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DIY Tech Wall Organizer – IKEA Skadis


A common question I get with my desk setup is where do I store all my stuff? And to be honest I usually try to store as much as possible in boxes or containers in my closets to keep things out of sight But there are some gadgets that I use much too often to make this very efficient

Like my chargers, power banks, batteries, USB cables and stationaries To keep this all easily accessible without taking too much space I put together this wall mounted system to organize my commonly used gear This gives me a one stop place to store and charge all my gadgets And is extremely flexible to reorganize and adjust as my everyday accessories change in the future Hi I’m David and this is my Wall organizer and Gadget charger system

To start I went with a large IKEA Skadis pegboard These boards come in multiple sizes and you can combine them together, but I found one 76x56cm panel was enough for what I needed Installing the pegboard is simple The wall screws are not included, so you’ll need to purchase on your own based on your wall But after that, the pegboard attaches to the mount with these thumb screws

And you install bumpers on the bottom to sit on the wall Also keep in mind the peg holes need to be vertically oriented to use most of the optional accessories Some of the accessories you can purchase along with the pegboard include: These cups that I use to store some pens and pencils, as well as some small tools like screwdrivers and scissors In the other cup I just put these specialized chargers when I’m not using them But I’ll touch on them a little more later

The smaller lidded containers are great for small items that can easily get lost such as batteries USB key, Memory cards and adapters There are also short and long hooks available that can be used in a variety of ways I use a longer one to store my commonly used USB cables and you could also use them for storing your headphones as well The large tray is the most versatile and I use this to store my larger electronics like my cellphones and powerbanks

There are a couple creative ways I’ve thought of organizing my gadgets in here You could just simply stack them, or lay them upright secured with these optional bungee cords But I found lining them up like this, the most efficient use of space You could again use the bungee cords here as a divider But with pegboards, cheaper alternatives like string or zip ties work perfectly fine as well

Since I also want to charge my devices here, I used zip ties to attach this USB charger directly to the pegboard And did the same with a powerbar for added flexibility With a couple short Micro USB and USB C cables on the charger, I can easily charge my devices when they’re docked And there’s still some extra room to plug in those specialized chargers when I need them I also added one of the short clips on the side to keep the cables tidy when they aren’t being used

Since this charger also supports Power Delivery over USB C, supported laptops can also be charged here as well You could use the notebook stand accessory for holding the laptop if you want to do something like this But I typically just store a regular paper notebook here instead And finally, there are these clips that I use for storing the odd item as necessary So that’s my DIY gadget organizer and charging station that I use to keep my desk uncluttered and store my commonly used accessories

Since it’s wall mounted, it doesn’t take up too much space in my small place and it’s modular so I can change it up as I need, based on the stuff I use in the future But hope you guys enjoyed this one You know what to do And I’ll see you in the next video

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