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    DIY Smartphone Projector- Dermot Meaney


    Hi my name is Dermot Meaney and I'll be making a do-it-yourself smartphone projector My general target audience are families with small children and young adults who have internet able devices as well as having a sufficient income in order to be able to buy all the supplies materials needed to complete the project

    I chose to make the DIY smart phone projector because I do not want to make anything food related and I often enjoy entertainment outlets myself In my research of projectors and magnifying glass lens, I learned a lot about the history, the origins, and the functionality of the smartphone projector itself, such as how the light travels to your phone screen through the lens and is reflected through convex lens onto the wall and magnified to be bigger and focused So the first step in making your DIY smartphone projector consists of using some tacky glue to make sure that all the walls of your shoebox have been supported and are solidified In the next step you're going to want to use a box cutter or an exacto knife and cut out a perfect circle out on one side of the narrow wall on the shoebox Next you're going to want to just throw some glue on the edges of the magnifying glass and slide it into the hole you just cut

    Sealing it all around the edges and holes Here I just put two slabs of tape to make sure it's structurally sound and Pat it down with two more on either side of the magnifying glass' handle The next step and a major key component in making your smartphone projector is the phone stand I used a marble notebook and just cut out some of the stronger cardboard and started to build this slanted and supported stand for your phone As you can see here you slide the phone stand into the box and you can move it back and forward according to focus in this next step I just simply use my exact time I have to cut off the excess of the shoeboxes blade in order for the magnifying glass to have enough room to properly protect the image your smart phone projector is essentially complete and you're going to want to grab your phone lock the rotation screen and find a video you would like to protect you would like to project

    Source: Youtube

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