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Die besten Smartphone Objektive im Test – Fotografieren wie ein Profi


Smartphone cameras are getting better The photos are more detailed, noise-free and have rich colors

We want our smartphone cameras but a little Tuning and improving a bit, that's why we have four lenses picked out with which we want to give our photos that extra something With the smartphone camera, we are already getting relatively close to objects But if we want to photograph a tiny object, we need one special lens For this we have this macro lens I'll try it first the macro lens off

All the lenses come here in this little bag packed and that means I have to get her out there first and foremost the fish-eye lens screwed together with the macro, that is the two we have to solve each other first But now we have to bring our lens together with this clip and that We also do it by simply screwing it back on here Then take we do the whole thing and attach it to the camera from our smartphone You have to get extremely close to the object This is extremely difficult, the camera like that keep quiet that you do not get out of the focus area because he is relative is small

So that we can get a relation, how close we really are, I have a Euro piece Everyone should know that and I'll try that Now make a decent macro photo If you are able to also to capture the object that you photographed, then it is not so difficult even with the shaky camera Then You can also slowly turn the object into the sharpness sitting properly and doing relatively good macro photos Sometimes you want to take a picture, but it does not quite fit into the picture

In such situations, a wide-angle lens can help Like the name says, it extends the camera's perspective and that's how we get it big motifs in the picture without having to go far away Next we try it here with the wide angle I want to now this graffiti on the back of the wall completely on my portrait photo get and that is not possible with the normal camera in principle, that's why So here we have this wide angle camera installed on the phone and with that I get the whole wall relatively easy Although I have a blur here at the edges, that is also part of it a bit to the style of such a wide-angle photo

But at least upright Especially for Instagram a practical thing, I can now here in my story without Problems with getting this complete graffiti on it Do you still know skateboard videos from the 90s? They were usually with Filmed fish-eye lenses These lenses leave the picture round and look spherical and let's see if our little fish-eye Lens this effect also hinbekommt Is actually extremely unfavorable for people with big noses and dirty Shoes, but if you want to take a selfie, it's a fish-eye camera also very convenient, because you have the whole body with on such a photo Gets, please smile and so

For example, such a photo in which then you just take the cameraman, that works with the fish-eye especially good Here again we have such a distortion on the outside Edges and of course this black frame that makes the fish-eye, but on The end is a pretty good picture Who, for example, on the high seas whales He wants to observe, which needs a lens, with which he is close to the objects rankommt Our lens here offers a 12x magnification, which we use lossless to zoom in on objects Let's see what animals we are to get in front of the lens

When assembling you notice now that the whole thing is processed relatively cheap So, if I am here now screwed everything together with all these plastic parts, then cracked and it crunches in all places, what a lens that costs more than 30 euros it's a pity I must also say that the tripod is extremely shaky Just the weight of the telephoto lens I would not be so sure now, whether my phone is not easy by a slight breeze or too strong inclination with the whole thing falling off the parapet and breaking and I do not know whether the scope I have for a telephoto lens on my smartphone is the Whole is worth One comes with the 12-fold zoom Of course, extremely close to such objects, so much closer than you now would normally come, but it is not as if the Camera thereby no quality loss, but we have a strong Distortion on the outer edges

We also have a strong vignetting there and yes, my photo will not be perfect for now The bird I just tried to photograph here is of course, just flew away in the moment How is it then Good nature photographer, I missed the right moment, but I'm coming Here already ran extremely close to the individual objects But you have to say, it's a really nice game, so really free I would not dare to stand here now, to hang my phone on this construction because if that's all here now Crashes or is knocked over by the wind, that was a pretty expensive Fun for a relatively blurred photo I like the photos of the lenses different good

So, if I look at the macro lens, they are Photos when they are sharp and when I manage to shut the camera shut the photos are pretty cool and the sharpness is also the right one Location I would probably most often be with the fish-eye lens on the move, because I think the effect ansich cool and because you also clearly see that it is an effect, so that's not a lens, which somehow tries to improve the picture, but there are on the whole very own style, which I really like as a fan of skate videos from the Ninety, and I would probably be in the Trouser pocket running through the area I'm definitely disappointed, the telephoto lens because that in principle, has kept nothing of what it originally promised The whole Construction was extremely shaky I'm scared of that all the time Phone somehow including the whole story tips over and breaks and In addition the result of the photos was in principle nothing useful for the actual application purpose

The best camera is the one you have with you That's why in principle it does not matter what I take a snapshot, if only that with a real digital camera or with your smartphone If I would like to have certain effects, then is synonymous as a smartphone lens one practical thing when it comes to really catching a moment, then I would probably usually give it up and just mean take a normal snapshot If I do something artistic somewhere would probably, more likely to normal Grab a camera But especially if I want to, like the fish Eye object that creates a special effect, then I think so synonymous Smartphone lens quite handy

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