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Dipper Review with Whitney Moore and Mike Glazer | High Tech


(funky music) – [Dr Moore] Where my ladies at? Ha, just kidding, it's me, Dr

Whitney Moore PhD, DDS, OPP, yeah you know me And this is my faithful friend and trusty test subject, Mike Laser – [Mike] Yup, Mike-dog in the house! – [Dr Moore] And this is our top-secret lab that's so technologically advanced it would cause Bill Nye to crumble to his knees, and beg the Lord, and myself, for forgiveness

Go and say no more, my child – [Mike] So, what're we trying to do today, Dr Whit? – [Dr Moore] Oh I'm glad you asked, Mike When was the last time you had a good quartz crystal atomizer? – [Mike] Um

(harp playing) – [Dr Moore] Sorry Mike, we don't have the time or the budget for a flashback scene – [Mike] It's a good one though

– [Dr Moore] Feast your eyes on The Dipper by Dipstick Vape, you've never seen versatility like this It's basically the Andy Serkis of vapes This little fella is easy to use, and eliminates all the extra tools so you don't have to deal with messy loading, if you know what I mean – [Mike] I do, and that's gross

– [Dr Moore] It is gross, nobody likes a messy load (chime sounds) So, how does it work? You just click the button five times An easy way to remember this is one click for each Backstreet Boy Howie, Nick, Kevin, Brian and A

J – [Mike] Oh, Backstreet's back, alright ♪ Alright ♪ – [Dr Moore] You can use the vapor tip atomizer, or the quartz crystal atomizer

I've got the quartz crystal loaded up for you because it sounded fancy (low horn blaring) – [Mike] I will become one with the pen – [Dr Moore] All you do is load concentrate into the quartz atomizer, cup with the mouthpiece, hold the button while inhaling, and go to town – [Mike] We're doing this one big bad wolf style, (howling) you gotta let it get milky

(bubbling) (funky music building up) (blowing air) All the houses gone Whoa, this is great, this is the dips, this dipstick full Like, dipstick full, all the way full on this, don't need to change it, my lungs aren't even that big and I had no cough on a huge hit – [Dr Moore] Yeah

– [Mike] This is clean! – [Dr Moore] Do you feel it? Do you feel the science coursing through your veins? – [Mike] Yeah, all my cells are smiling – [Mike] This knocks you off of your feet, but it's only 'cause you're floating – [Dr Moore] Oh, and the taste? – [Mike] Like succulent, like herb-y

– [Dr Moore] How you feel? – [Mike] So high, but so happy, like I can hear a flute, which is nice (flute playing) Or I guess it would be here – [Dr Moore] You want to try to play that flute? – [Mike] I've been playing it, and it's playing well, like first chair

– [Dr Moore] Fantastic – [Mike] Well styled, and give yourself luxury – [Dr Moore] Luxurious, you would say

– [Mike] Put on the bottom of the screen the word luxurious – [Dr Moore] Is that what the vape is wanting you to do, is make you– – [Mike] It makes me want to celebrate, I feel like I can feel the moon phases if I'm smoking this – [Dr Moore] Wow, that is fascinating

– [Mike] Do you know what I love the most about coming into your lab is? – [Dr Moore] What? – [Mike] How these bubbles sound after I do something like this – [Dr Moore] Mm, that's very soothing – [Mike] It's so soothing

(soft gurgling) How nice is that? – That's so nice – [Dr Moore] I love having you in this lab – [Mike] It's a great lab, – That's great – Thank you for having me

– [Dr Moore] Of course Absolutely fascinating work Mike, now can you just take a look at this board and tell me how many triangles do you see? – [Mike] 18 [Dr Moore] Oh, you were so close, but you forgot about the triangle of the all-seeing eye that we live inside

(droning) – [Both] All hail our Illuminati overlords – [Mike] Yeah, that's what I call a nice high – [Dr Moore] Now that's what I call Backstreet Boys Greatest Hits Volume One – [Mike] Volume 420

(whooshing) – [Dr Moore] Guitar riff (guitar playing) – [Mike] Sh-whammy, gotta whammy – [Dr Moore] You gotta whammy! (electronic beeping)

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