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Die besten Smartphones unter 400 € – Top Oberklasse-Handys im Test


Smartphones do not have to be unnecessarily expensive Flagships, like the iPphone 10 or The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus like to break the 1000 Euro limit

In our category "cheap smartphones" who put multiple devices with one good value for money This one is Huawei's P20 Lite and that's the little brother of the P20 and from the P20 Pro This device can be found, with a bit of luck, even under 300 Euro To market it cost 369 euros I'll take a look at the features

Now I have the Huawei P20 Lite in my hand and I have to honestly, that feels so optically, pretty good It feels good in the hand, has a pleasant weight To the display that is the only thing that I find so spontaneous, a bit weird is that we are here have no real "borderless display", but still this Notch above For something, what really wants to take this "borderless trend" somehow, is me here then but too much edge and then it would end up not synonymous top yet pull the beam once The Huawei P20 Lite comes with one 5

84 inch display therefore with a resolution of 2280×1080 pixels The is HD + and is perfectly fine for this price range If you're on such a phone, two things are special important and indeed – once the battery life and then, once it starts to rain, whether the phone is waterproof or not And here is actually what the battery, everything is fine We have 3000 mAh battery installed, that is, the battery life is great

However, the topic of "water resistance" is another There are for this device no certification, that is, we do not know exactly if it is waterproof or not, and it's best not to try it now With 4 gigabytes of RAM is quite common for standard applications Well, if you want to play more modern games, you have to because the high settings waive, otherwise the memory because a little bit goes to his knees The photos taken with the camera already have such a slight sharpening, that is, they see sharper than they are at the end But in such photos usually synonymous nothing at all, but rather helps to improve the impression

About the "aperture settings" we can now choose here, with what a shutter we want to photograph So from a very open to a very closed aperture and thus stop one Generate depth of field, which on such a photo once again the special Effect makes For influenza and anyone else who likes to take selfies is in This phone a "beauty level" installed in the camera About this "beauty level" we can adjust how much the image is blurred With a "before-photo" and a "after-photo" we have two different effects

All in all, I have to say, for less than 400 euros I am with the Huawei P20 Lite pretty satisfied Nokia brings very reliable phones on the market Mostly because they very very quickly get the latest Android updates receive The Nokia 7 Plus costs just under 400 Euro and has a lot to offer The Nokia 7 Plus has a 6 inch display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 Pixels

As you know, a large display needs a big battery and that's why it comes around the corner at 3800 milliamps We have here no "borderless display", but of course with 6 inches without end space for everything The only drawback that strikes me spontaneously is that the Display brightness is already at the highest point and could actually they are a little brighter to my taste The "ceramic look" of Nokia 7 Plus makes the whole thing look extremely valuable Here too these details with this "rose gold" or this "copper" is natural currently very trendy and looks damn good

There are two things to remember about memory on the Nokia 7 Plus Once 4 gigabytes Memory, which are installed in the phone and a generous internal Memory that can be expanded with a microSD card slot Next, let's take a look at the built-in dual camera with ZEISS optics at The colors are pretty much already brilliant over and the sharpness seems to be great With the activated "Live Bokeh" we can also here, so to speak, a wrong one Generate depth of field by having an object in the foreground and then can adjust how the background will be sharpened should

Again, we want to do it again with the obligatory selfie try and have different options Either I enter normal photo of me Or I have the option of a "dual image" with the Front and with the webcam at the same time Or "Picture in Picture" All Generally speaking, the Nokia 7 Plus is perhaps a little bit more too large

Is relatively difficult, not so good in the hand, but what can you expect for less than 400 euros Within this price range it is a great phone What do you think of these two devices? and most of all, which one do you like better? Write us in the comments Subscribe to the o2 channel so you will not miss any of our videos forget "click on the bell"

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