one leg There is the humble doha meanwhile there are 100 among the very great spectators, there is this one anyway now i'm thanks track pack Anyway now I'm live from the mime veti of xiaomi in my opinion the front car is great behind you The mood is quite uneasy is that there are two minutes left we get to 40 which before the conference was not related to Sea more acid there is a lot of water is understood Here's who I am what to say in light a telescope where there are cheaters hello ciro already thanks to these in which to do serious things I really want a sport so much as soon as they wait for this it is important to get a real fornacella for the lobsters and December 20 I expect a lot of spec 2 because lighter because the splits and a drone a lot underrated but in reality it has excellent qualities and I hope it comes out sooner or later hello from cagliari hello hello guys But what happens prices around a product page no I was sarcastic then I miss 45 seconds I tell you according to the dg ai armpit always studied galeazzi when bordeaux is not talked about, there are many figures of stefano cars then feel this I love you that the spirit of the Duce you can lethal he has put very well could be What is minda siracusa telo two no I do not think then 20 seconds boys so I think is the dg ios mobile three races angeles correggio now in particular to find it too decidedly a bit like stefani I'm a nicole maienza and there's no turning on the air conditioning Missing two seconds or reloading the page and see what's between me and then they preferred Reading Then let's see mantini so find out more what it presents and I was right as usual approaching name but Then they presented No The mobile os 3 so guys who hoped for a mini sport again this time, nothing it is already here today we find the mirror is already here while we see already that is foldable in two so it is easily transportable Let's take a look first at the video guys let's put on the audio Yes, now we all discover friends together is I know I know I hope I already knew it was not a drone unfortunately I didn't know it imagines it goes well guys from one however for this thing we see the presentation video We are waiting for you to charge a little Unfortunately the connection here is very slow So I sincerely but in the meantime is loading the video as soon as everything is loaded, we see it How will I survive now without dg rai at this point I think you don't get it in September I am currently using the dj os mobile 2 which is a very good jingle however it is really excellent however dg is a lot lately focusing on these on the photo department first come out to direct osimo pocket then them jaroslaw action now the dg ios mo move others Be nice, I try to wear it, so on one hand I am sorry that the new dr dg rai was not presented Hi Giorgio on the other hand there's the girl on the other side I'm happy because my wallet is safe for at least another few weeks That booty is useless because in China there are those robot fighting tournaments and so they pull a lot but loot or that here has loaded see the video guys Then surely to shoot the videos knows how to do this safely Substantially good evolution of the beach This rai that closes Which closes at active trek 3 which is activated with the key directly to many more functions, a zoom, even if it is possible to control the phone, is better through the controls anything on the symbols, in short, it is always the market leader on jimbos in my opinion of tible for what do you think about smartphones? boys what do you think I am looking for some other information Then the main features portable folding mode history control with active track 3

    0 gestures and sport mode that follows movements faster no more vibrations In other words, here it runs here Ok These are thus known of such themes Slightly different design Even the angle of the handle is more polluted 15 degrees various effects such as stories Active track gestures shooting creative timelapse panorama slow motion One-handed control etc etc then I want to know how much it costs how much we find out right away This saying sorry exclaimed he was having van by the sea by now It costs costa costa with a post ania is free no no maybe then 109 euros the basic version 129 euros the version combo that already sees include the borsello Here and some other accessories or that then the price is not excessive 100 euros for a great gil ball are absolutely not many and then often on well good year best of discount even on more then it will be found even less Well no no no absolutely You did then I always use the smog but the 2 also in this rai I'm using it you see cloud but it doesn't work really well the face gets bigger and smaller Not because you're ugly, because why because they are disturbing and nothing very good price I didn't expect it to turn a competitive price though well and approve For the micro and mini we will have to wait again but in my opinion it will come out it will be the new sport 2 that is sport 2 will be called ma vikhnin s boys okay maybe some of you too I'm a little disappointed we are a little disappointed but it is a great product which is added the dj family Don't do these things with the giba all the time a strange thing since it doesn't seem like what it looks like Club and 100 euros and good yes If I had enough on the group I told you not to feed hopes for a drone for this conference is a celebration for this thing in short No team, all riba Hi general and nothing you have to give me some consideration to do no I will buy it maybe not immediately but I will definitely try it for you that you take me in your hand To make me disappointed with panzerotti bis it's the best thing I would face disappointments disappointment baristas variety A drone was expected but the day will come too Carucci and the price is very affordable I'll arrive anke him 23 axis mechanical and not longer battery life if they can keep it but of jf I'm waiting certainly the official European provisions to launch a new drone Look what make stefano look good afternoon michele ciao michele Stefania off from beer to all 80 spectators now presents A beer I don't say black putin Asks for sport o No, next June, we'll talk about it, let's see September, with the new regulation Here's what Our condition was at least good when I'm not too sweaty and less than usual ok, friends from unfortunately I know he can't use other jigs okay a bit disappointed, but we are a good product that we will take you in review if you want to deepen it I leave the link and purchase the product in video descriptions c is nothing ie then first taste something fano disputed zero cost or cuts that is then fried polenta and not friends I remind you if you want to return to our channel, telegram the offer to the facebook group where technology italia is our channel linked tt instance in the videos is a nice share for the competitors to support us yes exact mark must be defined for good thanks friends in the coming days two exceptions come not electric miss we love you guys who filled the bicycles see you at the next video steve jobs Hi raga asks me too old for not too old all friends alive by guys hello we close alex hello chianese

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